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Medical Mnemonics for the Family Nurse Practitioner

by Nachole Johnson

Mnemonics are known to improve memory and retention of information. Nurse practitioner school loads students with a tremendous amount of information in a short period of time. It can be hard to remember everything- this is where mnemonics come into play since they are known to increase your memory.

Medical Mnemonics for the Family Nurse Practitioner is for student and practicing NP’s alike. Written by Nachole Johnson, MSN, FNP-BC, this book is easy to read and organized to help you learn information you need to know in a quick, efficient and fun manner. Illustrations are also included to cement information.

Use this book as a reference when you are in school and as a refresher while you are a practicing NP. Medical Mnemonics for the Family Nurse Practitioner covers all the basic body systems, covers documentation basics and the most commonly prescribed meds in Family Practice.

Kombucha: Kombucha Recipes – Easy Step By Step Guide To Making Kombucha At Home

by Dorothy Hayes


Kombucha Recipes – Easy Step By Step Guide To Making Kombucha At Home

Have you heard about Kombucha and would like to find out more about it? Maybe you are a fan who has bought the store bought Kombucha and you are noticing it’s hurting your bank account. Or maybe like many, you just like to make your own food and drink because you know what goes into it.

No matter the reason you are interested in Kombucha this book will help you. This book is a comprehensive guide that is everything Kombucha.

Whether you are a complete newcomer or an old hand, you will love to have this book with you. Having a comprehensive guide at your hands to guide you through the process is always a great reference book to put in your bag of DIY tricks.

Here is a preview of what you’ll learn:

  • A brief history about Kombucha
  • A look at the health benefits of Kombucha
  • The terms you need to know to make Kombucha
  • Information on how to get started making Kombucha
  • The best tips and tricks to ensure you have perfect Kombucha
  • Some of the best flavor tips for Kombucha
  • And much more!

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Nikola Tesla: The Controversial Story & Secrets of the Famous Inventor of Electricity: Nikola Tesla Revealed (Nikola Tesla, Famous Inventor, electrical … Edison, Physics, electromagnetism Book 1)

by Larry Berg

Discover the Secrets behind the Man who Invented the 20th Century, Nikola Tesla

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Nikola Tesla is arguably one of the biggest contributor to the electrical revolution that happened in the 20th century. He is an outstanding inventor, and his patents have transformed the world into a electrical paradise. Tesla is one of the first celebrity scientists, along with his competitor Thomas Edison. Nikola, however, had a odd public image, as he was rather strange and controversial. Tesla had OCD issues, sleeping problems, and theories that were outrageous.

In this book, we will examine Nikola Tesla’s personality, character, theories, and wisdom, along with his inventions and patents. The secrets of Nikola Tesla’s lives will be revealed once and for all.

Here’s a Preview of What You Will Learn

* Who was Nikola Tesla
* Why he decided to pursue science?
* Tesla’s Inventions & scientific achievements
* The works of his Alternating Current (AC)
* The details of the Tesla Coil
* The first man to use robots
* The Genius of Tesla
* Mystery invention…?
* Strange Habits & Obsessions of Nikola Tesla
* and much much more…


Comments From Other Readers

“Nikola Tesla is such an interesting character. I quite enjoy reading about him. This book is no exception. Good read, informative, and learned a lot about him.” – Nicole W. (Los Angeles, USA)

“The book talked a lot about Tesla’s weird quirks and strange habits. It was definitely a worthwhile read.” – Bob F. (Portland, USA)

“My book report was on Nikola Tesla, and his book helped me tremendously!” – Eugene G. (Atlanta, USA)

Tags: Nikola Tesla, Thomas Edison, Imagination and the man that invented the 20th century, my invention, inventor of the electrical age, electricity, Benjamin Franklin, wireless tesla, Alternating current, radio, robots, robotics, OCD, tunguska explosion รข??

Adult-Gero and Primary Care and Primary Nurse Practitioner Certification Review: Genitourinary and STDs

by Nachole Johnson

Let’s face it, nurse practitioner school is difficult, but studying for your certification exam doesn’t have to be.

Adult-Gero Primary Care and Family Nurse Practitioner Certification Review: Genitourinary and STDs is designed for students and nurse practitioners alike who want to broaden their knowledge in a quick, easy and time-efficient manner. Covering genitourinary and STD topics commonly seen in primary care settings, this book includes an easy-to-read summary of genitourinary and STD topics and practice questions with detailed rationales covering even more!

Topics covered in Adult-Gero Primary Care and Family Nurse Practitioner Certification Review: Genitourinary and STDs

-Anatomy and physiology
-Kidney disorders
-Urinary disorder
-Male and Female disorders
-And much, much more!

There are over 50 practice questions written in multiple choice, select all that apply, and fill-in-the-blank formats included to help test and expand your knowledge! This book is perfect for the student nurse practitioner who needs another reference for school exams or clinicals, newly graduated students who are studying for their board exam, and practicing nurse practitioners who want to enhance their clinical practice in genitourinary and STDs.

Written by Nachole Johnson, FNP-BC, a practicing Family Nurse Practitioner, you can be assured Adult-Gero Primary Care and Family Nurse Practitioner Certification Review: Genitourinary and STDs includes clinically relevant criteria with up-to-date information from the latest health promotion guidelines. Ideal as a study aide for either the AANP or ANCC certification exam.

Bayes Theorem: Easy To Understand Visual Guide For Beginners (probability theory, Bayes law, Bayes Rule, statistics, Bayesian, Inductive probability, Experimental Book 1)

by Alexander Gray

Learn proven steps and strategies on how to identify and apply Bayes Theorem TODAY simply & easily!

No other theorem receives the same attention as Bayes’ Theorem does.
You might have encountered it before in your Statistics subjects. However, you might have thought that it was just like other school lessons: difficult to apply in real life. But then again, several online articles and even TV features may prove otherwise.

In this book, you will learn the whys and the hows of the theorem. You will get to know the three pillars behind the theorem as well. You need this book.

As a book for beginners in Bayesian Reasoning, this only explores the basic forms of the Bayes’ Formula. Nevertheless, the said forms are already enough in helping you assess probabilities.

Included in this book are:

  • Various Examples on Bayes’ Formula.
  • Application of the basic and alternative forms.
  • Step-by-step solutions.
  • Easy to understand mechanics of the theorem.
  • Useful tips and interesting trivia about the theorem.
  • Gain understanding on the joys and challenges of applying the theorem in real life.
  • And Much, Much More!

Learn everything you need to know about Bayes Theorem Today with simple explanations and easy to understand examples.

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A Mom’s Devotion: I Love You; Let Me Count the Ways

by Tif Burch

This book is a tale of a mother showing her devotion to her daughter as her daughter fights mental illness and learns to come to terms with it. As the woman steps from this moment to her childhood and to the hope of her future she paints the picture of an inseparable mother daughter bond that is sealed together through their shared faith in Christ.

Mental Illness

by Jesse Radin

The true story of my experience at UCI Medical Center in 2008, written in the spring of 2009.

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