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10 Geheime Strategien für ein Erfolgreiches Jurastudium (German Edition)

by Milad Ahmadi

Das Jurastudium genie�t zu Recht gesellschaftlich eine sehr hohe Akzeptanz. Es bietet die Möglichkeit einer einzigartigen fachlichen Spezialisierung und stellt die Grundlage für eine Karriere in Unternehmen, Justiz, Interessenverbänden oder Wissenschaft. Zugleich stellt das Jurastudium hohe Anforderungen an die Studierenden und ist deshalb als Herausforderung zu begreifen, die strategisch mit dem richtigen Ma� an Selbstbewusstsein, Motivation, Lernmethodik und Zeitmanagement gemeistert werden muss. Dieser Ratgeber zeigt in einem überschaubaren Umfang zehn konkrete und bewährte Schritte auf, deren Umsetzung zu sichtbaren Erfolgen im Jurastudium führen wird. Am Ende jedes Kapitels befindet sich eine Zusammenfassung der wichtigsten Inhalte und eine praktische Aufgabe zur Umsetzung. Das Werk empfiehlt sich sowohl für Studienanfänger, aber auch für Studierende, die sich bereits inmitten ihres Jurastudiums befinden. Ferner kann es auch als Entscheidungshilfe herangezogen werden, da die konkreten Erfordernisse des Jurastudiums dargestellt werden.

Save Your Teenage Driver’s Life: Important Strategies to Teach a New Driver Now! (Learn to Drive Series Book 1)

by Hank Wysocki

Discover: How to Keep Your Teenager Safe Behind the Wheel!

If you could prevent your teenage driver from being involved in a serious traffic accident, would you do it? Hopefully the answer to this question is a resounding, “yes of course.” Statistics show that 1 in 3 new drivers will receive a traffic ticket or be involved in a traffic collision within the first year of driving.

Driver education programs and private driving schools are great for getting teenagers started on the basic skills of learning how to drive. Unfortunately, they do not go far enough in providing the necessary driving experience required to navigate our nation’s complicated highway transportation system.

Learn: The Important Strategies All Teenage Drivers Need to Stay Collision Free!

Thousands of dollars and many practice hours are spent on youth sport activities and music lessons in this country; however very little time and money is spent on probably the most vital skill: Driving and Surviving on our Nation’s Complex Highway Transportation System!

The skill of driving a 2000 pound vehicle at speeds over 60 miles per hour requires professional and appropriate Driver Education training. Properly executed driver education lessons in combination with in-car practice time are vital in order to help keep our young drivers safe on our country’s very dangerous roads and highways. Parents need to learn how to become critical partners throughout the entire driver education process, and that is what this book is specifically designed to do!

Teach: The Important Lessons Every New Driver Needs to Know!

“Save Your Teenage driver’s Life” details all the critical lessons that need to be reinforced to your teenage driver on a daily basis.The book is set up in short easy to read chapters and provides all the essential lessons and strategies necessary to keep your teen collision free.

Buy this book today if you are dedicated to helping keep your teenager safe behind the wheel. It may turn out to be the best decision you have ever made.

Download: “Save Your Teenager’s Life: Important Strategies to Teach a New Driver Now!”

Scroll to the top of this page and select the buy button. Make a small  investment in your teenage driver’s life!

Das letras às telas: a tradução intersemiótica de ensaio sobre a cegueira (Portuguese Edition)

by Cleomar Pinheiro Sotta

Este estudo crítico apresenta uma leitura comparada entre o romance Ensaio sobre a cegueira (1995), do escritor português José Saramago, e sua adaptação cinematográfica,Blindness (2008), dirigida pelo cineasta brasileiro Fernando Meirelles. A narrativa de Saramago, tomada como ponto de partida, é analisada à luz das categorias de imagens estabelecidas por Northrop Frye: demoníacas, apocalípticas e analógicas. Em seguida, considerando-se que a literatura e o cinema, apesar de traços comuns, são sistemas semióticos distintos, verifica-se o tratamento que as imagens do livro receberam em sua adaptação cinematográfica, observando aproximações e contrastes existentes entre a narrativa e o filme.

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