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by Russell Stephens

A hilarious reference for anyone unfortunate enough to find themselves trapped with a psycho girlfriend. Stay ahead of the game and navigate your way out of a potential life threatening situation with this useful little book every man should own.

Hamlet (Portuguese Edition)

by William Shakespeare

A peça, passada na Dinamarca, reconta a história de como o Príncipe Hamlet tenta vingar a morte de seu pai Hamlet, o rei, executando seu tio Cláudio, que o envenenou e em seguida tomou o trono casando-se com a mãe de Hamlet. A peça traça um mapa do curso de vida na loucura real e na loucura fingida â?? do sofrimento opressivo à raiva fervorosa â?? e explora temas como a traição, vingança, incesto, corrupção e moralidade.

Poker: How to Play Texas Hold’em Poker: A Beginner’s Guide to Learn How to Play Poker, the Rules, Hands, Table, & Chips

by Steven Hartman

Master Texas Hold’em Poker for Fun and Profit!

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In Texas Hold’em, players compete against each other – not just the dealer (as in other casino games). This popular and exciting game offers many profitable opportunities to smart, savvy, and educated players. Take the plunge and start your Texas Hold’em adventure today!

Poker: How to Play Texas Hold’em Poker will welcome to the poker table with everything you need to win big – from the most basic elements of the game to advanced strategies for increasing your winnings. You’ll find out how to navigate the various seats at the Texas Hold’em poker table, play the game like a pro, and avoid the “never ever” mistakes that trap so many other beginners. In no time, you’ll be winning big, feeling great, and raking in the chips!

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Pokemon Go: The Ultimate Book Guide. Be a Pokemon Master: Pokemon Go Game, Strategy, Tricks, Tips, Secrets from Beginner to Master

by Peter Freeman

ξIt’s time to become a Pokemon Master!ξ


Pokémon go is an insanely popular mobile game with portmanteau of monsters roaming the land. Real tips and tricks are inside. Hurry up to get your copy!

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Free Bonus is Inside. Be the first to discover the untold story of Pikachu!/h2>

Go and look for him to rekindle that friendship by hunting actual creatures as opposed to chasing each other. Who knows, together you may just be headed your way to conquering the Pokémon world.


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False Icons and Sacred Cows

by Nathan Allen

Fr. Arthur Gerdtz is on a mission from God. His church is fighting for relevance in the modern world. Attendances are dwindling, atheism is on the rise, and Instagram celebrities are bigger than Jesus. This veteran priest is in grave danger of losing his religion.

Until he decides to introduce some Old Testament values to the twenty-first century.

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