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Confidence: 12 Proven Tricks to Gain Indestructible Confidence, Annihilate Fear Completely & Conquer All Situations (Human Psychology Series)

by Mark Eriksson

Discover The 12 Proven Tricks to Gain Indestructible Confidence, Annihilate Fear Completely & Conquer All Situations!

Struggling for confidence is not a new thing. It’s a day to day struggle for a lot of people. In more than one way, confidence can be the maker or breaker of your future. Whatever setting you live in, you must’ve seen some very confident people.

They exude confidence like no one’s business. And sometimes it may make you feel inferior to them. You may feel unconfident, low, and overall miserable. You think of ways of improving yourself and think that tomorrow would be the day everything changesâ?¦ Wherever you are at on your journey, you have stumbled across the right bookâ?¦

This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to counter negativity within your own mind and acquire the confidence required to take on the world.

This book delves into various factors that lead to high self-esteem or lack thereof and puts forward points that are essential to understanding how to increase self-esteem, self-confidence and reduce stress. Remember, confidence is the only treasure left when you lose everything else.

In This Book You Will Discover:

ïHow to Cultivate The Bulletproof Attitude of Unwavering Fear
ïSneaky Shortcuts & Go-To Hacks For Deflecting Haters & Naysayers With Absolute Ease
ïSteps to Effortlessly Exude The Unshakeable Confidence of Dwayne Johnson (The Rock)
ïThis ONE Exercises Will Get You Bouncing Back From Setbacks & Rejections Guaranteed!
ïThe 4 Questions to Ask Yourself for Permanent Deep-Identity Level Change & Paradigm Shifts Towards The Successful, Confident Person You Always Knew You Were Meant to Be!
ïand Much, much more!

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How To Talk To Anyone: 10 Tips To Turn Yourself From An Introvert Into An Extrovert (Effective Communication Series Book 3)

by Simon Ruddy

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New Book By Best-Selling Author Simon Ruddy – How To Talk To Anyone: 10 Tips To Turn Yourself From An Introvert Into An Extrovert Have you ever found that you’re a tad envious of the people around you whom seem to be able to be the life of the party? You watch these people work the crowd, and deep inside you wish that you could be like them. Download this book, How to Talk to Anyone: 10 Tips to Turn Yourself from an Introvert into an Extrovert, to start learning the secrets of how to become more like the talkative member of your group and less like the wallflower that you are accustomed to being. While there’s nothing wrong with being an introvert, being shy often leads you to feel like you matter less than the people around you. When you purchase this book, you are providing yourself with the opportunity to stop the cycle in which you currently find yourself. If you are able to learn the secrets of how to become more extroverted, why wouldn’t you?

What this book offersâ?¦

Imagine a world where you’re the life of every party. Instead of sitting in the corner, watching people interact and wishing that you could be more like them, you are the social butterfly at all of your gatherings. You know what to say, how to say it, and most importantly you feel confident and comfortable being the center of attention at times. This is the type of lifestyle that the pages of this noteworthy book can offer you. Rather than staying the same way as you are now, why not invest in yourself and your communication tactics? This really is a tangible first step that you can take towards better your relationships with the people around you, whether they be strangers or friends whom you see frequently. What more could you ask for when your relationships with others are at stake?

What you’ll learn

  • – Typical introvert and extrovert personality traits, so that you can determine how much of an introvert you truly are
  • How to plan your social interactions so that you never feel
  • Ways that you can re-charge after a long day of hob-knobbing
  • Body language cues that will tell others that you’re eager to be outgoing and entertaining
  • Ways that you can make social interactions work for you, with less stress and more time for enjoyment

You will learn all of the information that is involved with these tips, and a whole lot more. Download How to Talk to Anyone: 10 Tips to Turn Yourself from an Introvert into an Extrovert right away! Pick up your copy today by clicking the BUY NOW button at the top of this page.

