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The Curse of The House on Cypress Lane: Book 0- The Beginning

by James Hunt

There sits a large house on Cypress Lane in the small town of Ocoee, Louisiana, and its history is intertwined with the town itself. A feud was born within its walls, and it is there where it will die. The Cooley family finds themselves in the middle of a fight that started long before they arrived. Will they make it out alive, or will they become another casualty in the fight between the living and the dead?

Drive-By Shouting

by Mark Chase

When Matt Mann grabbed success by the throat, he also trampled on the dreams of Gram Kane, his closest friend. Matt has ridden the gravy train for seven heady years, whilst successfully keeping a lid on his old friend’s resentment. That is, until now.
Matt’s moral vacuum has now seen him betray yet another friend, but this time it’s one who has the power to ruthlessly punish him and take away everything that he’s achieved.
Drive-By Shouting is an exhilarating showbiz ride, with a bitter comic edge and a palpable undercurrent of malevolence.

The Trade

by Don Coyote

Short story; in the ‘hood, a man pimps his wife in the streets when their worlds are turned upside down by a mysterious stranger.

A Jaded Lily

by Belle Godwin

Tsang Lai Mei, Lily was born in a small industrial village on the outskirts of Guangzhou in the mid-1980s, her parents both workers in a nearby factory, though her mother was the daughter of a formerly esteemed professor at a nearby university who also lived with them in their tiny abode, helping to raise their one treasured child. Lily’s father and grandfather both wanted nothing more than for her to know of the world outside, beyond the factory and beyond their borders, and to equip her with every possible piece of knowledge and tool to help her excel, rise above and escape. But whereas her father’s picture of motivation was provided by Western TV and American clients, her grandfather’s was a much more staid and formal one as demonstrated through the language and culture lessons he taught her via old copies of The Economist or Le Monde.

To look at Lily she was nothing extraordinary. She seemed to have more shape than other local girls her age and as a result wore baggy clothes to disguise this fact, but the ill-fitting clothes had the unflattering effect of making her look more chubby than inconspicuous, and for this Lily was abused at times quite harshly by her classmates. School outside of class was all but intolerable, but Lily persevered because she knew â?? everyone in her family reminded her every waking moment â?? how lucky she was to be receiving an education at all, and especially the one that was being provided to her at this particular school by favor of one of her grandfather’s old friends. She was the poorest among her classmates so in addition to appearing larger and acting more cerebrally aloof, Lily was also treated like a charity case by both students and by teachers and she hated it; she hated the pity and she hated being different for all the wrong reasons. As such, very early on Lily had learned to compensate by exploiting and trading anything that she had to offer in exchange for being less ostracized than she otherwise would have been.

Whatever the exact intent had been of the dichotomous aspirations provided by her father and grandfather, when married with her desire to escape her environment both at home and at school – the station into which she had been born – they conspired to create a young girl who only wanted one thing: out. Lily, in addition to being educated and bright, was talented creatively and after finishing school decided to rest on that gift for her future rather than pursuing anything more academic. She also, though, discovered her own unique beauty and the power of influence and distraction it could wield. As a result, she often chose a path to the next rung on the ladder her family did not intend and of which they would have never approved.

Lily is no different from any girl or boy born anywhere in the world; she is a subject of her birth, a product of her environment and a victim of her desires, both material and physical. She is inevitably shaped by the ever-changing, “next” thing she wants in life – whether it is worthy of her desire and sacrifice or not – rather than by what she innately knows to be right. In the end, she may succeed, but by her definition of it; one which makes no allowances for happiness or rest.

The Billionaire Wolf Shifters: A Russian Billionaire Mail Order Bride Paranormal Romance

by Kelly Iris

Sergei Ivanov is the last of dire wolf shifters. The blood of an extinct species flows through his veins. He is also a billionaire, having built an empire on a drug called Instinct that helps shifters control and hide their powers from the prying eyes of humans.
While he works in his castle manufacturing the drug, his network has it shipped all over the world.
Of course, not everyone is a fan of Sergei or Instinct. Enter Madame Aveline, the leader of a resistance fighting to destroy Instinct and allow shifters to live free.
When faced with her greatest enemy, tempers flare and passions ignite. To see her people free, she must win over the heart and mind of Sergei, but can this lonesome and stoic shifter ever be tamed?

Billionaire wolf shifters is a story that combines love, loss, and the true value of the gifts we are given into a steamy adventure that will leave you breathless!

**Author’s Notes:
-This is a Sexy & Steamy STANDALONE wolf shifters mail order bride romance with a Hot Russian Billionaire Alpha. No cliffhanger, no cheating, and a guaranteed happily-ever-after.

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WARNING:This eBook contains mature language and content. It is intended for 18+ readers only!

Claimed by Love (A Rizer Pack Shifter Series Book 3)

by Amelia Wilson

Love is knocking with an army of werewolves at its heels, do you open the door for that tiny chance at happiness, or let it pass?

This is a standalone of about 150 pages with a Happily Ever After ending and No cliffhanger. This book also contains several additional bonus stories to enjoy!

The last link in the chain that has held Onyx bound to Demitrus, Alpha of the Herod pack, has broken. Nothing is holding her back now from making her move to escape the man she never wanted to marry.

Only, she doesn’t know where to go. Demitrus will track her and she can’t lead his powerful pack to the doorstep of the man she truly loves, Errol of the Rizer pack. Onyx is determined to find her own way in the world away from Demitrus and Errol.

With the pull of her predestined bond to Errol, Onyx may find it harder than she thought to stay away. Will her arrival bring the chance at love they never thought they would get, or will it bring death when the Herod pack descends upon the Rizer pack?


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