Free literary fiction Kindle books for 11 May 17

Stolen Blood: Dawn of a New Era

by RWK Clark

The world is filled with vampires, but they are not the monsters that you would imagine. We all know vampires sleep during the day and hunt at night, but in modern times things have changed quite a bit. Vampires are all around us, but they are just like you and me, and thanks to a gift given to them by their รข??Dark Father’, they now live off of donated blood and live just like us. Because of this gift bestowed upon them, they are able to walk and work among us, and they do no harm. They are among our businessmen and our government leaders. That is, until a group of vampires accidentally gets their hands on genetically altered experimental blood and the precious gift is ripped from them. Now their leader, the former mayor of Philadelphia, is back to his old ways, as he turns into the most dangerous of them all murdering at will, and having no desire to go back. The victim count is growing more and more every day, but when he kills the father of a young artist, she vows to exact revenge; she is determined to put an end to his killing streak.

In My Garage

by Scott Semegran

A couple of years ago, I made a pact with my two best friends, Nolan and Jacob. We decided that we would spend the last night before the end of the world partying in my garage. And that’s just what we did.

A short story by Scott Semegran.

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