Free science fiction Kindle books for 08 May 17

Primal Dawn

by Ryan Kirk

Tev is a hunter, one of the best in his clan. Trained since birth in the art of tracking and killing, Tev has never met a challenge he couldn’t overcome. But when a mysterious fireball falls from the sky, Tev will question everything he has ever known. For the first time in his life, he isn’t the one doing the hunting.

He is the prey

Primal Dawn is the first short novel of the Primal Series, spanning centuries of conflict following first contact. Each novel tells a complete story in the ongoing saga of two cultures learning to explore the vastness of space together.

The Twins of Embrellon: Book Two of the Embrellon Series

by John R Moore

Jason and Lantana, the twin son and daughter of James Whitlaw, Leader of the Guardians of Embrellon, become telepathically bonded in a symbiotic relationship with Shandarro and Braela, together with their father, they join the fight against the Marn, a barbaric race of beings who come to Embrellon to take captives. They discover ancient secrets, and develop new ways to fight the Marn. They are what stands between freedom and their way of life, and being conquered and taken as slaves

The Invasion Diaries: A Novel

by Duane Hewitt

THE INVASION DIARIES draws on the accounts of a witness to the most horrible of global cataclysmic events: The invasion of the Earth by a vastly superior life form. The narrator is Nick Callus, a well-off bachelor who lives a safe and insulated life in a secure and gated community called Norwich that will not be found on any map.

Nick seems to enjoy his life despite being something of a cynic, particularly where the human race is concerned. He lives a lavish lifestyle. He’s an avid part-time pilot and he owns two Cessnas; a four-seater single-prop model 172 Skyhawk and a larger twin-prop Golden Eagle. We are given insights that Nick works for elitist levels of government, possibly intelligence or the military, where he has knowledge and insights to what, for most of us, would be entirely speculative. The work he does is relevant to the invasion that he and others in the Norwich community are witnessing. Nick has several people in his life. One, his love interest, Janine, is fully devoted to him and he is fully devoted to her, with one exception: He also has an attraction to a lovelorn beautiful young woman named Catherine, who continues to express her love and desire for Nick.

Nick and the others bear witness from a safe distance to the brutal and ruthless alien invasion. But it’s nothing like the speculative fiction or scenarios to which Nick is familiar. Some cities across the globe are destroyed and others are not. Many people are killed – incinerated horribly – but others are simply “not there” – as if vanished or abducted. Other than the vast global destruction, the motives of the invaders are not immediately known; and the strategic destruction makes little sense to a man like Nick.

Nick and the others enjoy good food, friendship, the security of the premises, and even the frequent gala “black tie” events that allow the residents of Norwich to keep themselves at arms-length from the ongoing horrors in the world. But tragedy and mystery still strike Norwich: there is a murder-suicide, and people who go missing, including Catherine.

As the horrors throughout the world intensify, and with no hope for Earth’s future, Nick escapes with Janine and a number of the others. The group flies northward, seeking escape. But in their efforts to save themselves and start over in whatever their new world might be, Nick and the others are abducted. They all experience an event that feels like hours in duration but actually lasts more than three days. Later, those that survive all recount horrible experiences, nightmarish visions, and “missing time.” Some have not been returned. They are all emotionally strung out.

Nick right away begins to remember. The nightmare is real. The horrors to which he is privy are beyond human comprehension. The “Masters” – the alien beings – are a horrid race of controllers that are here to “harvest the Earth.” Nick has been given the message that he has “45 years.” He does not understand the cryptic meaning of this message. He is made aware that something far worse, far more horrible, and far more destructive awaits the human race at “the appointed time.” He knows that it is like enslavement but far more terrible. “Beyond comprehension,” he later recounts.

Toward the end, and based on what he knows, Nick finds himself having second thoughts about doing nothing in defense of the planet. For what may be the first time in his life, he takes a stand on behalf of mankind: He turns the plane around without having any idea what their futures hold in store or what he’ll do. Janine, supportive and insightful as always, squeezes his arm and says “I love you” as Nick flies them back to Norwich and contemplates how the human race could possibly defeat such an enemy.

Collective Retribution

by D.S. Edwards

When everything America depends on for everyday life is suddenly taken away? No phones, no electricity, no automobiles. What will tomorrow bring? What will you eat? How will you get water? What will happen as your hunger and desperation grow? Will you turn against your neighbors, your friends? Or will you work together to face the deadly challenges of everyday life? The United States of America is a nation on the brink of collapse. With high unemployment, religious extremism, partisan politics, and civil unrest, mixed with the uncertainty of the global financial markets, it’s just a matter of time before it all comes crashing down. Some countries are poised, troops at the ready, waiting for this day and the opportunity to seize it all. “Collective Retribution” is a prophetic look at the coming fall of The United States, and those who will be the catalyst in bringing about her destruction. Who will survive? Will America be rebuilt and return to her former glory? Or will she turn into something quite different than the Founding Fathers dreamed of? Something ugly-Something evil.

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