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Annie’s Escape

by Elaine Young

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Annie’s Escape

Annie was a spitfire young lady with her own thoughts on life and love, something even her mother couldn’t shake out of her. Annie’s father knew she would end up where she belonged one day, and Annie knew exactly where she wanted to be. Sneaking away and reading romance novels in the tall grass of an Old-West town in Kentucky gave Annie the understanding that no man would bully her into love, that is until the rich McShaw came into town.
With the fear of losing her family farm and the look on her mother’s face, Annie accepted a proposal that would lead her down the aisle to a man she couldn’t even stand to look at. As she stands panicked in the back of the church, visions of an unknown blue eyed boy floating through her mind; Annie makes a decision that will change the course of history for herself and her little town. What she doesn’t know is that blue eyed boy may just be waiting around the next bend.

Warning: This book is a clean romance but the other free books attached may contain scenes not suitable for children under 18.

From the Nile to the Jordan: Second Enlarged Edition – January 2017

by Ada Aharoni

An astonishing historical period relived through a dramatic love story

From the Nile to the Jordan is a compelling and colorful historical novel that captures mid-twentieth century Egypt and Israel in marvelous detail. The novel tells the tragic events of the “Second Exodus” – the uprooting of the Jewish community from Egypt following the establishment of the Israeli state in 1948. By so doing, it brings an aspect of the Arab-Israeli Conflict that has not been touched upon: the forced emigration of Jews from Arab countries, aptly coined by Ada Aharoni – THE SECOND EXODUS.

A story never told before

Inbar is the beautiful daughter of a rich judge, member of Cairo’s Jewish community. When an historical storm threatens to destroy her future and that of her lover, a Holocaust survivor named Raoul, she sets out to Israel, in a passionate quest for love and fulfillment.

Based on true historical facts

Ada Aharoni weaves an astonishing and authentic historical period into a dramatic love story, written in powerful and moving prose. The result is an important and unique novel, based on historical facts, which creates an exciting, delightful and unforgettable feast for the readers, for history, and for world literature.

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