Free politics and current events Kindle books for 03 May 17

Refugees – Facts and Solutions

by Iulian Sandu

Nowadays migration is the biggest concern worldwide. Everybody talks about migration, refugees and human trafficking. USA, Europe and Australia have been investing a lot of time, money and energy in finding a solution, but the more they increased their efforts the less results they had and became more and more desperate. It seems that the conflicts that cause people to flee their country will not end in Middle East and North Africa. Furthermore you can now see the rise of a new generation of wars that nobody could have predicted such as the “proxy” religious wars.

The authors have extensively researched about the migration and human trafficking phenomenon from origin until destination.
This is not fiction, this is the unseen world we live in. And in this world small past changes in governments have set countries on the war and destruction path from which they still could not recover.

“Refugees – Facts and Solutions” outlines the reasons people have to seek refuge and also presents the impact migration has upon the Free World. Furthermore the book analyses solutions that are currently discussed internationally while presenting and comparing them with the solutions the authors identified as being most adequate for the current and future refugee situation in the world.
The authors believe that without knowing the origin, the reasons and correct background of migrants coming to the Free World you cannot find a solution.

“Refugees – Facts and Solutions” is useful for everyone that in his life has had contact with migrants. From diplomats to normal people, from students to authorities, from experts in migration to ordinary people. Nowadays migrants are part of our society.

Angelas bitteres Ende (German Edition)

by Wolfram Kiewel

Angela hat in ihrem schmucken Anwesen mit einer Vielzahl von Problemen zu kämpfen. Wird sie es beispielsweise schaffen, die ungeliebte AfD politisch niederzuringen? Könnte die Lösung, die hier für das Flüchtlingsproblem aufgezeigt wird, auch in Deutschland funktionieren? Und wie nur soll sie den Pöbel, oder in diesem Fall die Schmuckeremiten zur Raison bringen?

Folge einer irrwitzigen Geschichte über Angela und den letzten Aufstand der Schmuckeremiten.

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