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Marhaba: Learn Spoken Lebanese

by Mary L. Ghaleb

How can you learn to speak Lebanese? Almost all venues teach the formal dialect using the Arabic alphabet. But there is an easier way. Would you like to learn to speak Lebanese without the hassle of having to learn the formal Arabic language and Arabic alphabet? You’ve come to the right place! In the lessons presented in Marhaba, you will first be exposed to the written text followed by its English translation. 

Through repetition and sentence building in a meaningful context, you will find yourself easily comprehending and speaking in a short time. The results: Lebanese becomes a quick and easy language for the learner. From young children to older adults, learning a new language opens doors.

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by Prakriti Sinha

To be particular, will tell you the principle Motto of this Book.

Being AN ENTREPRENEUR I was constantly anxious to get the best DIGITAL MARKETING of my STARTUP, being in the IT field I had many references and even my companions were doing likewise. It took me 2 years to get the KEY of genuine DIGITAL MARKETING, trailed by SEO.

Search engine optimization is something which dependably mistakes individuals and for results we need to hold up. Consider the possibility that the outcomes never come ?. What if the results never come ? Our all time & money is wasted & today in this competitive world, it is purely worthless to waste your time for anything.

So I made sense of certain KEY fundamental soul of SEO and caught that under specific web journals and now in the Book I have kept of my mystery elements of WHITE HAT SEO with the information of both ON PAGE and OFF PAGE SEO.

Toward the finish of the book there is consideration of certain snappy tips and methods particularly for STARTUPS.

eBOOK KINDLE PUBLISHING EXPERT: Selfpublishing Kindle eBook Marketing Guide: How to Write Create-Space Books, Kindle eBooks that Sell: many tips and advice

by Stephen R. Tabone

This easy to follow textbook: “E-BOOK KINDLE PUBLISHING EXPERT” examines the main topics you’ll need in order to create brilliant e-books. It addresses different aspects you’ll consider and put into practice. They include the idea you have for your e-book right through to publishing, marketing and more. This textbook is packed with valuable important information that is specifically relevant to the process of e-book, kindle publishing. It has been written by a writer and self publisher and will assist in your e-book publishing venture.
You will read why it’s important to gain knowledge from this textbook in order to make up your own mind which is important to the e-book publishing process. It addresses why you should make your own decisions and not give way to old fashioned advice.
To produce a great e-book you need to think outside the box therefore this modern textbook helps you to do just that. It will address topics such as: Ideas, Planning, Writing, approach: “Two Moods Principle,” One Subject approach, Create-Space, E-books, Kindle, Websites and Blogs, Marketing, Sales, Subscribers, Editing, Proofreading, Introductions, Descriptions, Blurbs, Paperbacks-as guides, Importance of Publishing new information and Ideas, Pricing, e-book Cover, Advertising and more. This textbook will help you plan out your e-book publishing venture from start to finish. Great eBook for the Tech Culture minded reader. Improve your Decision Making and Problem Solving and learn Planning and Marketing.

Amazon Prime: The Complete Guide To Learning All About Amazon Prime Membership And Getting The Most Out Of It!

by Anthony Banks


The Complete Guide To Learning All About Amazon Prime Membership And Getting The Most Out Of It!

Want to avail some of the best shipping benefits? Do you want to listen to unlimited music? Want to get unlimited storage of pictures? Know about Amazon Prime but do not know how to get it? Don’t worry, and you are at the right place. This book will give answers to all of the questions in your mind.

I hope this book will give you all the necessary detail that will help you to understand Amazon Prime and in getting its membership. It will also tell you about how you can get the most from your membership. I hope you will enjoy this book. Read it and recommend to your friends.

Here is a preview of what you’ll learn:

  • Which benefits Amazon Prime offers?
  • What is Amazon Prime Free Trial
  • How to Share Your Amazon Prime Benefits
  • 9 Saving Hacks on Amazon Prime to Help Cut Your Costs
  • Few Amazon Prime Membership Concepts
  • Little-Known Secrets About Amazon Prime

Download your copy of “Amazon Prime” by scrolling up and clicking “Buy Now With 1-Click” button.

Note Taking Mastery: How to Supercharge Your Note Taking Skills & Study Like A Genius (Improved Learning Series)

by Alex Nelson

Want to supercharge your note taking?

Learning how to take proper notes is important if you want to see success. There are a lot of people who feel that they need to just write down everything that they hear in a class, but when it comes time to study for a test, they are going to see that the notes do not make any sense and you might fail. This is not something that you want to hear after making your hands ache with keeping up for the whole semester.

There is an easier way to do this process. Taking notes is not something that needs to harm your hands and you do not need to write down everything that you are hearing from the instructor because it is going to be a waste of your time and energy. Learning how to take proper notes from what is important will make things so much easier on you in the long run.
In this guidebook, you will learn everything that you need in order to see success with note taking.

Here’s What I’ll Teach You:
– What is going to make a good note?
– How using active listening is going to help you determine what is the most important
– How to hack your memory and get it to work for you
– Getting your mind ready to work hard the night before
– How to start taking the right notes
– How editing notes can make things so much easier than keeping them the same all of the time.

Note taking does not need to be an experience that is hard to deal with and you do not need to try and keep up with everything that is being said. With the tips in this guidebook, you will be taking better notes than ever before! Buy your copy today!

Teaching Children Jesus Christ

by Martin G Suter

A Bible lesson handbook for Children, Parents and Teachers of all ages. A wonderful teaching method suitable for all; with forty lessons each with full instructions and its own illustration for copying and colouring. A tried and true method that delights both instructor and instructed. For all ages. For individuals and for groups of all types.

