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AutoHotkey Tricks You Ought To Do With Windows (Fourth Edition): If You Do Nothing Else with the Free Autohotkey Software, These Tips Are a Must for Windows … (AutoHotkey Tips and Tricks Book 4)

by Jack Dunning

This AutoHotkey Tricks book offers an introduction to AutoHotkey, the powerful, free, Windows utility software. It’s simple to use while adding tons of capability to your Windows computers. In “AutoHotkey Tricks” you’ll find practical examples of techniques which demonstrate what AutoHotkey can do for you. Plus, you can immediately implement those quick apps on your PC.

AutoHotkey is one of the easiest scripting languages to use. If you can open Windows Notepad and paste in one line of code, then you can simplify your computing tasks. Whether looking for text auto-correction or automating a favorite Windows program, AutoHotkey is the tool for you.

This book is intended as an overview and introduction to AutoHotkey for people who are unfamiliar with the easy-to-learn, yet powerful Windows scripting language. Many of the tips found here are included in Jack’s other AutoHotkey books and can be found on the Web. It is written for those people who are in the process of deciding whether or not AutoHotkey is right for them. ComputoEdge E-Books has published this book, not as a beginner’s guide, but as an aid for clearing up the confusion before someone makes a major investment of their personal time in learning AutoHotkey

(For reference, if you own any of Jack’s other AutoHotkey books, this book includes indexes to six of his books.)

Jack Dunning writes books about AutoHotkey because he loves making work easier on his Windows computer. He also writes a free beginning blog called Jack’s AutoHotkey Blog. Find out more about Jack’s books plus free AutoHotkey scripts and apps at ComputorEdge.

If you don’t use AutoHotkey with your Windows computer, you should! Whether you’re a beginner or experienced programmer, AutoHotkey has something for you. Novices can write simple one line scripts which make everyday Windows computing life easier. Experienced programmers can quickly create pop-up apps which run on any Windows computer–even without AutoHotkey installed. Check it out for yourself in this overview of some of the easiest, yet most important, AutoHotkey capabilities.

“AutoHotkey Tricks” now includes a chapter comparing AutoHotkey vs. AutoIt!

With Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10, AutoHotkey, the most powerful, flexible, free Windows utility software available, anyone can instantly add more of the functions that they want to all of their Windows programs, whether installed on their computer or while working on the Web. AutoHotkey has a universality not found in any other Windows utility–free or paid.

What’s Inside “AutoHotkey Tricks”:

Chapter One: Add Tailored Signatures to All E-mail and Documents Regardless of Which Windows Program (Local or Web)

Chapter Two: Use AutoHotkey to Instantly Insert Your E-Mail Address into Web Forms (or Anywhere Else)

Chapter Three: Use AutoHotkey to Instantly Turn Hard-to-Type Jargon into Hotstrings for Instant Text Expansion

Chapter Four: Add Currencies Symbols, Special Special Characters, and Fractions Not on Your Keyboard to Any Windows or Web Documents without Computer Gymnastics

Chapter Five: Searching Web Sites Made Easy. Instant Searches of Your Favorite Web Sites.

Chapter Six: Hotkeys to Save Right-clicks. How to Automate Your Windows Context Menus

Chapter Seven: Quickly Open Favorite Folders without a Search in Windows Explorer

Chapter Eight: Using Extra Mouse Buttons and the Wasted Insert Key. Change the Meaning of Your Keyboard Keys.

Chapter Nine: A Beginner’s Guide to Stealing AutoHotkey Apps; A Taste of the Thousands of Free Windows AutoHotkey Apps

Chapter Ten: AutoHotkey Versus AutoIt. Which One Is Best for You

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How to Make Money from Adult Websites Online Money Making How To Start A Porn Tube Site: How To Make Up To $7000 a month or more in Passive Income

by Max Rockwell

Did you know that online porn has grown into a $20 BILLION dollar industry?

Did you also know that it’s bigger than the NFL, the NBA and Major League Baseball COMBINED!

Companies like General Motors, AOL Time Warner and Marriott earn revenue by streaming adult movies into homes and hotels across the USA. But you won’t see it mentioned in their annual reports.

This step by step guide will reveal how you can start making money within 24 hours in the porn industry.

More importantly, you will learn how to do it quickly and effectively, Get ready, what you are about to discover will blow your mind!

In this book, Online Money Making is made easy and the author shares not only how to do what he did, step-by-step and in clear language. He also shares tips, advice and stories from the porn industry trenches to help you avoid taking the dead-end paths that beginners find so tempting.

With Maxs’ advice and guidance you will save countless hours of trial and error, and get the information you need to start your own business making money from online porn (without producing or appearing in porn yourself).
How Porn Websites Make Money?
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Start harnessing the power of residual income from memberships to your own adult turnkey website!
When do I get paid?

FOUR CHECKS a month – sent on Monday for the period two weeks prior.
How does this work?

Watch your revenue grow monthly as your website retains existing members every month who renew their membership to your website automatically.

Online Money Making monthly profit potentials provided herein, are based upon the lifetime value of each member.
While sales numbers have dropped in the past few years, adult entertainment is still a profitable industry in the United States. With the advances in legal avenues and strategies to combat piracy of copyrighted adult content, new business models that are not entirely DVD dependant and the growing interest in “niche” content, sales are starting to increase again for savvy producers. Now is a good time to get into the adult industry, especially if you are producing your own content!
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