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Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass (AmazonClassics Edition)

by Frederick Douglass

Frederick Douglass’s celebrated memoir is among the most influential works of the nineteenth-century abolitionist movement in the United States. Beginning with his birth on a Maryland plantation in 1818, Douglass’s account records the tyranny and brutality of his life in slavery until his ultimate escape to New Bedford, Massachusetts, at the age of twenty.

Published in 1845â??just seven years after his escapeâ??Douglass’s narrative sold five thousand copies in its first four months in print. His story’s impactâ??then and nowâ??makes Douglass a key figure in the fight for African American freedom and equality in the United States.

Revised edition: Previously published as Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, this edition of Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass (AmazonClassics Edition) includes editorial revisions.

Three Nigger Virgins: A Memoir

by Jalisco Califas

A sad true story.

Maximizing My Future By Eliminating My $220,000 Student Loan Debt

by Ebony Horton

Ebony Horton had no idea when she graduated with her MBA in 2013 how much debt she would be in. “I was working in an entry-level position in Washington, D.C, and I was barely making enough to survive–let alone pay back my student loans.” She began deferring her loans, and continued to defer until she couldn’t defer any longer. After reading several finance books she decided paying off her loans would be the best option. Unfortunately her finances weren’t in agreement. So in 2013 she decided to move back home and work for her mother.

Now fast forward to 2017…..She is a debt free 31-year old that recently paid off $220,000 in private and public student loans.

She shares her story because she wants other people to feel empowered. She wants people to know that being free of student loan debt is a reality. And with sacrifice, determination, and creativity, you can definitely do the same.

The Meanest Man In America The Life and Crimes of Serial Killer Donald Henry Gaskins: A True Story of Rape, Cannibalism, and Murder

by Charlie Lark

It is plausible that Donald Henry Gaskins was born a psychopath, it may also be said that his life experiences helped turn him into a sociopath.
The “meanest man in America” earned the title of the most prolific serial killer in South Carolina’s history. Although it was never confirmed, Gaskins claimed to have murdered over 100 people, with some reports as high as 181. He tortured, killed, and occasionally ate his victims until his final arrest in 1975 (yes, he had been arrested numerous times). Gaskins was ultimately executed, not for his many, many murders outside prison, but for killing a prisoner on death row while Gaskins himself was serving consecutive life sentences.
In his autobiography, Final Truth: The Autobiography of a Serial Killer, which currently has less than 25 copies available on Amazon and none for less than $100, Gaskins said, “I have walked the same path as God, by taking lives and making others afraid, I became God’s equal.”
Whether you believe his side of the story or not, the tale of Donald Henry Gaskins is one that should not be forgotten.

My Aunt Fannieâ??s Hot Pink Kugel: A 50â??s Food Memory

by Marjory Harris

A glorious noodle kugel gleamed hot pink in the evening light…
This is the first in a series of charming short stories using food memories to describe the life and relationships of bestselling author Marjory Harris. The focal point is a dinner of burnt hamburgers and fruity noodles at the home of her spinster great aunt.
With poodle skirts, pop-it beads, a young Elvis, and painting by numbers, Aunt Fannie’s Hot Pink Kugel is a delicious way to revisit the 1950’s.
Each story has a link to an easy, healthy “go-to” recipe with shopping list and substitutions.
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Volatile: A Memoir of Poker and Bipolar Disorder

by Simkha Blank

As a recent college graduate, Simkha Blank had boundless ambition but little direction until poker caught her interest. She was diagnosed with bipolar disorder just months before she set foot in a casino for the first time. In this memoir, Blank recounts her twin pursuits of poker success and mood stability and the ways in which they intertwined. Eventually, her illness became so severe that she required several hospitalizations and underwent electroconvulsive therapy, which yielded tremendous improvement and set her firmly on the path to health and happiness.

The Doomsday: An Eye Witness Account of Al-Qaeda’s Act of Terrorism That Lead to the Devastating Tragedy on September 11, 2001

by Xavier Zimms


The Doomsday

What if your worst nightmare came true? Imagine watching it unfold around you, helpless to stop it, while desperately trying to wake up. But there is no waking up, because it’s really happening.

Get a different perspective on the terrible events of September 11th from Abdul, who witnesses the horrific events of that day never having imagined such things could happen to someone.

