Free science fiction Kindle books for 16 May 17

Gone World: Book One

by Bilal Ham

Days of hell have fallen upon the earth. Everything from pollution to an overwhelming number of natural disasters can accept blame for the planet’s demise. Only the strong have survived, and a line has been drawn separating those lucky enough to persevere. They have either become wicked past the point of return, or have become despondent about going on any further.

Jaden Lorel has come to one conclusion. Everything is gone. There are no safe havens anymore, only darkness to fill his souls and despair to keep him company. To think something could have survived is unfathomable to most. But when he comes across information about a stable location, he must put aside his doubts and fears in order to find a way to live again.

You may think “ah something like this will never happen”, but take this story into account. Who knows, one day you could be in the same predicament. Find what you love in this world and hold onto it, because one day it might be gone.

The Hidden Monastery: Novella 1 in The Last Prophecy Series (0.5)

by E. J. Dawson

Captain Katarina Salisbury of the airship the Iron Lady, and propaganda tool for the Illisian government, has been given a very simple assignment; to go and rescue villagers threatened with avalanches in the far southern Drezusk Mountains.
With unwelcome nobles on her vessel, diminishing part of her fame and good press from the venture, she is determined to do her duty and be done with them as quickly as possible.
Except the fall of the first avalanche reveals something beneath the tumbling snow and rock; a hidden monastery of a dead religion, never seen before this far south on the Illisian continent.
It’s stone doors are opened to reveal a secret, one that had been lost to time. Kat is drawn to the monastery, finding within it a mystery that will change her life forever. But as the weather worsens, and an unforeseen danger moves in the shadows, she is forced to make choices; for herself and the future of the Iron Lady.

Elevator To The Stars

by J. Stephen Archer

Nikolas Turner is a brilliant tech billionaire who made his fortune selling his estranged father’s ideas to the Pentagon. As stubborn as he is intelligent, he’s used his ingenuity primarily for self-aggrandizing success.

That is, until the day his father died and left him his original designs to the fabled, and impossible-to-build, space elevator.

Believing this could be his chance to create a true legacy and prove that he’s just as brilliant as his father was, he decides to risk everything in this decade long pursuit.

The theorized machine would consist of a platform on Earth, a climber, a tether, and an anchor in geostationary orbit. The sole purpose of the elevator would be to move cargo and crew into space for a fraction of the cost of modern rockets.

If this can be achieved it would be the true beginning of manned space exploration. Everyone says the project is too costly, too dangerous and the necessary materials not yet created.

Inspiring world class engineers and scientists is easy, convincing bureaucracies all over the world that seek to control such an important human endeavor will be a much more formidable task.

Will Nikolas’ charm, wealth and relentless drive be enough to build the largest man-made structure ever created or will he be asked to sacrifice even more?

With his fortune, his family, numerous lives and reputations, as well as the very future of space exploration at stake, he will not only confront the infinite physical dangers of building such a massive structure but also those that see the success of the elevator as a dangerous beacon of hope that could upset the balance of power on Earth.

Absolute Knowledge

by Drew Cordell

My life changed in a matter of minutes. The choices I made led me to a life of crime and caused me to become the worst sort of criminal; I became a traitor to the country of New York. For better or worse, the path my life has taken is irreversible. I’ve killed, I’ve died, and I’ve risked my life in attempt to destroy a society built on over one hundred years of lies and corruption.

My name is Jacob Ashton, and this is my story.

Absolute Knowledge is the first of a cyberpunk science fiction series which takes place in a dark, futuristic New York City set in 2146. The country of New York is divided into three physical tiers and the faceless Government is working to establish Absolute Knowledge.

Working as Thinkers, the citizens of the Slums are paid for their thoughts and given vouchers needed to sustain their cost of living. Since the Government controls almost everything, most citizens are forced to either work as Thinkers or turn to a life of disconnect from society under the harshest of conditions.

In Absolute Knowledge, every thought has a price.

Drew Cordell’s debut novel, Absolute Knowledge, is a new addition to the great cyberpunk sci-fi tradition of William Gibson, Ernest Cline, Bruce Sterling, and John Shirley.

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