Free war Kindle books for 08 May 17

The Little Regiment (Xist Classics)

by Stephen Crane

War Is Also About the Little People

Two brothers by birth are also brothers in arms in the American Civil War. Their feelings are mixed: they want to destroy the enemy and at the same time, they desperately want to protect each other. Will they succeed?

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Terminal: Dexter Jackson Book 1 (Dexter Jackson Series)

by Rontrell Boone

Dexter Jackson is recently retired from twenty years’ active duty’s Air Force, and ready to start his life as a civilian. Things are going as planned for all of nine hours. Dexter believes in family and when his niece has gone missing, Dexter is the most capable person in the family to her, after all after doing it for the Air Force for twenty years how hard could this be?

Come along with Dexter as he navigates the streets of Virginia encountering everything from local drug dealers to the wealthy elite of Virginia. What they will find is more unsettling than anything he has encountered in Iraq or Afghanistan, and its right in his hometown.

The Cost of Freedom: Henri’s Untold Story, The Resistance Link with The Allies in Normandy

by Richard W. Bailey

This Historical WWII Novel sheds light on the largely unknown French Resistance connection with the United Kingdom, through S.O.E., British secret service, and the United States, through the new O.S.S., secret intelligence service.
Henri’s story makes the connection personal, following his development, starting in the UK, with his nascent recovery from deadly S.O.E. mission experiences inside Nazi occupied France, to his assignment training undercover agents for O.S.S. in Catoctin, near Washington, D.C., then his leadership of resistance groups in Normandy, preparing for the Allied invasion, and finally fighting the battles, from the D-Day invasion on to the liberation of Cherbourg.

Henri’s life, interrupted by war, continues to evolve, ever challenged to be himself and live his life as he sees fit.

He grapples with finding the balance between his sense of duty and his relationship to Clara, the love of his life, a German, Jewish friend of his family, since early childhood, who came as a refugee, with her family from Berlin, to Paris in the late รข??30s.

A story of: espionage, bravery, sacrifice, intrigue, brotherhood, friendship, love, treachery, struggle, death and war, climaxing in Cotentin, Normandy, France with the invasion at Utah Beach and the battles from Sainte Mere Eglise, the Merderet bridges, Montebourg, Valognes, etc., to Cherbourg.

Liberating this deep water port was absolutely vital to enabling the bloody, hard fought Allied advance that would continue from there through occupied France, Germany, and on to Berlin and Victory in Europe.

A study of one man’s struggle to remain himself, true to his being, while he is moulded by events beyond his control. His mark on the history of the time is intimately tied to this struggle.

Henri could not know the price he’d pay to help free France from the Nazis, but played his part regardless.

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