Free science fiction Kindle books for 13 May 17

Haladras (Haladras Trilogy Book 1)

by Michael M. Farnsworth

A desert planet. A dangerous secret.

When Skylar’s enigmatic uncle warns him to stay away from the mysterious winged insects that have been sighted on other planets, he thinks little of it; no one has seen the insects on their own planet of Haladras. His uncle knows more than he’s telling, though. The creatures are not insects, but machines. And they’re hunting for Skylar. Only after Skylar narrowly escapes capture and flees Haladras with his uncle does he learn the whole truth. What his uncle reveals will shatter Skylar’s world. Torn from the girl he loves and thrust into the center of a conflict that will consume the empire, Skylar must fight for all he cares for, even as he struggles to know who he can trust.

A State of Disobedience

by Tom Kratman

It’s Time to Remember the
Alamo All Over Again!

In the long war against terrorism, the US Government had taken on extraordinary powers. And now that the war was won, powerful forces in the government had no intention of relinquishing those powers. As in 1860, the country was on the verge of civil war. And as in 1860, a leader arose to save the countryâ??but it was not the President this time. Instead, the Governor of Texas was the woman of destiny. And, though the Federal Government had more guns and troops, David was about to give Goliath a run for his money. . . .

At the publisher’s request, this title is sold without DRM (DRM Rights Management).

Life Over Time: The Mission (Dark Voyagers Book 1)

by Katya Walter

Life Over Time by Katya Walter

Is this Sci-Fi? Or Psi-Phi? Or more?

This is Volume 1 of the new Sci-Fi/Psi-Phy series of the DARK VOYAGERS. Is this science fiction? Some say so. But it’s also an allegory. Could it even be a real experience?

Science, mystery, and mysticism merge in this stunning new account of life, death, and deep-see diving – remote viewing to travel the cosmos and see the foundation of reality.

Western science explores cosmology. Ancient China’s I Ching follows the Tao. They merge in a master code that generates our holographic universe. The master code also templated our own minor variant, the genetic code.

Your guide? The lichen-like creatures who live on a boulder orbiting a dying red sun. They learn the hard way how vital air, water, and food are for survival. Now dead, yet they travel mentally in 3D time in this Double Bubble Universe to meet all the diverse mini-minds on the planets, including our own.

As wise ghosts, they inhabit that other bubble, a reversing mirror-twin with 3D time and an arrow of space – plus science’s “lost” pole of gravity and the Big Bang’s “lost” antimatter, converted now by spatial pressure into tachyonic energy – powering up a huge, unified mind spread throughout all 3D time!

You’ll even meet Magenta Majestica! This short book brings philosophy, humor, and joie de vivre in a light and lively tone to dark and deep mysteries.


  • Author – Katya Walter
  • Introduction by Robert Price, Ph.D. – “Katya Walter Goes Deep-See Diving”
  • Foreword by Oliver Markley, Ph.D. – “Visiting the Omniverse Center”
  • Preface by Stephanie Traska – “Dreams Fascinate Me”
  • Illustrators – Adele Aldridge, PhD, Mariette Papic, & Adrian Frye


“Very thought-provoking. A light expression of deep stuff. A fascinating time-travel in what is science fiction. Or Psi-Phy. Or possibly a living memoir of remote viewing.”

Frank Patterson, Aerospace Engineer

“I was blown away by it as a vision – and I think it works totally as cosmically speculative fiction.”

Oliver Markley, Ph.D., Prof. Emeritus of Human Sciences & Future Studies

“This, along with Double Bubble Universe, is a must read.”

Rowena Pattee Kryder, author of Dynamics & Foundations of Co-Creation


Blessed Harlot (Pharma Series Shorts)

by C.B. Salem

Welcome to Chicago 2041, where the Pharma Boom has pushed humanity’s limits.

When heiress Hana Beaumont-Saito steps into Vero’s salon for an after-hours session, the junior esthetician can’t believe her luck. But what begins as merely mysterious suddenly becomes more, and by the time she realizes what’s going on, the experience may change the rest of her life.

However long that is.

The Day of the Universal Holos

by B. Campbell

Young Dalliance is a woman of humanity’s last generation. Her life is filled with the consequences of a malfunctioned genetic engineering that left much of the population dead or malformed and took away her mother’s wellness. Its a life filled with beloved, holographic masks that hide imperfections to make people equal and puppeteers that can mind control people over a neural network. An existence also containing such sights as the lovely and custom-made chimera-brides whom offer companionship to the unloved. A place where Dalliance, due to being in an impoverished state, feels she must rent out her capable womb and sell her unusually-healthy body parts to alleviate financial concerns and to help create a new generation of healthy children. A world where she despairingly-learns that perhaps not all things should be for sale.

