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Charlotte Brontë: Villette [contains links to free audiobook]

by Charlotte Brontë

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«”Villette”! “Villette”! Have you read it?» exclaimed George Eliot when Charlotte Brontë’s final novel appeared in 1853. “It is a still more wonderful book than “Jane Eyre”. There is something almost preternatural in its power.”

Arguably Brontë’s most refined and deeply felt work, Villette draws on her profound loneliness following the deaths of her three siblings. Lucy Snowe, the narrator of Villette,flees from an unhappy past in England to begin a new life as a teacher at a French boarding school in the great cosmopolitan capital of Villette. Soon Lucy’s struggle for independence is overshadowed by both her friendship with a worldly English doctor and her feelings for an autocratic schoolmaster. Brontë’s strikingly modern heroine must decide if there is any man in her society with whom she can live and still be free.

A History of Egypt from the Earliest Times to the Persian Conquest

by James Henry Breasted

James Henry Breasted (1865-1935) was an American archaeologist, Egyptologist, and historian. After completing his PhD at the University of Berlin in 1894, he joined the faculty of the University of Chicago.
In 1901 he became director of the Haskell Oriental Museum at the university, where he continued to concentrate on Egypt. In 1905 Breasted was promoted to professor, and was the first chair in Egyptology and Oriental History in the United States. In 1919 he became the founder of the Oriental Institute at the University of Chicago, a center for interdisciplinary study of ancient civilizations. Breasted was a committed field researcher, and had a productive interest in recording and interpreting ancient writings, especially from sources and structures that he feared may be lost forever.

Anne Brontë: Agnes Grey [contains links to free audiobook]

by Anne Brontë

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At age 19 Anne Brontë left home and worked as a governess for a few years before becoming a writer. Agnes Grey was an 1847 novel based on her experience as a governess. Bronte depicts the precarious position of a governess and how that can affect a young woman. Agnes was the daughter of a minister whose family was in financial difficulty. She has only a few choices for employment. Agnes experiences the difficulty of reining in spoiled children and how wealth can corrupt morals.

The Serial Killer Books: 15 Famous Serial Killers True Crime Stories That Shocked The World (The Serial Killer Files)

by Jack Rosewood

There are reasons why some of the most famous serial killers in the world have names that stick in our memories, send shivers up our spines, make us double-check to make sure the doors are locked at night, and maybe peek under the bed to be sure nothing is lurking there before we turn off the lights.

These are monsters who are real, whose crimes are so reprehensible, so horrific, that they become seared in our memories.

For this true crime anthology, we’ve combed the serial killer files to give you a closer, more intimate look at some of the worst of the worst from the world of serial killer, combining multiple stories into one perfect late-night read that’s just the thing to keep you up at night, unable to stop turning the pages.

For those who love criminology, who can’t put down the latest true crime stories, this collection of stories rivals the best serial killer books, and give you deeper insight into killers ranging from the charismatic, cunning Ted Bundy to the long-abused Aileen Wuornos, whose unimaginable troubles finally came to a very violent head.

This diverse collection of serial killer stories, culled from the annals of history, is an ideal choice for the true crime buff who wonders why the monsters of our imaginations came to life and walked the streets, lurking in dark corners to wait for their next victim.

Shattered: Why Hillary Clinton Lost the Presidential Election

by Edward Harris


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So, how did a man who made his fortune via business deal and celebrity appearances beat out someone who was, on many occasions, said to have been the most qualified presidential candidate the country had ever seen? In order to breakdown that question, one has to consider all of the factors that played in her nomination: her win over Bernie Sanders and the controversy that surrounded it, the issue with her emails and why this issue was not only important but completely dissected by the public, and one has to go back so far as to take a look at her political career and some of the decisions she made along the way. No one is perfect, but everything plays into a one-track mindset that would eventually grate the nation the wrong way. The nominee platforms for president would become so skewed that many would lose hope, swaying their votes in favor of the bombastic personality simply to spite Hillary. But, to what end? Why would over half of an entire nation elect a man with no political career over a woman whose entire career was political? What made Donald Trump so palatable to the majority of Americans? Why in the world was Hillary Clinton deemed more of an animal than a rich white man with no political experience whose basic “locker room talk” surrounded around the topic of forcing himself onto women and them “allowing” it because he was rich. The answer is clearer than one might suspect and not at all laid where one might try to look. The answers within this book with rile up the deadest of hearts and anger the most passive of individuals. But, it is a modern reality the world is now currently facing, and in order to never repeat the past, people have to understand what happened. It is imperative that we understand what truly happened.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Hillary the Politician
  • Hillary and her Downfalls
  • Hillary the Secretary of State
  • The Race against Bernie
  • Donald Trump
  • Much, much more!