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Anthony Joshua: How the bad boy made good

by James Donaghy

On the night of 29th April 2017, Anthony Joshua became a British sporting immortal. He had just knocked out Ukrainian Hall of Famer Wladimir Klitschko in the 11th round of one of the best heavyweight title contests anyone could remember. His triumph took place in front of 90,000 fans at Wembley Stadium. It was his 19th professional fight, 19th consecutive knockout, most of them within two rounds. He was the most exciting of a new generation of big men eager to breathe life into the flatlining heavyweight division after its decade-long coma under the flatulent safety first tyranny of the Klitschko brothers. Just a few years earlier though he faced a jail sentence for possession of drugs with intent to supply. It had been a dizzying rise.

Boxing journalist James Donaghy breaks down Joshua’s career fight by fight, traces his professional development and gives insight into how the Watford tearaway transformed himself from gully street kid to boxing royalty with testimony from friends, foes and opponents.

Stoicism: Mastery – Mastering The Stoic Way of Life (Stoicism Series Book 2)

by Ryan James

Stoicism Series Book #2

Are you ready to lead a life that is full of virtue, where you are able to lead a good life that isn’t controlled by your emotions but still allows you to have empathy and feelings for others? Stoicism is an ancient thought that has stood the test of time and can provide you with the fulfilling life that you are looking for.

Inside this guidebook, we are going to learn some practical tips that you can use in your daily life in order to bring some more stoicism into your daily life. Some of the things that we are going to explore include:

  • Practicing gratitude in our lives
  • How to accept our own faults and nurture our minds
  • How to practice some mindfulness
  • Learning how to be virtuous
  • How to contribute to others in a willing manner
  • How to avoid revenge and the control it has on us
  • How to be patient in all things
  • How to be honest and sincere
  • How to find peace with ourselves no matter what the outside world thinks of us.

Stoicism may be an ancient idea that has been around for years, but it is an idea that still has a lot of merit in our current times. When you are ready to see how you are able to live the life of a Stoic, make sure to read through this guidebook and learn just how you are able to do this.

Grab your copy and start living the stoic life today.

Recarpeting: A short narrative

by Tiffany Carby

When an 18-year-old girl loses her mother unexpectedly, her world changes forever. Follow the author’s snapshot in time of the events of her mother’s death and the healing process in the days thereafter.

This short, non-fiction narrative is just over 3,000 words and is a standalone read.
Trigger warning: story depicts death and dying.
Not recommended for young readers.

Husband Killer Sheena Eastburn

by Jaimi West

Sheena Eastburn was the mastermind behind a plot to kill her husband Tim Eastburn, accompanied by two of her friends as they shot and killed him. But in police interviews, the two gunmen and another witness were adamant that Sheena plotted the murder.

Sheena denied all the allegations.

Now more than 20 years later Sheena Eastburn resides at the Missouri Correctional Facility and still maintains she had no part in her ex-husband’s murder.

“There was no reason for Tim to die,” Sheena says. “None.”

This is what happened that night…


by Marea Hannah Whitley

Catholic school primary education is a roller coaster ride for Marea Morgan, from her first morning in Kindergarten with kind-hearted Miss Blaine, to her final conflict in Sixth Class with the violent and fierce Mother Mary Macarius. Marea finds her position in the system, but her righteous anger and impulsive nature constantly places her in harum-scarum predicaments that lead to painful consequences. She enjoys, she endures, is rewarded, is cruelly punished. She has her revenge.
Life at home is almost as chaotic. One of five children, Marea is seen as normal in a household that is anything but average. Mrs Morgan dismisses her daughter’s facial tics and impulsive disobedience as bad habits she’ll eventually grow out of. Mr Morgan deals with Marea’s waywardness the same way he deals with life – head on.
Based on fact, this riotous account of an eventful childhood is written with warmth and humour. It provides satirical, yet truthful, insight into the often violent system of Catholic education in Australia in the 1960s.

La Bella y la Bestia: Un piadoso Amor (Spanish Edition)

by Santiago Sevilla

Un caballero muy monstruoso vive en soledad. Solo una piadosa bella puede consolarle, esta es su historia.

Good By Colombia

by Santiago Sevilla

The leader of a cannabis farm in Colombia, floating wounded on a river, says goodby to the past, which is the matter of the book together with his future.

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