Machine City Knights

by Erin Bisson

Like the phoenix, Elysium was born from ashes-the flames of a cataclysm that devoured the entire world. Now the shining megalopolis towers above the blasted ruins of the barrenlands, its sleekly shining towers and glittering arcologies a testament to recovery and rebirth for humans and mechanicals, while high above soars the solid-light trunk of Yggdrasil, data-Tree of the Aidoneus System, maintaining safety and security for all.

But a blight is spreading through the Machine City. Gaping dimensional maws that reveal a chaotic abyss-the Bleeds-shred the air without warning, disgorging marauding Phages that slaughter and capture Elysium’s citizens, never to be seen again. And, as the Bleed frequency spirals, Aidoneus grows more erraticâ?¦and, perhaps, aware.

The source of the Bleeds must be found-before Elysium becomes ground zero for a second cataclysm.

The King’s Slave

by Daniella Wright

The King’s Slave: A Steamy Alien Abduction Romance+ Bonus Books

Carmen Garcia knows it’s a man’s world, and to survive she has to kick ass. So she has become a kick-ass attorney, and an expert in Krav Maga. Carmen is a woman who means business, and is in control of her life.

Until, that is, King Kallisto Ansirogt decides to break his planet’s millennial ban on breeding, and abducts Carmen to help repopulate his world. Unfortunately for Kallisto, his twin brother Illuminos, is prepared to go to any lengths to protect the ancient ban on sex and procreation. Even if that means war.

Meanwhile, the Tyrans, predatory reptiles of the galaxy, have been watching the decay of Ansiroght and believe it is ripe for occupation. Can a kick-ass female attorney and a king who hasn’t had sex in two thousand years, save a dying race from war, invasion and extinction? It’s a tall order, especially as all Carmen wants is to go home to Californiaâ?¦

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is a stand-alone story with an HEA, so no cliff-hangers! This story contains explicit love scenes and is intended for 18+ readers only.

CONTENT NOTE: This is a short story that may be read in under 2 hours. This book also includes an extra 5+ hours of bonus stories for your enjoyment.

Death to the Imperium (Imperium Cicernus Book 2)

by James Thorpe

In the far future, the galaxy is dominated by the Imperium, a galactic empire that encompasses a million planets. The Imperium has enjoyed relative peace for centuries, but now war is looming.

A massive, unidentified ship is orbiting a mysterious planet called Chaos in the outer reaches of the Paradonian Sector. Its purpose is unknown, but its actions can only be seen as hostile. The Imperial Navy fears the possibility of another rebellion.

Harlan Glitz, a convicted smuggler, is offered the chance of a full pardon. To earn his pardon, he must travel to the planet Chaos and find out the intentions of the alien ship. He is accompanied by his fellow convicts Tekka and Doland, as well as the beautiful but imperious Captain Alyce Wickham.

The unlikely crew travel to the Paradonian Sector in a ship salvaged from a scrapyard planet, seeking to discover the truth about the planet Chaos. But even a tough criminal like Harlan Glitz is unprepared for the terrible secret that the planet holds…


DEATH TO THE IMPERIUM is a 70,000 word science fiction novel in the “Imperium Cicernus” series established by Christopher Nuttall in “On The Imperium’s Secret Service”.

The Parvac Emperor’s Daughter (The Space Merchants Book 3)

by Wendie Nordgren

While Teagan’s life may have changed from the obscurity of a reclamation worker on Earth to that of royalty in the Parvac Empire, she soon discovers her notoriety places her in danger.

After a cunning plot orchestrated by Consul Dano, Teagan is manipulated into a political marriage in order to maintain peace. However, the marriage is to the son of Laconia’s other ruler, Consul Bosh, and Commander Quaid Bosh of the Hadrian infuriates Teagan.

Attempting to regain control of her life and avoid Commander Bosh becomes more challenging when the consuls extend an invitation to Princess Probus to visit the Laconian Sector. During the diplomatic tour, the lives of Teagan and her loved ones are placed in jeopardy when she is abducted by a small army of hybrid mercenaries with nefarious plans of their own.

As the hybrid mercenaries chase Teagan through the galaxies, the Parvac Empire and Galaxic Militia will have to work together to save her from the criminal mastermind controlling the hybrids.

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