Free sports Kindle books for 05 May 17

Morrissey vs. Poole: Politics, Prizefighting and the Murder of Bill the Butcher

by Ken Zimmerman Jr.

On July 26, 1854, World Prizefighting Champion John Morrissey challenged part-time prize-fighter and New York Whig enforcer William “Bill the Butcher” Poole to a street fight. The fight at the Amos Street Pier proved a humilation for the champion. The bad blood between the Tammany Hall enforcers led by Morrissey and Know-Nothing enforcers led by Poole culiminated in Stanwix Hall on February 25, 1855. The outcome would lead to three trials and a twenty-year campaign to rebuild a reputation.

All Roads Lead To Awesometown: Essays on finding the awesomeness in every moment

by Jen Lacey

The secret to awesomeness is not in being better, faster, stronger, happier (though those are often bonus side effects) but in finding the joy in every opportunity, in living with enthusiasm and love and hilarity. These are some of the things I’ve learned during my adventures in being alive. Things like:
*How to avoid taking shit personally
*How to repair hurt feelings
*Facing fear
*Taking risks and making mistakes
*Self-improvement and self love
*Building a rocketship to Awesometown
Maybe some of them will be useful to you in your own journey of awesomeness.

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