Free parenting and families Kindle books for 13 May 17

Amor Verdadero (Spanish Edition)

by Paulo Queiroz Silva

…Es un dolor agudo profundo, penetrando hasta los huesos, en las profundidades del espíritu, como una daga y la perforación rasga el corazón, el alma. ¿Y qué? Si las pal abras se acuñan en los caminos de la mente, si los dedos están entumecidos y escritura, el corazón sólo recuerda rechaza, rechaza reflexionar sobre las palabras que va dentro, todo se niega a continuar, pero creo que yo, es el única manera de que Juan si puede deshacerse de un fantasma que estaba allí en el pasado, se perdió en el tiempo y en la eternidad, que figura en las calles y los caminos torcidos del pasado.

Get Your Ex Back: 2 Perspectives on How to Get Your Ex Back

by Rita Chester

2 different books about how to get your ex back fast.

Book 1: Yes, you can get your ex back. It happens all the time. But this time, you are going to learn from your mistakes; you are going to play it right. In this book, I will refer a little to my own story, as well as proven techniques and tactics (not what you think) that have worked for many people who wanted to rekindle the flame in their previous flame. Everyone is different, but there are certain things you need to keep in mind if you want to have your ex fall in love with you all over again, even better than before. In this book, you’ll read or hear about the honest truth of what it takes to get through the breakup and have it just be a “phase in the past” you can laugh about as a couple. You’ll learn, among others:

Tools to analyze what went wrong and why.

Useful tips of playing it right this time.
Sneaky and subtle tactics to spark your ex’s interest again.

The truth about making it happen in the long run, with examples of dos and don’ts.

Thoughts about timing and the long talk you must have.

Tips on what to say and what not to say if you want to make an impression.

And many good advice by someone who married her ex and leads a happy life.

Book 2: In this guide, the most useful resources of how to get your ex back have been combined. Tips on how to get your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, or wife back are specifically mentioned, as well as other helpful advice:

Learn what you can do to get your girlfriend back.

Read about what helps your husband cross the line and get back into your territory.
Get educated about surprising her, or talking through your problems.

Know what to avoid when you talk to your ex or show certain behavior.

Contemplate the reasons why you want your ex back.

Discover which signs are hints that your ex wants you back as well.

Consider the best motives and whether or not you are compatible or not.

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