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The Great Disconnect: How I Disconnected From Social Media and Renewed My Life in 5 Steps

by Nik Cabot

Life began at 32 for me. I let go of what was holding me back the most. It was and my innermost negative thoughts. That constant voice in my head that was always there to remind that I wasn’t smart, pretty or good enough. The voice that told me that what I said in conversation yesterday was stupid or that I looked fat when I was at dinner last night. The nagging voice that gave me a million reasons why I shouldn’t try a new idea or step out on faith when I knew that I had every reason and right to. I silenced it.
It didn’t happen overnight. It was a purposeful journey. I grew tired of the self-doubt and listening to what everyone in the outside world had to say about me. I knew life was about more. I wanted to shine on the inside and out. I didn’t want to fake confidence. I wanted it to be genuine and I knew I had to work at it, so I did.
I lost almost 70 pounds to be healthier and to feel better about myself. I cleared every negative friend and family member out of my life, one by one. I lost so much weight, figuratively and literally. I began to search out meaning and understanding of myself and life by reading my bible and reading books. I turned into myself and took time for myself and didn’t care how it affected anyone else because it wasn’t about them. For once, it was all about me. I became incredibly selfish with my time and who I allowed into my space and didn’t care who cared. I was on a mission. A mission to feel better, a mission to be better and to figure myself out. I knew those who truly loved me would understand. I knew those who truly cared would love the new me more because I would have more love for myself and how could they not love that?

I wrote this book of tips because I saw an article where the headline read “Guess when women feel the most beautiful?” and I just knew it would read 32 once I clicked on it. Instead it said women feel most beautiful at 30 and I laughed inwardly and thought no, here I am, having the time of my life, feeling gorgeous and wonderfully happy and I thought..Life begins at 32.
No matter what age you are this is to help you get to a point of feeling great about exactly who you are. I want you to read this book and to think that life begins at whatever age you currently are. I want you to feel refreshed and renewed. I’ve tried so many methods until I finally decided to give myself a try and I am so happy that I did.

The major step in my journey was disconnecting from every social media account that I owned. I went cold turkey in one day and haven’t looked back since. There are a slew of studies that link social media to depression. I believe the basis of this is the old saying “Comparison is the thief of joy”.

We spend too much time looking outward for who we should be and what we should be doing and looking for cues for happiness. I know I was and it lead me into a puddle of sadness. I decided it was time to turn that all around. If you should ever find yourself there and don’t know how to change it, then this book it for you.

Let’s be better .


Sieht so eine Mörderin aus? Authentische Kriminalfälle aus Berlin: Cassiopeiapress Gerichtsreportagen/ Edition Bärenklau (German Edition)

by Barbara Keller

Sie sind tragisch, sie sind komisch, lächerlich, lapidar oder ganz und gar böse und gemein: die Frauen und ihre kriminellen Geschichten. Von der pflichtvergessenen Mutter und notorischen Diebin zur uneinsichtigen Sexualstraftäterin. Ã?ber den Auftragsmord zum Justizirrtum und zurück – eine Klaviatur, die die kriminellen Damen virtuos beherrschen.
Die Berliner Journalistin Barbara Keller stellt in ausgewählten Gerichtsreportagen beeindruckende Fälle vor, die am Moabiter Kriminalgericht verhandelt wurden.

Der Inhalt dieses Ebooks entspricht 168 Taschenbuchseiten.

The Strange Disappearance of Patricia Meehan

by Nathan Nixon

The story of Patricia Meehan is a very strange and puzzling one. She seemingly disappeared into the night with little reason. The case has remained unsolved since 1989. With few witnesses, the full events are sketchy at best. What is well known about this case is that our culture has seemingly thought of every possible scenario to explain what happened to her. To understand and possibly solve the case, understanding the person that Patricia Meehan was is of paramount importance.

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