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Natural Jerky Making Business Startup: How to Start, Run & Grow a Profitable Beef Jerky Business From Home!

by Jim Davis

Natural Jerky Making Business Startup

How to Start, Run & Grow a Profitable Beef Jerky Business From Home!

I am a retired butcher; I worked with meat products for 37 long years, so the meat has been a big part of my life. As a hobby, I started experimenting with making various types of jerky in my free times, and soon I realized this is a very addictive, fun and rewarding hobby. The way I discovered the rewarding part was when one day just for fun I set up a table at the local flea market to see if anyone would be interested in trying my jerky. I took roughly about 25 lbs. supply with me. At first, I just ask random people if they wanted to try a sample of my creation. 6 out of 10 people I asked agreed and most of them liked the taste of the jerky enough that they bought from me. To my surprise, in just two hours I was completely sold out with enough request and orders for the next week that I was blown away.

Long story short, I became a regular at the flea market and typically sold about 150-250 lbs. of jerky each weekend. From there I was approached by a grocery company that sells to gas stations and convenience stores in 5 states. But to sell to this grocery company, I had to come up with high-quality packaging, which I did. It took about two months to get all the details worked out, and then I started to wholesale to this company. Their average monthly order grew from just 500lbs the first months to little over 2500 lbs. in just five months. Once again I was blown away with the demand.

Fast forward nine years, I sold my business for a decent price and decided to retire and enjoy life a little.

I wrote this book to show you that if I can do it, I know anyone can. I was not even a good cook if you don’t believe me just ask Ann, my wife of 35 years, she will tell you.

In this book, I share all the inner workings of jerky and how to get started in Jerky business. I get down to the nitty-gritty of meat and how the process works and what and how you can get started. One word of caution though, If you are just looking for jerky recipes, then this may not be the book for you. There are just a handful of Recipes inside; here my goal is to get your creative side to come out, experiment and create something that has your unique taste and signature all over it.

In This Book, I Share:

  • How To Learn, Analyze And Identify The Proper Meat For Jerky Making
  • Understanding The Workings Of Meat Fat
  • Selection And Grading Of Various Meat Types
  • Categories Of Process Meats
  • How To Prepare And Marinate The Meat For Jerky Making
  • The Total Jerky Making Process
  • How To Make Ground Meat Jerky
  • How To Make Wild Game Jerky, Biltong & Pemmican
  • All Non Meat Ingredients In Jerky Making(Additives, Color, Fillers And Binders)
  • How To Enhance Color And Flavor
  • Various Curing Process Of Meat Products
  • Various Smoking Process Of Meat Products
  • Various Drying Process Of Meat Products
  • Jerky Safety Procedure
  • Proper Storage And Preservation Process

On The Business Side I Share:

  • What Equipment You Will Need To Get Started
  • How To Set Up Your Business
  • How To Setup A Legal Entity
  • 6 Must Do’s As You Start
  • 5 Business Mistakes To Avoid At All Cost
  • How To Create Proper Packaging & Labeling For Your Products
  • What Regulations You Need To Be Aware Of
  • How And Where To Sell Your Jerky
  • How To Promote & Market Your New Business
  • Handful Of Recipes To Try Out

A special gift at the end of the book just for you (Hint: some of my best selling recipes)

Happy jerky making folks! Enjoy!

Growing Gills: How to Find Creative Focus When Youâ??re Drowning in Your Daily Life

by Jessica Abel

Go from overwhelmed, anxious, and stuck, to consistent, clear, and in control of your creative life.

If you feel like you’re floundering in the deep end (Not waving, drowning!), and anxiety over the complexity and enormousness of your creative projects overwhelms you, stop scrambling to fit everything in and feeling stretched thin.

  • Sustain the energy you feel when thinking of how awesome your projects could be.
  • Value your own creative work as highly as work you do for other people.
  • Build a reusable structure and process that will consistently get you to the finish line.
  • Blast through your stuck-ness.
  • Focus. Finish. Move on to the next project.

You’re a creative person. Even if you have a hard time calling yourself a “writer” or an “artist” in public, making your creative work is core to who you are and how you see the world. You may be harboring a big, ambitious idea for a project. Possibly a lot of them.

And it’s killing you.

You lie awake thinking about itâ?¦and hating yourself for not doing more to make it real. And then in the morning you’re exhausted, and you can’t believe you “wasted” more time on this stupid idea. Who ever told you you were creative anyway? You try to shove your idea away, to forget it. But your creative work is what keeps you sane. You can’t not do this. So you live with guilt and anxiety all the time.

