Free religious fiction Kindle books for 10 May 17

Pages: A story of faith, hope, and forgiveness

by Kelin L. Jones

A young man with an uncertain future but a plan in place life is turned up side down in a instant he deals with so many different situation and has to figure out how to deal with them without losing complete control.

A True and Decent Man: A Mail Order Bride Romance

by Angelica Rose

The hope of a new beginning…

Emma is a poor orphan who lives a decent yet empty life of labor as a cleaning girl at the local hotel. While her days are spent on her hands and knees scrubbing the hotel floor, her evenings are spent alone, longing for someone to love, and in return, love her back.

After it dawns on Emma that she’s allowed to make a try for her own happiness, she answers an ad in the paper to become a mail order bride, believing that her life might finally be looking up.

But despite the promise of a bright new future she is devastated when her new husband turns out to be an insufferable cad, immature and given to drink.

Will her only friend in this wild new townâ??local Tavern owner and man of honor Jesse Helmsâ??be willing and able to help Emma out of this terrible mess? And will Emma finally find true love in the process?

This is a sweet and clean Western romance and is a stand alone story with a HEA

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by Vanilla Orchid Books

Looking to add some sizzle to your Kindle library? You’ll find it here with over 32,000 words of panty-melting passion in this collection of fun and hot short stories

Summer of Sweetness
Holiday of Love
Honoring Her Heart
Falling Again
Forever My Heart
The Love of a Rogue Duke
Summer Splash

WARNING: These stories are super hot with explicit scenes of desire and passion that do not leave much to the imagination. This ebook is intended for adult eyes only!!


Thrilling Tales Showcase

by Reynold Jay

The Special World of Reynold Jay
A writer must gain the trust of his readers. Readers have learned to be cautious with unknown writers as it can often be a waste of time. There must be a meeting of the minds somewhere along the line. This eBook is offered free as it can be a big time saver for readers. The eBook is fairly short such that a reader can figure out if I have anything to say that would pique YOUR interest. Feel free to skip around and kick it off your e-reader if it comes to that. There are no werewolves and vampires here. No sci-fi either. Large BOLD HEADERS can act as a road map for you as you scroll down. Let’s get too it:
1. “Forty Days to Armageddon”: A fast-paced political thriller torn from tomorrow’s headlines. Watchdogg is the central character, a kind of political James Bond, and dastardly pirates appear in this novel.
1 a. This Best selling book will have Part 2 out October. “Forty Days to Armageddon II: Watchdogg and the Ghost Army”
2. “Somewhere in Heaven Shines a Rainbow” A drama of a special ed. teacher and his pauper students that will touch your heart. Part One of “Seeds from Heaven” trilogy.
3. “The Gold of Mansa Musa” a sweeping romantic Egyptian adventure, part two of the “Seeds from Heaven trilogy.”
4. “Seeds from Heaven” another sweeping thriller epic that encompasses the globe over three generation of the Lancaster’s. All novels in the series are stand-alone stories that can be read in any order.
5. “Born to be Rich” a motivational book. Why do we all love money so much?
6 “Eternal Defilement, A Story of Betrayal, Abuse, and Destruction” Amara and Reynold Jay. This is a non fiction story of Amara’s trials as a little girl dealing with an abusive father. Note that this book is presented in the final pages of this book.
7. The Wurtherington Diary is a highly acclaimed eight part illustrated children’s series based upon Tammy Wurtherington’s Diary that she wrote in 1883. “A classic series much like Alice in Wonderland and Narnia.” Prepare for a fantasy adventure unlike any other.
If none of the above is promising, you can drop out here and save a lot of time. I’d recommend the first two titles for a first-time reader. If anything piques your interest, plan to read snippets, interviews and comments on the above. There are alternate titles for the first two titles and you can see the reference on the last page.

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