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Two Ways

by Brady Ison

Two Ways: A Steamy Menage Gay Romance+ Bonus Books

Jacob Benton
I know that it’s wrong. I can’t help myself.
Hank is a kind and gentle soul. He fills my heart with joy. That man has a body that I will never forget.
Hank has been gone for two years overseas serving his country with distinction.
I’ve fallen for his older brother Kenneth.
I wouldn’t give it up for the world. He makes me happy. The one thing missing is the one that got away.
Hank is coming home. He has this hold over me. I can’t explain it. Just one look and I know that I will fall into his arms. I have to stop it from happening.

Hank Killian
I left him thinking that I would forget about him. I felt that I was destined to live in my brother’s shadow.
I had to do this for me and not for anybody else.
Coming home isn’t easy. I’ve heard of how Kenneth and Jacob have gotten to know each other intimately. I want to be the bigger man.
I want to give them my blessing and show that there are no hard feelings.
It all changes when I see him.
I want Jacob. I ache for him like I have with no other man. I always thought that what we had was unhealthy. I understand that he has moved on. I can’t let it go.
I know that he has feelings for me.
I can see it in his eyes.
I only need to rekindle the flame to make it burn brightly. I can’t help the way that I feel.
It’s a betrayal of my brother’s trust. That first kiss is going to be my downfall

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is a stand-alone story with an HEA, so no cliff-hangers! This story contains explicit love scenes and is intended for 18+ readers only.

CONTENT NOTE: This is a short story that may be read in under 2 hours. This book also includes an extra 5+ hours of bonus stories for your enjoyment.

The Book of Nocera (Part One)

by Luke Raven

Alex and Lincoln’s collaborative book, Nocera, is told from the perspective of two extraordinary heroes that are everything the siblings aspire to be. Their make-believe land consists of magic, gorlacs, giants, horriks, and mystical cities that stretch the bounds of imagination. That’s why never in their wildest dreams would they have expected to find themselves trapped inside their fantasy world; let alone in the shoes of their own characters.
The siblings must uncover two things: what’s causing their peculiar imprisonment in their fantasy world, and how the heck do they get themselves out of thereĆ¢??alive.

Tempt (The Tease Series Book 3)

by Alexis Anne

One heartbeat.
That’s all that separates us from the life we’ve known and everything that could change it.

One kiss.
Was all it took to change mine.

Theo was rich and handsome, brilliant and powerful, but he wasn’t a hero or a prince charming. And let’s be honest, I wasn’t exactly a damsel in distress. I wanted Theo, so I took him. Hard and passionately without any regard for the consequences.

At first it was just sex. Wild sex. Fantastic sex. But once wasn’t enough and I got greedy. In all fairness, so did he. One thing led to another and before either of us knew what was happening our lives were tangled up and messy. Inextricably linked. I’d fallen in love with a stranger.

And that was the problem.

Theo Sutherland was a man with a dark past and a price on his head. My life was at stake just for being with him.

One kiss was all it took to make me believe in love.

One heartbeat was all it took to turn him into the hero he never thought he’d be.


by Arden Aoide

Sometimes you want comfort food.
Sometimes you want to sink your teeth into a bone-in rare rib-eye with no utensils.
Sometimes those things are the same thing.
This is for you.

Features Dahlia and Want Not.

Crisp white shirt.
Fluorescent glare from his watch as he adjusts his tie.
He looks smart. He might be. Whoever he is.
But it’s the guy behind him on his knees plugging in a vintage IBM who is the smart one.
Like, really smart. If he wasn’t, they wouldn’t call him so much to fix what they can’t.
Did I mention he’s a genius?
He drives a sensible car. He’s nice to his sister. He can look after himself.
But even with poor impulse control and severe ADHD, he worships me.

Want Not
From the womb, you are owned.
Want Not pulls you into the patriarchal society of secessionist Texas. It’s hopeless from the first sentence.
It’s Shula Kelley’s wedding day, and there’s only one way she will allow it to end.
There’s only one thing she can control.
But first acts of rebellion leave the future uncertain.
Once her veil is lifted, her path detours, for better or worse, but one she can live with for now.
But how can she truly love when she only knows obedience?
How will she stay safe when the enemy is much more sinister than an oppressive government?

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