You’ve tried to carve out the time and attention you need to devote to your creative work. You’ve made ambitious goals, you’ve written lists, you’ve scheduled calendarsâ?¦you’ve installed shackles on your desk chair. But chaining yourself to your work only seems to make you more distractible and more miserable. (And those unsightly leg sores!)

Maybe you’ve even tried to borrow time-management tips from the business world. Get things done! Build seven habits! Eat that frog! But following business-minded productivity systems just doesn’t work for you. The issue isn’t simply getting “things” done, it’s allowing yourself to devote precious time and attention to the vital, self-generated creative work that builds toward your vision for the future.

The problem is, the life you’re living is already full. You’ve made a lot of promises, to yourself, your family, your friends, and your community, that you’ll be there for them. You probably have a job; you may have kids. You may well have many competing ideas for your creative work. Where, exactly, can you find that mythical Creative Focus Unicorn?

In Growing Gills, you’ll discover that the power is already within you to make your work.

The biggest obstacles to your getting your important creative work done lie in the unknowns you’re facing.
Growing Gills takes you step by step through the process of pinning down exactly what’s stopping you from finishing your beautiful, inventive, and potentially game-changing projects.

Using the power of conscious decision, you’ll build your own unique system for fitting creative work into your existing life, taking into consideration how you work best.

Like a custom-designed, powered exoskeleton, your personal system will bolster and support your creative practice day in and day out, so that you can grow up and grow old while continuing to make your creative workâ?¦without chucking out all the other connections to your family and the world that make your life rich and worth living.

GROWING GILLS: Breathe in the deep end.

With your purchase of the ebook or print edition, you’ll also get:

  • The Growing Gills Workbook for free
  • A checklist to identify what specifically stands in your way
  • An invitation to a 5-day free minicourse where you’ll build a plan to overcome those obstacles.

21 Best Superfood Cacao Recipes – Discover Superfoods #1: Cacao is Natureâ??s healthy and delicious superfood chocolate you can enjoy even on a weight loss or low cholesterol diet!

by Donna Davidson

Can so-called â??Superfoods’ really help you be healthier and feel better? Good question.

Co-author, Donna Davidson, says, I’m often asked things like, “Can learning how to make chocolate recipes and homemade chocolates from a costlier raw, organic version of chocolate really be so much better for you?” Or, “Can Cacao and other so-called ‘superfoods’ seriously contribute to a low cholesterol diet or help someone trying to achieve weight loss, or battle debilitating health problems?”

Actually, that’s exactly what happened for me. Today, 5 years on from my first tentative superfoods â??experiments’, I’m healthier and feeling better than I had felt for years, in my â??pre-superfoods’ days. And I’m not alone.”

Here are just 3 stories from ordinary people trying out superfoods for themselves:

Annemarie: Nick, my husband, has been using the green smoothie powder and is really noticing the benefits – he is a landscaper so needs the energy – plus he has sinus problems and this has really helped with that as well. Brilliant.

Sigrid: Still going strong with the smoothies and have one most days. Really like them and I think they are helping me cope with the stresses of my current life – very sick husband, work, coping with ten staff, visitors and the rest of the daily grind.

Michele M: I am having a smoothie every morning and my Green Smoothie Shot and the great thing is, I have been able to stop taking the Laxsol tablets that I have had to take for years. I decided to stop taking them straight away because they aren’t life threatening (just uncomfortable if this didn’t work) to see if the Chia seeds and Green Smoothie Shot made any difference immediately. I’m pleased to say it has and I’m (as) â??regular as clock-work’ without medicationâ?¦ wahoo! Now for the extra good news, I have lost 2kgs in just under 2 weeks of using the Chia Seeds, Cacao Powder and Green Smoothie Shot – so the products are obviously cleansing my body well. I’m using all natural 100% pure coconut water in my smoothies and a frozen banana which is awesome. Thank you so much for your recommendations and supplying such great products.

These stories are fairly typical of the feedback we get from people open enough to give superfoods a go. Over the past 5 years, I discovered I have a hidden talent for persuading superfood sceptics to give them a try – by simply relating my own story to them. Almost all reported experiencing the same increased sense of well-being and improved mental acuity that I’d found; while others also gained relief from persistent and debilitating health issues – which I similarly achieved after adding superfoods into my regular diet (not changing anything else in my diet at the time) by the simple means of drinking a delicious green smoothie every morning.

Donna and Kay both agreed that Cacao would be the perfect superfood for book #1 – because everyone loves chocolate right? And healthy, or certainly healthier, ways to enjoy chocolate have got to be a great addition to any chocolate lover’s recipe book collection. So, with Kay cracking the whip and Donna creating, making, baking, eating and perfecting the recipes, this â??Discover Superfood Series #1: 21 Best Cacao Recipes’ was born.

