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Water Survival Guide: 20 Lessons How To Harvest, Treat, and Store Your Most Vital Resource

by Micheal Clemens

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Water Survival Guide: (FREE Bonus Included)

20 lessons how to harvest, treat and store your most vital resource!

This book is about the perfect way to store water at your place for need in emergency situations. This book contains 20 lessons as to how to store and treat water as it is your most vital resource.

Life is incomplete without water as it is the most basic necessity of a human being. You should keep a great amount of water in store at your place so that you do not face problem at the time of emergency.

This book mentions 20 most helpful lessons on how to store water, purify it, sources of water, types of storage and many other helpful tips which will help you in collecting and storing water to a great level.

This book will give you a lot of information on the secret ways how to preserve water, the types of filters used and each and every kind of minor details regarding the storage of water have been mentioned.

It is important to be ready for emergency situations and this book mentions in detail how to cope up in emergency situations. It even mentions what one should do when they get stranded in the sea and how to deal with whales and sharks.

Get this book as fast as you can as these tips will help you in a great deal. If ever you go for camping, or buy a house in the outskirts of the city or go to a new place or even if you live in your usual place these tips and lessons will help you in a great deal.

Water is needed in our everyday chores and for drinking and eating. We must have a plenty amount of water and if ever we face a shortage of water these 20 lessons in this book will help us to a great level.

This book mentions the following chapters regarding the harvesting, treating and storage of water. It mentions the following chapters:

  • How to get water when stranded at the sea
  • General preparation of water storage when disasters are unavoidable
  • Storing water by the DIY method
  • Short term and long term water storage tips
  • Sourcing and collecting water

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