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The Mindful Vegan: 2 Books in 1! Create peace in your inner world and outter world. Get Rid Of Stress In Your Life By Staying In The Moment & 30 Days of Vegan Recipes and Meal Plans

by Robert Norman

2 books in 1! Create Peace on the inside and out!

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Are you curious about the vegan lifestyle? Do want to take care of your body – and the planet? Would you like to get healthy and build an attractive vegan body?

If so, you must read Vegan: 30 Days of Vegan Recipes and Meal Plans for Increasing Your Health and Energy! You’ll discover why you should go vegan NOW – and how to make this incredible diet work for you!

Book 2

“Mindfulness: Beginners Guide on How to Shut Off Your Brain and Stay in the Moment” is a practical guide on mindfulness that you can use to start using this powerful practice in your life right away. Mindfulness is a valuable skill that can increase your awareness, both of your own self and the world around you. It also can assist you in relieving stress, balancing your emotions, and experiencing better health, happiness, and joy overall. In this simple guide, you will learn exactly how you can start practicing mindfulness right away, and use it to increase your quality of life effortlessly. If you are looking to gain more joy, fulfillment, and satisfaction out of your life, then this book might just be the perfect one for you.

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A Missionary in Manila

by Natalie Vellacott

Natalie Vellacott, a former police officer, set off from England hoping to make a difference as an independent missionary to the Philippines. After a bumpy beginning in Olongapo City, she settled in the nation’s capital Manila becoming quickly immersed in Filipino culture. Attached to an evangelical church in Cubao, she worked with the homeless people for several years.

How do you deal with a landlord who wants immediate access to your dwelling at all hours of the day and night? What to do when a large group of barely clad homeless people are eagerly awaiting a Bible study in the middle of a typhoon? Or when the bus you were hoping to travel on has a list of suspended conductors? Where to turn when an eight months pregnant, homeless lady faces the very real prospect of giving birth in the street? Or when a little beggar girl says that a relative put her in a sack and threw it in the river? Who will win the battle for supremacy, the kitten, the cockroach or the ever- growing numbers of mice that have invaded? And of course, what has happened to the “rugby boys” addicted to solvents?

Find answers to these questions and others as Natalie seeks to bring the Good News of saving hope in Jesus to Manila’s urban poor.

Auras: A Short Step-by-step Guide on How to See, Feel and Use Auras to your Advantage (Chakras, Spiritual Awakening, Mind Reading, Empathy, Fortune Telling, … Telepathy, Psychic Development)

by Steven Nishi

Learn How To See Auras and Use Them To Your Advantage

Have you ever wondered what could be the meaning of this mysterious colors around peoples bodies? Why are they different? And how does it impact a personality of a person?

Imagine you would be able to know who is a good person for you simply by looking at them for a few seconds. Or recognizing if someone you love is ill just by catching a glimpse of a certain color.
How many disappointments and disasters could you prevent if you would know a little bit more about people that surround you?

In this short book I am going to teach you all the basics required for seeing and understanding auras without wasting your time on reading tons of useless information. Everything you need to know delivered quickly and with minimum time consumption.

Here’s what you will learn:

  • Understanding Auras
  • Meditation Techniques
  • Eye Exercises
  • Seeing Your Own Aura
  • Recognizing Auras of Other People
  • Applying Knowledge in a Daily Life

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Exalted Above the Heavens: Meditations On the Greatness of Jesus Christ and the Glory of His Grace

by Joshua Nickel

Five articles about Jesus Christ:

  • how He fits into the universe (by being greater than it)
  • the glory of the age to come
  • the reverence for God that is produced by forgiveness
  • the authority of grace
  • how Christ fulfilled a prophetic pattern from history when He cleansed the temple

Each article takes only a few minutes to read but will give you much to think about.

True Haunted Houses: Lets Go Inside: In Search Of The Worlds Creepiest Houses (Unexplained Phenomena Book 2)

by Hector Z. Gregory

Let’s Go Inside: In Search Of The Worlds Creepiest Houses…

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Haunted houses are scattered across America, some more effective at attracting and retaining spirits than others. The sheer variety of ghosts is stunning – there are malicious spirits, the angry and restless ghosts and the benevolent and even positive apparitions.

Paranormal investigators have used sophisticated equipment to record and understand the ghosts and spirits they found in each haunted house. Despite all that, they are still not sure where they gain their energy or how they function.

The ghosts mentioned in this collection are mostly benevolent and intend no harm to anyone. There are a few spirits that go as far as to be protective and supportive instead of meddling and causing havoc.

Sometimes, the spirits of people who had spent a pleasant lifetime in their house refuse to cross over to the other side and prefer to stay on in their house. Such spirits are spotted and marveled at by experts, visitors, staff and owners.