Kay says,”Just try some of these wonderful Cacao (natural organic chocolate) recipes for yourself and I think you’ll love them as much as we do! Enjoyed in moderation, (for sadly, you can even eat too much raw organic chocolate) these 21 best cacao recipes will be a lot healthier and better for you than the sugar and chemical-filled, commercial chocolate products at your local supermarket.

This book (and the rest of the Discover Superfoods Series to come) is designed to be an easy introduction to superfoods; simple recipes, easy to make, absolutely delicious. If you downloaded this book you are either a â??superfoods newbie’ or an existing fan looking for some new ideas. Either way this book is perfect for you.

Secrets From The Podium: True Musical ‘Happenings’. While conducting orchestras – Worldwide

by Gary Daverne

A captivating and intriguing insight into the joys, the mishaps and the very real â??Happenings’ that surround symphony orchestras, performance groups and musical theatre. All told by a man with a lifetime onstage, offstage and occasionally even under the stage.

Maestro Gary Daverne ONZM tells us so many of the delightful stories, precarious events and just hilarious moments encountered over many decades of his life at the top (and sometimes nearer the bottom) of his chosen field.
(See below for Gary’s “Pirates of the Caribbean” Youtube video with over 11 million views)

Gary’s artistic brilliance, musical talent and composing genius, along with conducting, directing, arranging and producing skills have earned him worldwide renown and admiration. To the extent that, in 1996, he was appointed an Officer of The New Zealand Order of Merit. An honour bestowed by Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II, the Queen of England.

This wonderfully entertaining collection of interludes and anecdotes come from areas such as: Musical theatre – TV shows – National Day celebrations – Military Tattoos – Symphony orchestras – Operatic performances – Massed Choirs – Accordion orchestras – Grand scale outdoor concerts – Theme parks – Recording sessions – School musical productions (choirs and orchestras) – Radio broadcasts – Brass bands – and as Adjudicator for many international musical competitions and festivals.

Gary has shared his talent (and gathered these wonderful stories) in so many exotic locations: New Zealand (Gary’s home country), Australia, Fiji Islands, China, Singapore, Hong Kong, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Turkey, Hawaii and extensively across mainland USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Indonesia, Portugal, France, Malaysia, South Korea, Taiwan, Brazil.

See Gary on YouTube
Pirates of the Caribbean (Auckland Symphony Orchestra) 1080p
(over 11 million views and growing)

This heartwarming and fascinating collection of episodes will thrill music and theatre fans, as well as those just wanting a wonderful read and background look behind the scenes in the amazing world of music that is such a big part of all our lives.

HOW TO ANALYZE PEOPLE: BODY LANGUAGE: At First Sight, Advanced Techniques for Reading Body Language & Non-Verbal Communication (Psychology Reading People Social Skills NonVerbal Communication)

by Scott Colter

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Learn how to deliver the best first impression possible and have a great influence on others.
Discover what the most common everyday body moves and habits mean and interpret feelings, thoughts and intentions accurately.

Stand Out From The Crowd-Get One Step Ahead In Every Relationship!
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This special gift will teach you the most effective methods to lose fat fast and enjoy a healthful life.

Take Advantage Of This Mind-Blowing Book And Architecture Your Life With Ease!

  • The basics of body language separated in 5 easy to understand categories
  • How to improve your non-verbal communication skills and become easier to understand
  • The easiest way to make a good first impression and start your relationships in the right way
  • How to better understand smaller signals that most of the people ignore
  • Much, Much More!

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Draw Animals: 2 in 1 Draw Cats and Horses (12 Animal Drawings in a Step by Step Process)

by Justin Dublin

An easy step-by-step guide to learning pencil drawing techniques.
It’s a lot simpler than you think to draw beautiful, realistic animals. In this simple, easy-to-follow manual, you’ll see all the steps the artist made to draw cats and horses that look like photographs. Enhance the artist in you and become more knowledgeable about drawing realistic cats and dogs, following a step-by-step method that gives you insights, tips, and mandatory techniques. Read about:

Understanding when to use an HB or a 3B pencil.

The best way to smudge, draw hair, whiskers, and make a cats and horses come alive.

Contrasts, shades, and faces, as well as some of the most difficult aspects of drawing cats and horses.

The difference between simple shadows and complicated ones, and how to identify areas.

Fun and smart ways to create beautiful cat hair, eyes, noses, and ears that resemble real life.

And much more!

So hold your horsesâ?¦ or don’t, actually, and look at this thing right now if you want to learn how to draw realistic cats and horses!