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  • Sorry, Not Dead Yet!

    by Sven Paardekooper

    Sorry, Not Dead Yet! tells the empowering story of Sven Paardekooper, a young immigrant living in Los Angeles. Seemingly well on his way to the pursuit of his own happiness, he gets stopped dead in his tracks with a devastating diagnosis. What follows is the chronicled loss of his identity, place in life and self worth. We read as his life falls into despair, drug addiction and abandonment.

    We join him as he starts to rebuild himself, understand his lessons and rejoice as he conquers his demons and defies the odds.

    Written in the form of editorials, Sven is blatantly honest as he takes the reader through the good, the bad, the funny and ugly parts of life.

    An inspiration for anyone facing hardship or demons in their lives, his story is that of all of us: how to become the best person we can be.


    by Isaac Weishaupt

    In this revealing analysis of the entire Star Wars film collection; conspiracy theorist Isaac Weishaupt explains the hidden occult messages that are the true agenda of the mysterious shadow group referred to as the “Illuminati.” Weishaupt uses examples from the Star Wars films to breakdown the future goals of the Illuminati and the world they are attempting to create for themselves as part of their “evolution of consciousness.” This is ultimately a ruse from the deceptive fallen angels and demons that we’ve been warned about…

    The Star Wars epic takes the audience through occult dogma with various lessons including duality and the battle between light and dark (explained through The Force), Joseph Campbell’s “Hero’s Journey,” Aleister Crowley’s beliefs in ritual magick through disembodied spirits (akin to the Jedi Masters), New Age founder Helena Blavatsky’s & Adolf Hitler’s belief in the Super-Man with latent internal powers, and the necessary destruction of Christianity as part of the future world religion.

    Transhumanism, Atlantis, global consciousness, destruction of the family unit, and many others lessons are wrapped up and hidden within the Star Wars tale; which are occult scripture being readily consumed by today’s entertainment-obsessed masses. The planned deception of alien life forms and extraterrestrial depictions in Star Wars are paving the way for future rigged revelations of “evolved” alien entities that are truly demons in disguise…

    The veiled messages of Star Wars comes to the light as Isaac Weishaupt breaks down the truth behind “balancing The Force.” How does one balance two opposing principles by destroying one side- the dark side?… Weishaupt will reveal the true intentions of George Lucas & Gary Kurtz and the Luciferian doctrine that guided them.

    Disney’s four billion dollar procurement of the Star Wars franchise places them right where they desire; programming the minds of the youth to accept this future world which is a deceptive lie in which the followers are led down the Kabbalah Tree of Life and through it’s dark center: The Abyss of Da’ath, symbolized as Darth Vader in Star Wars.

    Don’t let the religion of Star Wars infiltrate and possess your mind without first considering the true teachings insidiously hidden within this Promethean tale of occultism…

    Website publisher of, author, and independent researcher; Isaac Weishaupt has been on the leading edge of conspiracy theories surrounding the elusive “Illuminati” and its infiltration of the entertainment industry. Using examples of familiar pop culture and works of entertainment, Isaac has been speaking and writing about the occult from a unique perspective that seeks to understand the big agenda while helping others along the way.

    Isaac has been a featured guest on Dave Navarro’s “Dark Matter Radio,” Richard C. Hoagland’s “Other Side of Midnight”, SIRIUS/XM’s The All Out Show, The HigherSide Chats, Freeman Fly’s “The Free Zone”, Mark Devlin’s “Good Vibrations”, and many more radio shows and podcasts. His fresh perspective and openly admitted imperfections promotes the rational approach to exploring these taboo subjects and conspiracy theories.

    Why the Alt-Left Lost the 2016 Presidential Election

    by John Drägonschmidt

    Well, your political faction lost the 2016 presidential election, and you still think you and your faction/political party can win. Before you decide to run for election, think what you did right and why you lost. If you can think of something, well, are you sure?

    By law, we are supposed to mention that this book only explains certain excuses. And for legal reasons, it should be noted there is only about 3,334 words.