Real Estate Investing: 50 Tips To Get You Started In Successful Real Estate Investing (Real Estate, Passive Income, Real Estate Investing)

by Ezra Carter

Real estate investing is one of the earliest methods of investments. It has been around since the beginning of human civilization, and back in the days, real estate investing by emperors and monarchies came in the form of conquering lands and colonizing them.
This book will cover everything about guiding new investors in the art of real estate investing. We will be walking over the basics and giving you some in-depth content to the various useful concepts in real estate and also tips and ideas on how to invest in the right property, mistakes to avoid, tax advantages and so on.

Passive Income: Ideas 2 Manuscripts Included, Passive Income and How to Make Money Online. Proven Methods to Start An Online Business and Acquiring Financial Freedom (passive income books)

by Samuel Nnama Jr

Are You Tired Of The Rat Race! Start Making Passive Income Today

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An easy-to-understand explanation of how passive income works, and proven ideas on how to start a business online generating passive income.

When you download Passive Income: Ideas 2 Manuscripts Included, Passive Income and How to Make Money Online. Proven Methods to Start an Online Business and Acquiring Financial Freedom, your education in making money will be closer than you think! You will discover everything you need to know about methods and strategies for making money on the Internet.

Publisher’s Note: This is a 2 books in 1 bundle. 

Passive Income: Learn how to Make Money Online and Turn your Computer into a Cash Machine


How to Make Money Online: 20 Proven Methods for Success

These proven methods and how to instructions will transform your mindset and increase your earning potential and your bank account. Your earning potential increases and you can sleep all while your income revenue streams increase.

Would you like to know more about:

  • Making money blogging
  • Vlogging on video sharing sites
  • Affiliate, Social Media, Email and Internet marketing
  • Offering your services as a Freelancer
  • Investing in loans, stocks and many more

This book describes each method down into easy instructions. It explains the principles of passive income, so you can get great results – even as a beginner!

Download Passive Income Ideas 2 Manuscripts Included, Passive Income and How to Make Money Online. Proven Methods to Start an Online Business and Acquiring Financial Freedom

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Investing for Beginners: 2 manuscripts – Stock Investing for Beginners, Trading Stocks for Beginners

by Richard Locke


Stock Investing for Beginners-

Are you ready to invest in the stock market? Have you heard about the stock market but don’t quite understand how it works? Do you think that investing is only for millionaires and fear losing all of your money in another great recession? Stock investing for beginners will answer all of these questions as it coaches you through making your first investments in the stock market. This book is tailored to beginners in the stock market with few or no investments. If you have always wanted to invest money in the stock market but aren’t sure of the first steps to take, then this is the book for you. In this guide, I will teach you about what the stock market is, as well as how people make money off of it. I will also educate you about insider terms within the stock market such as dividends and index funds. As the book progresses it will teach you how to invest your first $1,000 as well as coach you on how to pick the right stocks for your portfolio. Lastly, it will teach you how to scale up your portfolio as well as when you should sell off your stocks.

Trading Stocks for Beginners-

The stock market is a trend driven phenomenon. It may adopt three trends or routes. It is either bullish or bearish or range bound. As a stock market beginner, it will be very hard for you to comprehend plenty of terms relating to the stock market. Moreover, you have to grasp the basic concepts behind how to start trading. So, the most recommended way is to open an online account so that with a discount broker, which is among the reputed ones in the market. An online account can be opened without any hassles, which is an easy job to do. The most challenging thing to do is what stocks to choose for buying. Many have been using a stock trading system to make money, and thus, this system has been in great demand all over.

Day Trading: A Beginnerâ??s Guide to Day Trading: Discover How to Be a Day Trading King (A Beginners Guide To Trading Book 3)

by Andrew Johnson

Learn About Day Trading And How To Make A Profit By Day Trading And Reducing Your Risk! 

With this book, you will learn all about day trading  and how to get into day trading and become successful. 

While this is a beginners guide it can be used by any day trader at any level. There are so many hidden gems that anyone who trades or is interested in trading can benefit from. 

What you will learn in this book is: 

  • The Basics of Day Trading

  • What are the Rules of Success?

  • A Key Analysis On How to master Day Trading

  • Further Analysis On How to Succeed At Day Trading

  • Additional Day Trading Strategies

  • The Best Platforms for Day Traders


This is the only beginners guide on day trading you will ever need! 

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