Free science fiction Kindle books for 11 May 17

Project: AKRA (VayneLine)

by E. A. Szabelski

Raist was genetically engineered to be smarter, faster, stronger, and a leader of the most elite Solarian military team that has never lost. His group is contacted with a mission worth the risk of such a valuable asset: recovering the enigmatic secret known only as AKRA. Given unlimited resources, his team must assault a hostile planet that has staved off all attacks. With a horrifying discovery that threatens to affect the very framework of reality, everything he has may not be enough.


This story is part of the VayneLine series that explores humanity’s near future of living across the stars and under foreign occupation. After Earth was environmentally devastated amidst a nuclear war, the Aelisha step and save us at a high cost. In return for being uplifted and given their advanced technology, humanity becomes a subservient race for their empire. The stories blend fast-paced action with deep philosophical questions regarding time, fate, and individual will. The stories do not need to be read in order but each story ties together in a larger narrative.

Visit for more information on this story and all of the other stories in the VL universe. It contains information on technology, characters, concepts, and much more regarding the expansive canon. There you can read more in-depth information about every story, as well as see the connections between them along with additional facts beyond the books.


by David Gaughran

Molecular biologist Dr. Carl Peters is under pressure on two fronts: his research grants are disappearing and his marriage is falling apart. But when medical researchers discover that genetically modified animal feed has tainted the food chain, he finally gets the funding he always dreamed of.

Dr. Peters discovers the reason behind the cancer link with GM food, but it’s so crazy, he barely believes it himself.

Transfection is a 5,700 word, 23-page old-school SF short story, starring a molecular biologist who makes a discovery that shocks the world, only to find his life under threat. It takes in militant vegans, corruption, homelessness, university politics, radiation, the celebrity-obsessed media, and a shadowy conspiracy.

Praise for Transfection

“I laughed out loud at some of the antics as I was reading. Transfection is well worth the price-tag…yet another well written and, dare I say again, thought provoking, tale from David Gaughran..” –Heather L. Faville, Doubleshot Reviews

“Well written…a polished product.” — Tracy Cook, Booked Up Reviews
“Very strong images…a haunting quality…I totally did not expect that ending. I really didn’t see it coming…I recommend this to people who enjoy well written sci-fi..” — LE Olteano, Butterfly Books

Mother of Wolves (Evalyce Worldshaper Book 1)

by J. Aislynn d’Merricksson

It is a year of awakening and change for Kalla kyl’Solidor – the Wolf Who Sleeps. After a fire wyvern attacks her home, she sets on a harsh path to self-discovery.

With the future of their world at stake, Kalla and her magister embark on a journey that will shake the foundations of De Sikkari and shape their destiny.

From the depths of Xibalba to the plains of Arkkadia, and the soaring heights of the sky continent of Argoth, they journey to claim their rightful place in the world, and to put an end to the source of the destruction before chaos claims the realm.

Trickster’s Valley (Eli Jones Book 2)

by LL Watkin

Eli has rescued his friend Danny, but made an enemy of the dissident group in the process. He has evaded the Manor so far, but they’re continuing to search and he can’t hide forever. With a friend in one camp and a sister in the other, is either place safe? Where can he hide, or should he turn and fight?

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