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1000 Facts About Countries Vol. 1

by James Egan

In the 1970s, people in Cambodia were killed for wearing glasses.
The legend of King Arthur originated from Wales.
Australia has more camels than any other country on Earth.
Belgians once tried to deliver mail by using cats.
Holocaust denial is illegal in Austria.
Tibet hasn’t been a country for over 60 years.
Turkey is the only country that produces natural black roses.
Oil is cheaper than water in Venezuela.
The world’s oldest book and gold is from Bulgaria.
The most powerful earthquake on record occurred in Chile in 1960.
Dinosaurs were first discovered in Mongolia.
Colombia has the largest and best emeralds in the world.
It’s illegal to fold a newspaper in North Korea.
In Japan, you can hire a handsome man to show up at your office and will then watch sad videos with you until you cry. He will then wipe your tears before leaving.

Los medios de prensa escritos y la relación mantenida con Perón en sus dos primeras presidencias (1943-1955) (Spanish Edition)

by Patricia Perrotta


Travels Into Bokhara : A Voyage up the Indus to Lahore and a Journey to Cabool, Tartary & Persia

by Alexander Burnes

â??The Great Game’ (also referred to as the Tournament of Shadows) is a term used to describe the political and diplomatic confrontation that existed during most of the 19th Century between the British Empire and the Russian Empire centered around Afghanistan and its surrounding regions. The classic Great Game period is generally regarded as running approximately from the Russo-Persian Treaty of 1813 to the Anglo-Russian Convention of 1907, in which nations like the Emirate of Bukhara fell.

Alexander Burnes was a British adventurer and employee of the East India Company during this turbulent era. He spoke Hindi and Persian and was nicknamed Bokhara Burnes for his role in establishing contact with and exploring Bukhara, which made his name. He was rumored to be a spy during the first Afghan War and was knighted by Queen Victoria for his clandestine services during the conflict.

Burnes kept a lively, detailed record of his trail-blazing journey across Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, the Indian sub-continent and beyond which he later published in three volumes to great acclaim, entitled Travels into Bokhara – A Voyage up the Indus to Lahore and a Journey to Cabool, Tartary & Persia.

This new digital edition of Travels into Bokhara – Volume I has an image gallery with illustrations referenced by Burnes, including a plate of the original Buddhas of Bamiyan, the giant Buddha icons dynamited and destroyed by the Taliban in 2001.

Kalenderblatt zum Jahr 1917: Fakten zum Ersten Weltkrieg (Beispiele zum Kriegsersatzgeld und Städtenotgeld an Hand von Münzen 1917 sowie 10 Centime Frankreichs 1917) (German Edition)

by Joachim Bonatz

10 Centimes von Frankreich 1917, Fakten zum Ersten Weltkrieg,
Beispiele zum Kriegsersatzgeld und Städtenotgeld an Hand von Münzen 1917

Old World Cookery, Tipsy Treats from 100 Years Ago (Black Cat Bibliothèque)

by Catrina LaNoir

Fifty deliciously “spirited” desserts and drinks – all genuine antique recipes from the Victorian and Edwardian eras. Includes homemade cordials and ice creams, puddings, punch, sauces and more!

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