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Darling Nellie Gray: Benjamin Hanby Fights the Civil War with a Song (Civil War Profiles Book 1)

by Randy McNutt

Benjamin Russel Hanby, a college student from Westerville, Ohio, never dreamed that he would write what one reporter later described as “the ‘Uncle Tom’s Cabin’ of songs.” But he did. It was “Darling Nelly Gray,” and it helped show the nation the evils of slavery in the years leading up to the Civil War. Like the book, the song helped sway Northern public opinion against slavery. People enjoyed the sad song so much that even Southerners sang it. It was the story of a slave named Joseph Selby, who fell in love with another slave, Nelly Gray. They were to be married, but on the day before their wedding her plantation owner sold her. Selby never saw her again. But he longed for her, and even while escaping from Kentucky on the Underground Railroad he thought of her. The song’s composer would go on to write more songs about love, temperance, and freedom, but none were as big as “Nelly Gray,” except for one. It was all but unknown at publication, but later it developed into a perennial Christmas favorite, “Up on the Housetop.” Hanby is one of our Civil War Profiles. The series is aimed at entering while informing you about the more obscure, everyday people who contributed to the war effort, on both Union and Confederate sides.

OMG Cancer

by Caroline Fernandez

OMG Cancer is the heartwarming, tear jerking and often funny journey through life, love, cancer and loss.

From cancer at 17, married at 22, widowed at 23 and re-married at 27. This is Caroline s crazy whirlwind adventure.

Intervista a Jussi Adler-Olsen: e tutti i casi della Sezione Q (Italian Edition)

by Jussi Adler-Olsen

ESCLUSIVA EBOOK: l’intervista all’autore danese di maggior successo e gli estratti di tutti i casi della SEZIONE Q finora pubblicati: “La donna in gabbia”, “Battuta di caccia”, “Il messaggio nella bottiglia”… ne diventerete totalmente dipendenti!

Jussi Adler-Olsen, prima di dedicarsi alla scrittura, ha svolto i lavori più vari: redattore di riviste e fumetti, coordinatore del movimento per la pace danese, caporedattore di settimanali e trasmissioni televisive. Con la serie della Sezione Q guidata da Carl Mørck ha ottenuto un grandissimo successo di critica e pubblico, vendendo milioni di copie nel mondo.

Death Becomes Us

by Pamela Skjolsvik

Almost everyone with a pulse fears death, but not everyone fears life. With crippling social anxiety, I feared both. But after an accidental call to a funeral home during my mid-life crisis trip to grad school, I reluctantly embarked on a journey to explore professions that dealt with death in order to come to terms with my own mortality. The result of this quirky trip is Death Becomes Us, a humorous memoir about what happens when a middle-aged, anxiety-filled, life-avoider attempts to investigate the last taboo of American culture. And lives to tell the tale.

“This is death “lite” and it’s an enjoyable, fun read, full of hilarious, touching and telling details as well as vividly depicted scenes and characters who literally jump off the page, regardless of their mortal status.” Judge, 24th Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards

“This book will grab you from the first sentence, and hold you to the end, and along the way, Skjolsvik teaches us something on practically every page.”
David R. Dow, Cullen Professor, University of Houston Law Center and author of Things I’ve Learned from Dying

“An evocative and insightful exploration of the neglected reality of death in American Society.Gently humorous and heartfelt.”
Sister Helen Prejean, Author of Dead Man Walking

Norman Mailer: The Last Romantic

by Carl Rollyson

Norman Mailer: The Last Romantic gets at the sources of Mailer’s obsession with violence, whilst also portraying a major literary figure in the making.

From his fabulous debut war novel,The Naked and the Dead to his final bid for literary fame,The Castle in the Forest, a brooding foray into 20th century evil, Rollyson reveals all.

Born to Isaac â??Barney’ Mailer, a Lithuanian-Jewish immigrant from South Africa, and his wife Fanny on 31st January, 1923, Mailer was already showing signs of greatness at the tender age of six.

Impressing his teachers, his mother soon realised that Mailer had great prospects; only helped by the fact that he was a good-looking boy with a personality that drew people to him.

From an early age, Mailer was comfortable talking about all manner of topics and his underlying obsession with violence and sex merged into his personal life.

Married many times, Mailer was unable to keep his desires at bay and had a total of nine children from all his marriages, though his relationships with women were not limited to his wivesâ?¦

Norman Mailer: The Last Romanticshows the great Norman Mailer in an entirely new and focused light, revealing all the trials and tribulations of his life and the successes of his many works.

Praise for Carl Rollyson

â??Meticulous narrative’ – New York Times Book Review

â??Recommended for both lay readers and scholars’ – Library Journal

Carl Rollyson is a writer whose biographies include Beautiful Exile: The Life of Martha Gellhorn, Lillian Hellman: Her Life and Legendand Marie Curie: Honesty in Science.A well-known scholar of biography, he has also published Reading Biography, Essays in Biography, Lives of the Novelists,and British Biography: A Reader.

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