The Story Engine: An entrepreneur’s guide to content strategy and brand storytelling without spending all day writing

by Kyle Gray

Every entrepreneur has a story to tell, whether they’re running seven-figure startups or small personal brands. Your story is the most powerful asset you have at your disposal. It can cut through the noise and connect you with your customers. Content marketing is one of the most affordable and powerful digital marketing tools available to tell your story at scale.

Maybe you’ve considered content marketing to tell your story, but instead of opportunity, you see setbacks. Creating content takes a lot of time and energy. How is it that some entrepreneurs can produce tons of content, run a business, and still have time to relax with their kids at the end of the day?

The Story Engine provides you with a clear, concise, and actionable strategy to reap the benefits of inbound marketing. Inside you’ll learn:

– How to set yourself up for content marketing success early, and how to avoid common pitfalls
– Content strategy for both B2B and B2C businesses
– How to use content as an influencer marketing and relationship building tool
– Simple metrics to understand how your content is performing
– How to use brand storytelling and transparency to drive growth for your business
– Simple guides to use SEO, email automation, and paid traffic to support your content strategy and convert visitors into customers
– How to automate and delegate time-consuming parts of creation, and still feel secure knowing that your content fits your unique brand. All without breaking your budget.

This book also includes easy-to-use content marketing templates to help you take action right away and to get the results you want. Available free at

Knife Self-Defense: How To Defend Yourself Against A Knife Attack: (Self Defense, Situational Survival)

by Tommy Jones

Getting Your FREE Bonus

Download this book, read it to the end and see “BONUS: Your FREE Gift” chapter after the conclusion.

Knife Self-Defense

How To Defend Yourself Against A Knife Attack

We live in tough times, and it can seem like there are threats around just about every corner. How can we escape? How can we get away? Well, the truth is, we can’t always get away from threats that engage us. Sometimes we just have to be prepared to take a stand. And one of the best preparations in self defense that allows us to take that stand, also happens to be one of the oldest known to man; the knife.

This instrument of self preservation and defense has been with humanity for thousands of years. And it is still second to none when you are in tight situation. Knives range from heavy steel, smooth stone, to light wood daggers. You can take them anywhere, and you can even put them in your pocket. This book discusses the type of knives you can buy, create, and acquire, as well as how you can use them to save your life!

In this book you will learn how to:

  • Craft your own knife
  • Knife maintenance
  • Basic defense
  • And more!

Download your E book “Knife Self-Defense: How To Defend Yourself Against A Knife Attack” by scrolling up and clicking “Buy Now with 1-Click” button!

THE HISTORY OF THE DEVIL (The Political and the Religious Aspects – Devil’s Role in the History of Civilization): Complemented with the Biography of the Author

by Daniel Defoe

The Political History of the Devil is a philosophical and historical work in which Defoe explores the role of the Devil in the history of civilization. It may be said that his view on this topic is that of an 18th-century Presbyterian – he blames the Devil for the Crusades and sees him as close to Europe’s Catholic powers. General scholarly opinion is that Defoe really did think of the Devil as a participant in world history. He spends some time discussing Milton’s Paradise Lost and explaining why he considers it inaccurate. Daniel Defoe (1660-1731) was an English trader, writer, journalist, pamphleteer, and spy, most famous for his novel Robinson Crusoe. Defoe is noted for being one of the earliest proponents of the novel, as he helped to popularize the form in Britain with others such as Samuel Richardson, and is among the founders of the English novel. He was a prolific and versatile writer, producing more than five hundred books, pamphlets, and journals on various topics, including politics, crime, religion, marriage, psychology, and the supernatural.

How to Rank your Website to Top #1 in Search Engine in Just 10 minutes: The Ultimate list of Google Ranking Factors

by David Henry

Search on how to rank your content to top #1 in Google search Engine with keyword searchers that are in your niche here is the right book to solve that problem within just 10 minutes. As a new SEO writer you should know that Google has ranking factors,i.e the algorithms for ranking of contents in the search Engine, many SEO writers today don’t know the ranking factors that is why they find it difficult to rank high in the search engine, I want to unveil the secret of how the most rank blogger got there get this book if you want your contents, Blog posts and articles to rank high. few months ago I stumble across a post by Brian Dean which he titled Google’s 200 Ranking factors which he explain each one that he mention, but I will show you the application of the most important once, you have being looking for a way to rank high in search engine and as a result of that you have being buying many book to read on how to rank your site but still not tangible result of success, here is the solution to your problem all you need now is for you to take a cup of coffee enjoy yourself while reading.

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