Free science fiction Kindle books for 17 May 17

Ultrix: Hero Mandate: Operant Swine (Tandem Recruiters Book 1)

by Michael Sales

A superpowered mutant learns of his heroic mandate from an advanced alien race and begins to listen to COAPs – Computer Oriented Angelic Personifications. Advanced alien beings have slated a mutant, Jetmond Thadius Sky (AKA The Camel), to be a space alien mediator to the first-ever alien visitor to Earth. He’ll leg wrestle with the visitor to determine if there will be visa fees. The thirty-something-year-old quad core mutant has a 3rd lung for breathing underwater, a nuclear core for super-human strength, pronounced bone spurs that protect his joints, and he can withstand extremely hot and cold temperatures. It’s a rush against time to get their operant swine (OS) his designations. His girl friend Duke is a badass. Foiling robbers, following recruitment protocols, and eliminating a terrorist bomber are just prerequisites. Army duck canvas and falling janitors from space; it’s all up by noon and available at standard retail. Ultrix is book one of “Tandem Recruiters” series. Book two, Grizzly Fond, is available. Book three, Hot Sport, is to be released.

Lucifer’s Odyssey (Primal Patterns Book 1)

by Rex Jameson

What if Earth was not the only planet Jehovah cared about? What if humanity was not the only intelligent race that Jehovah had created? What if the war between angels and demons had a much more ancient history that spanned three universes and many billions of light years of space?

The Lucifer’s Fall trilogy of the Primal Patterns series is the story of the most celebrated demon warrior and king in history, and the birth of a moral and intellectual renaissance in the Chaos Universe. The first book, “Lucifer’s Odyssey”, traces the demon prince Lucifer from his imprisonment by Jehovah on Earth to the betrayal of his parents in Chaos and a shaky alliance with the Elven people. Filled with irreverent humor and fast paced action, Lucifer’s Odyssey beckons you to take a journey through space and time into a story where elven technology meets the ruthlessness of the demon race and the potential of Jehovah’s great creations.

“Lucifer’s Odyssey” is the first book of the Lucifer’s Fall trilogy, and book one in the Primal Patterns series. Book three “Shadows of Our Fathers” is set for release in May of 2017.

This Sixth Edition of Lucifer’s Odyssey includes a bonus chapter at the end that expands on the Primal Patterns story.

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