Here’s A Preview Of What’s In This Book…

  • True Haunted Houses: Tragic Deaths and the Ghosts of Custer House
  • True Haunted Houses: Apparitions in Ann Starrett Mansion
  • True Haunted Houses: Old Pinke House and Its Ghostly Inhabitants
  • True Haunted Houses: Anomalies in Bee Bennett Mansion
  • True Haunted Houses: Kelton House – Where the Family Spirits Still Move Around
  • True Haunted Houses: The Many Ghosts of Brumder Mansion
  • Much, much more!

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A Matter Of Fact I Am: Affirmation: I Was Because I Am

by Kerina F. Murray

I choose to distinguish who I am, to eliminate the identity crisis. Through the word of God His definition of who I am is more important than what the world says.

The King James Bible

by Various Artists

This new digital edition of the complete King James Bible includes a Table of Contents for easy navigation.

Lord, Teach Us to Pray: Learning to Pray Through the Examples in Scripture

by Brady Cook

What would you say if you were given one opportunity to talk to God face to face? Would you tell Him what you think about His world? Would you ask Him for forgiveness for everything you’ve done wrong? Or would you thank Him for sending His Son to die on the cross for our sins? Why not all three?

Everyone of us has thousands of opportunities every day to do just that, and yet sadly, few of us ever take the time to speak to Him. He’s there, waiting for us to talk to Him, but we have other things to take care of first. And when we do decide to cry out to Him, it’s usually rushed – like praying that He would help us ace our next test or to not punch out our coworker who keeps rambling about his new chair. Why do we not take a few minutes every day to calmly talk to the One who gave His Son to die for our sins? Could it be that we don’t know how?

Fortunately the Scriptures are replete with instructions on how to talk to Him. Virtually every major Bible character from Samson to Stephen has something to teach us about prayer, and we would be wise to listen to what they tell us. We should always be like the Apostles, who, after observing how important it was for Jesus to commune with His Father, begged that He would teach them also, saying, “Lord, teach us to pray.”

Wisdom of the Quran

by Mhamed Aboulalaa

The Quran is an exceptional book. It is the holy book of Islam and, most importantly, is considered as the literal words (verbatim) of God and not a human inspired text.
Its content encompasses a wide range of subjects: information about God, arguments about His existence and Unity, the Creation, the evidences for that, moral values, prescription about the relationship of Man to God, messages about human destiny such as the hereafter, life after death.
These subjects are also linked to the questions of the purpose of life, of man’s existence, to which the Quran provides clarifications and answers. The Quran is a book that provides both guidance and moral references to men and senses to life and existence.
It is a highly specific and subtle book in every aspect and it will be shown that the Quran (along with the Prophet Muhammed tradition) is, in fact, a message of wisdom, tolerance and moral improvement for humankind, to all the people.
The purpose of this book is, first to present concisely the main lines of the message and parts of the wisdom contained in the Quran, and second to provide an introduction that helps for an exhaustive reading of the Text.

Releasing His Presence: And other sermon notes

by Angel Santiago

This book containing as series of my sermon notes from which I have preached both during my Pastoral time and my travels around the world’ It is my desire that these thoughts will be a blessing to the reader

Meditation for Beginners: Easy Techniques to Relieve Stress, Depression and Anxiety and Increase Inner Peace and Motivation for Life (Mindfulness Book 2)

by Scott Henderson

Some 80% of the Most Successful People in the World Practice Daily Mediation or Mindfulness. Follow Proven Methods and Simple, Step-By-Step Guidelines to Improve your Motivation and Happiness, and Reduce Stress, Depression and Anxiety Today!

Does it feel like you’re being overwhelmed with all the tasks and activities you have to attend to in your life? How can anyone keep up in the fast-paced society of ours? The last thing that you’d be wanting to do is relax and slow down when there’s so much going on.

But this is exactly what you should do. In this title, you’ll find out why, how and when it’s best to settle your thoughts, and come out stronger with crystal clarity and well-being. Meditation is especially effective if you’re dealing with depression, anxiety or chronic stress. It can increase your inner peace and motivation for life’s every task.

Here’s A Preview Of What You’ll Learn

  • Why Meditation Is Important
  • What Meditation Assists With
  • Proving Its Effectiveness
  • The Steps To Meditative Practices
  • Long-Term Meditative Success Tips
  • And Much, Much More!

It’s never too late to learn and to take action! This book contains no filler, no unnecessary stories or long-winded case studies; simply an explanation and methods to succeed. For the price of a chocolate bar, you can gain and apply this knowledge today.

The LILOE Devotional: A Thirty Day Journey of Living in Light of Eternity

by Derek A. Nicksich

LILOE is a brand-new devotional from first-time author Derek A. Nicksich, and a call to every Christian today for radical life change. Living in light of eternity matters because what we think about tomorrow affects how we live today.

Thirty days of biblical truth, insight, and inspiration will bring a life-changing opportunity for you to experience the LILOE lifestyle God calls Christians to.

Each devotional gives the reader a LILOE topic with a Scripture verse and thought to focus on. In addition, an action item encourages each reader to put their newfound LILOE principles into practice today.

LILOE is an insightful and practical devotional that is a perfect daily read for any believer, new or old.

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