    If you think you know why your faction lost the latest election, well you might be mistaken, because you clearly don’t understand why you lost.

    Mindfulness: 5O Easy Mindfulness Exercises For Beginners To Live In The Moment And The Art Of Letting Go

    by Kellie Sullivan

    The Powerful Secrets To Mindfulness Will Be Revealed!

    A Short Read With Easy To Apply Practical Tips & Powerful Knowledge That Will Help You In No Time

    â?® â?¬ â?® Free Bonus Inside â?® â?¬ â?®

    Have you ever wished life would just slow down? Have you ever felt like you are racing the clock? I bet everyone has at one point or another. We get stressed, frustrated and angry over something we can’t change. Life will never slow down so to speak, but we can accept this and become mindful of ways to approach this problem.

    This book will give you insight into a mindfulness world. With over 50 examples and tips, mindfulness will become second nature to you. You will be observing the world around you and figuring out things you never knew. You will feel strong, relaxed and happy at the end of the day.

    Tired of having a chaotic lifestyle and feeling lost all the time?

    Are you ready to make that change?

    Here Is A Preview Of What Inside The Book:

    • Definition of mindfulness
    • Different categories of mindfulness
    • Examples of mindfulness exercises
    • Positives of mindfulness
    • Letting go
    • Changing your life
    • A how to guide to being mindful
    • And much, much more!

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    The Art of Guerrilla Warfare: 2nd Edition

    by J.J. Tucker


    “A timeless piece that would undoubtedly disrupt the plans of any authoritarian regime.”

    “The Art of Guerrilla Warfare is a must read for anyone interested in military strategy.”

    “A book that would make the great Sun Tzu proud.”

    Fighting a superior foe is a momentous task. There are many ways it can be done, there are many ways victories can be achieved. In war, there are no rules, there are no laws, there are only strategies and tactics. Many say what they would do in the face of tyranny, many know what they should do when the powerful become predators. A divided people can be isolated and devoured. Survival depends upon the masses forming one mind. There is no time to weigh the importance of morality as the devil approaches. To even question any tactics that lead to victory is foolish. There is no need to ponder what the enemy deems acceptable, they occupy the opposite end of the spectrum for a reason. At war with a superior force, one has no choice but to assume the role of the guerrilla.

    Charlotte Brontë: Jane Eyre [contains links to free audiobook]

    by Charlotte Brontë

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    Charlotte Brontë’s most beloved novel describes the passionate love between the courageous orphan Jane Eyre and the brilliant, brooding, and domineering Rochester.
    The loneliness and cruelty of Jane’s childhood strengthens her natural independence and spirit, which prove invaluable when she takes a position as a governess at Thornfield Hall. But after she falls in love with her sardonic employer, her discovery of his terrible secret forces her to make a heart-wrenching choice. Ever since its publication in 1847, “Jane Eyre” has enthralled every kind of reader, from the most critical and cultivated to the youngest and most unabashedly romantic. It lives as one of the great triumphs of storytelling and as a moving and unforgettable portrayal of a woman’s quest for self-respect.

    Tu trabajo va a desaparecer: Para qué futuro se preparan tus hijos (Spanish Edition)

    by Victor Odåsnac

    Vivimos en una era de cambios donde empresas e incluso industrias nacen y desaparecen a un ritmo de vértigo. En un mundo donde los robots y la automatización van a reemplazar millones de empleos y dejar obsoletas cientos de profesiones, ¿cuál es el futuro del trabajo?

    Tu Trabajo va a desaparecer no es una profecía, sino un reflejo de la realidad donde nuevos trabajos emergen al tiempo que otros desaparecen y otros son reemplazados por la automatización. El libro ofrece datos, plantea reflexiones y ofrece nuevas perspectivas sobre cómo está cambiando el mundo y cómo construimos el futuro hacia el que nos dirigimos.

    ¿La tecnología crea o destruye empleos?
    En un mundo de robots ¿qué trabajo haremos los humanos?
    ¿Deben los robots pagar impuestos?
    ¿Es viable una Renta Básica Universal?
    ¿Para qué futuro preparamos a nuestros hijos?

    Una vision pragmática sin prejuicios ni dogmas ideológicos.
    Esto es el futuro de tu trabajo visto por un ingeniero metido a economista.

    Victor Odåsnac es Ingeniero, MBA, y ex-doctorando en rebeldía en Económicas.

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