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Culinary Cozy Murder Collection 2 – Books 6-10 of the Donut Hole Cozy Series (Donut Hole Cozy Mystery)

by Susan Gillard

This is a collection of Books 6,7,8,9 & 10 of the Donut Hole Cozy Mystery Series

Book 6 – Mint Chip Murder
When a local hairstylist is bludgeoned to death inside her own salon, questions abound for Heather who wants to know who murdered Kelly Carlson, and why?

Was the murder premeditated, or spur-of-the-moment? Was the killer someone Kelly knew? Why are the police being so quite about it?

With little to go, Heather is on the hunt for answers. But will her biggest clue come too late?
Book 7 – Red, White and Blueberry Murder
When Heather Janke hears that her oldest and most faithful customer, Eva Schneider, has been bonked on the head and is in hospital, she’s shocked to the core.

Especially when she discovers one of the main suspects is her newest assistant, Ken. With nothing but her eccentric puppy dog, Dave, and her burning desire to help put Eva’s attacker behind bars, she sets out on another sleuthing endeavor, determined to find the truth. But Heather has more to deal with than just the case: she has to balance a busy Donut Delights with the busy season in full swing, as well as the plans for her impending nuptials to her handsome detective fiancé, who is less than impressed with her extracurricular activities.

Heather must get to the center of the mystery, but this one might turn out to be deeper than a donut hole.
Book 8 – Lemon Chiffon Murder
When Heather Janke hosts her engagement party in Paris, France, the last thing she expects to find out is that one of her guests has been poisoned by one of her donuts.

She’s overwhelmed with grief, particularly when she finds out that the suspect is Angelica, her faithful assistant and friend, who flew all the way out to France to help her with her wedding. With the wedding only days away, and no help from the French police, Heather sets out to clear Angelica’s name and save her from imprisonments. But Heather has to contend with the press, a particularly nosy – and cheesy – maître d’hôtel, and the constant battle to stay on top of affairs while her wedding date draws closer and closer.

Heather must figure out who poisoned her beloved lemon chiffon icing, but the zest might be too sour for her to handle this time around.
Book 9 – Chocolate Tiramisu Murder
When Heather Shepherd has a run-in with a rude Italian actor on the first night of her honeymoon, she thinks nothing of itâ?¦ until his body turns up in one of Venice’s canals the very next day.

She’s horrified, even more, when an Inspector comes knocking with questions for her and her newlywed husband. Heather decides she won’t let an impending arrest ruin her honeymoon, and with Ryan’s help, she sleuths her way from the kitchen of the hotel all the way to the top of entertainment in Venice. But Heather has to balance her honeymoon festivities with the case, and the harder she digs for the truth, the muddier the mystery becomes, thanks to a cast of eccentric and rather infuriated Italian suspects.

Heather must discover the truth, before the sweet coffee glaze on the donut that is her Honeymoon, dries out and she’s left with nothing but questions.
Book 10 – Rhubarb Frosted Murder
When Heather Shepherd arrives at Amy’s boyfriend’s house, the last thing she expects to find is Kent unconscious and a new murder to solve.

But that’s exactly what happens, and things only get worse when it’s revealed that Amy is the prime suspect and Kent has amnesia. With nothing but her Rhubarb Frosted donuts and her keen sense of adventure, she determines to solve the case before the killer can strike again. But the closer Heather gets to the truth, the worse Amy’s behavior becomes – her paranoia is at an all-time high.

Heather must choose: delve into the donut hole or leave this case as uncooked batter – either way, there’s a mystery to sleuth, and this one is the trickiest so far.

Murder & Spice (Nether Edge Cozy Mystery Book 1)

by Wendy Meadows

Nether Edge Cozy Mysteries can be read in one to two hours. It is perfect for those moments when you are waiting at an appointment or want to enjoy a quick read.
Havenholm is a small town with big dreams, good hearts and a corporate problem. The tiny hamlet has attracted the attention of developers seeking new blood and fresh real estate, something Havenholm has in abundance. As news of the incoming business leaks over the town, rumors swirl, anger stirs and a meeting is called at the Town hall.

Cassandra Dean, single witch and owner of The Spicery, is no stranger to change. Few knew what to expect when she first opened shop, yet despite the complaints and questions, her business survived and is now a staple, nestled comfortably near the coffee shop and pharmacy. Progress comes to every area and Cassandra attends the meeting to discover what face this new progress will wear.
Yet what should have been an informative gathering soon descends into shouts, accusationsâ?¦. And murder.

“A cozy witch mystery with the perfect combination of intrigue, danger and suspense.”

Becoming The Mobster’s Bride

by Serena Vale

The heartbrokenâ?¦
I had always dreamed of travelling to Europe, seeing Italy, and staying in a real, authentic villa. My grandmother, the woman who raised me, had encouraged me to go for it, always yelling at me for working too hard, not having enough fun in my life.

After the death of my grandmother, I find myself at loose ends. Grands was the only family I had in the world, and now I was completely alone. With a ticket for two weeks in Italy and the Christmas approaching, I decided to take a chance. Anything besides staying in our big, old, empty house all by myself for the holidays. Grands wouldn’t want that.

I planned on have a peaceful, relaxing holiday by myself where I can grieve and try and put my life back together, but fate has other plans.

â?¦and the heart breaker.
The villa that I rented for my trip ends up being owned by none other than Luca Santiago Accorsi, a renowned playboy billionaire with alleged ties to the Italian mafia. But the one thing no one can deny is his charm, or his penchant for always having a beautiful woman on his arm, or two.

He is hiding out in his country home in northern Italy, expecting nothing more than a quiet few weeks during Christmas when a storm rolls in, bringing me with it, an American beauty whose no-nonsense attitude awakens something in him. The need to show me how to have a little fun.

But fun quickly turns into something more serious as his past catches up to him, and before he even realizes it, I’m gone, vacation over, back to my real life.

Will we both have the courage to take a chance on the impossible, that just maybe we found our soul mates? Or will we let the best thing that ever happened to us slip away?

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WARNING: This eBook contains mature language and content. It is intended for 18+ readers only!

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