Free horror Kindle books for 16 May 17

There Just Went Woody Rutledge (The Healing Art of the Wicked Series: Book 1)

by Noah Archer

WESTERN/ACTION/ROMANCE/CHILLER/SUSPENSE: After being marooned by a typhoon in the Philippine Sea, a missionary’s young son (Woodrow Rutledge) and a slave child (Kat Scott), are rescued and raised as equals by the head of one of Japan’s most notorious crime syndicates. The boys are schooled in the martial arts, weaponry and the ways of the SamuraiĆ¢??before abruptly and inexplicably being thrust into a new life in the American Old West. Sent to live with a family in Abilene, Texas, the boys’ talents and penchant for trouble begin to become apparent almost immediately upon arrival in the Americas, where they get caught up defending runaway slaves, from the bloodthirsty and murderous ways of professional runaway bounty hunters.
Hunted for aiding and abetting runaways and for the alleged attempted murder of a Federal Judge, they are forced to flee Texas and find a way to prove their innocence. Their exploits have earned them the reputation of two of the baddest young outlaws alive, causing every scoundrel, hoodlum and bounty hunter in the deep-south to come calling. Holding onto their own higher moral code of right and wrong, Woody and Kat ignite the fury of some of the West’s most notorious gunslingers in this tale of love, sacrifice, and death. The pair find themselves the prey of two of the most formidable and corrupt Federal Marshalls in the West. Dwayne “Gray” Mantis, known for his impossibly short-tempered nature, and the most ruthless of all federal marshals, Malakai Jones. To ensure the timely capture of the famous young guns, they team up with the vile British gunslinger and living legend, William “Buckshot” Buckner, a man with no soul.
The Marshals, Buckshot and every other bounty hunter in The Old West find that they will stop at nothing to bring Woody and Kat, now America’s most wanted fugitives, to “so-called” justice. Join them all, in this Stephen King meets Louie L’Amour tale, as they gain the respect and love of the people while enraging the unscrupulous soldiers of justice. Ride along on this adventurous journey, and find out why the people whisper, “there just went Woody Rutledge.”

Dead on the Water: Abandon Ship (Zombie Cruise)

by RWK Clark

The Harringtons are busy preparing for one of their vacations aboard a Cruise ship, complete with a visit to Belize for shopping and fun. But this cruise will be like no other before it, not for the Harringtons or anyone else on board. In Belize a borderline-mad scientist has crossed the line with his experiments, and now a lab-created virus has infected lab rats in a back-alley lab, turning them into the undead; he carelessly tosses out the casualties of his experiments. Regrettably a stray dog foraging for food in the alley, winds up dining on some genetically altered rats, and the meal changes him for the worst. Unfortunately, little Ariana Harrington is bitten by the infected dog while shopping in Belize, and soon, she is back on board and out to sea. Before long, the child has turned into a flesh-eating zombie, and she spreads the infection fast. Now the ship is in the middle of the ocean, helpless, and it is being overrun with the undead, with the exception of some who are fighting for their lives to make it back to shore. But the captain is a zombie, too, and he is able to think, reason, and plan. Unfortunately, his plan is to make it to land, but for far worse reasons.

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