A devotional handbook for personal use. Go straight to the lessons, find one of interest, read and ponder the suggested Bible reading, imagine the story using the sketches provided.

A handbook for drama enrichment.

A handbook for multilingual groups. Choose a lesson, read the Bible passage in your own language, perform a group play using each your own language; or mix them up. Just have fun.

Memoria: Consigue Una Súper Memoria en 30 dias (Edición Revisada Y Actualizada): Técnicas para entrenar la memoria de forma progresiva (Memoria y Retención) (Spanish Edition)

by Álvaro Asensio

En esta nueva edición revisada y actualizada a día 03/02/17 (se ha tenido en cuenta opiniones de los lectores para elaborar esta nueva edición mejorada)
Te enseño como mejorar de forma considerable tu memoria practicando 30 minutos al día durante 30 días. ¿Estás dispuesto al reto?
Podrás tener una memoria muy sólida y retener todo el conocimiento que desees en tiempo récord.
He escrito el libro pensando en que fuera un libro práctico y redactado de una manera amena, a diferencia de otros libros densos, que te enseñan a memorizar números y letras, ¿de que te sirve?, que los empiezas y no te los acabas o terminas dejándolos en la leja.
Este libro contiene sencillas explicaciones para todo tipo de personas y si lo practicas durante 30 días, tu capacidad mental y de retención mejorará drásticamente.
Tener una memoria de elefante es algo realmente especial. Cambiará tu vida para siempre, como me ocurrió a mí.
Una memoria prodigiosa, muy por encima del promedio, es todo lo que necesitas para lograr el éxito en la vida.

¿Qué vas a encontrar en este libro?:

-En este libro encontrarás todas las claves para tener una súper memoria y así alcanzar el éxito absoluto en la vida.
-Conocerás la fórmula para aprender todos los idiomas que desees y mucho más rápido de lo que jamás imaginaste.
-También te diré cómo puedes estudiar en un tiempo récord toda la información para el examen del día siguiente, sin importar lo extenso que sea.
-Encontrarás los mejores ejercicios (revisados y probados) de agilidad mental que te ayudarán a incrementar tu súper memoria y además serán muy beneficiosos para tu psique.
-De igual forma, te revelaré el secreto para memorizar el contenido completo de una página con solo observarla por unos pocos segundos.
Y para finalizar, conocerás cuáles son los cinco alimentos que influyen especialmente en el desarrollo de tu memoria y potenciará tu aprendizaje y capacidad de retención.

Que vas a conseguir:

-Memorizar la información al detalle de todos los libros que leas.
-Aprender rápidamente un idioma tras otro ¡Sin límites!
-Retener todo lo que lees en una página con solo observarla por pocos segundos.
-Ser un experto en cualquier tema que te propongas. Entonces el mundo te catalogará como un sabio.
-Aprender más en menos tiempo para un examen y tener garantizada la mejor calificación. Se acabaron los trasnochos estudiando.

En fin, una súper memoria te ubicará en una posición muy privilegiada ante las demás personas, ya que tendrás la respuesta adecuada en cualquier situación. De esa manera no habrá ningún obstáculo que pueda interponerse en tu camino hacia el éxito. Finalmente estarás en disposición de obtener el trabajo de tus sueños o el ascenso que tanto has esperado.
De esa manera la fortuna también llegará, porque una súper memoria siempre se traduce en dinero. Te lloverán todo tipo de ofertas, porque querrán aprovechar tu súper habilidad que nadie más posee.

¿Estás listo para cambiar tu vida para siempre?


Soy un profesional con varios títulos universitarios, conferenciante e investigador. También me considero un estudioso de la increíble capacidad de nuestro cerebro y eso me ha llevado a explorar sus límites. Además, me encanta leer y escribir libros de autoayuda y superación.
Cuando puse en práctica las técnicas para lograr una súper memoria en 30 días, me convertí en la persona que siempre había soñado. Esa increíble habilidad me ayudó a explotar todo mi potencial y eso se tradujo en mucho éxito en el plano laboral.
Entonces quise compartir este maravilloso secreto, porque sueño con un mundo mejor, rodeado de personas felices y plenas. Y con una memoria prodigiosa lograrás el éxito en todo lo que te propongas. La clave es la autodiscipina.

O Guerreiro Digital: Tráfego do Guerreiro: Melhores Técnicas do Guerreiro para Aumentar seu tráfego com importantes ações diárias (Portuguese Edition)

by Guerreiro Digital

O Guerreiro Digital – Tráfego do Guerreiro é um sistema prático com um método que você consegue repetir diariamente pra conseguir novas oportunidades de tráfego e conseqüentemente aumentar suas chances de conversões.

Diferente dos enormes, caros, complexos e longos cursos famosos e renomados no mercado brasileiro este livro é facilitado por André Degaspery, criador do sistema O Guerreiro Digital. � um sistema prático que foca exatamente na sua necessidade, deixando pra trás todo o conteúdo que você ou já sabe ou não está procurando saber neste momento. A proposta do Guerreiro Digital é resolver UM PROBLEMA DE CADA VEZ pelo preço de uma pizza.

André Degaspery é um empreendedor que está no mercado americano desde 2008 e apenas em 2014 se alinhou com o mercado nacional. O método ensinado é uma obra adaptada de grandes mestres americanos que ensinam estes conteúdos a seus alunos.

PS. Revisão 1.0 no ar, corrigindo erro de conversão que tornava a leitura problemática e juntavam e separavam palavras de maneira desordenada.

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