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by Astrid Lee Donovan

Take a chance and get ready for a hot ride!

After Claire’s friend, Marie, talks her into checking out the opening of a hot new club, she finds herself receiving attention from a sexy, sophisticated gentleman. He was mysterious, hot and unlike anyone she’d ever met. She’d never gone home with a complete stranger before. Could she go through with it?

This story is an 8,000 word novelette and this eBook contains bonus stories for your enjoyment.

WARNING : This eBook contains super hot and explicit scenes that are not appropriate for all readers! ADULTS ONLY! Discretion is advised.

President Lincoln’s Other War

by Alicia Connolly-Lohr

In the summer of 1862, President Lincoln nears the breaking point, anguishing over the thousands of Civil War casualties. The Union keeps losing battles. President Lincoln’s young son, Willie has died in the White House. Mrs. Lincoln’s mourning has grown to practically intolerable. Robert Lincoln rails against returning to Harvard rather than serving in the Army. Amidst this collection of disasters, comes yet another: news of brutal Sioux Indian attacks against Minnesota whites. There is killing, stealing, burning, kidnapping, and outrages committed against thousands of settlers along a two-hundred mile stretch of towns. Lincoln appoints a general to attend to matters out there but he makes a mess of it. Weeks later, Lincoln discovers military commissions are underway and death sentences are being handed out. Everyone is calling for swift justice by hanging Indians. Lincoln takes control and undertakes a sober, legal review of the records of the shabby trials. He is lambasted in the press. The reader walks with Lincoln as he tries to decide what do to about these trials and whether to commute the death sentences. He is caught between triggering further bloody conflicts and appeasing the demands for prairie justice. Lincoln struggles politically, legally, morally, philosophically and personally. Tempered by his desperate need to joke to provide himself relief, this work of fiction (based on true events) shows how the most admired President in our history worked through a vexing problem. How can he deliver justice? You will be fascinated to learn of the incredible realities of the Sioux Uprising of 1862. You will admire and love Lincoln, the brilliant and lonely, complex, funny and sometimes ill-tempered, a loving and patient yet troubled husband, a nation’s father.

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