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Big Bad Bite (Big Bad Bite Series Book 1)

by Jessie Lane

The first book in the best-selling Big Bad Bite Series!

What would it be like to live in a world where you were considered abnormal even to those who were above the norm?

Jenna O’Conner is not human, nor is she considered the norm for the supernatural Other community. It’s important she hide her true nature from both humans and Others.

Right after moving to a new city, Jenna runs into trouble in the form of a deadly, mouthwatering man named Adam McPhee. He’s an alpha werewolf determined to do two things: figure out exactly what Jenna is and have her all to himself.

As if that weren’t enough for Jenna to deal with, a group of extremist Shifters who consider humans to be cattle and who think that factions of Others should stay within their own species–never to intermingle–come to town. Jenna has to find a way to shut them down, but in the process of trying to do that, she discovers things about herself that even she had never thought were possible.
Who said the wolf was what you had to worry about?
Welcome to the real world–the Other world.

Contains mature themes.

“If you like funny paranormal romance with crazy but endearing characters, Big Bad Bite will be for you.”
– Swept Away By Romance

The Dark of Twilight (Twilight Shifters Book 1)

by Kate Danley

Half a kingdom turns into wolves at night and half during the day, but one girl does not shift and she must save them all. Aein wanted to be a soldier in Lord Arnkell’s army since she was a child. When that day finally comes and she is sent to patrol the border’s swamp with fellow warrior, Lars, it seems like her dream has come true.

But something follows her home.

When Lord Arnkell’s wedding is interrupted by a werewolf attack, the dream shifts into a nightmare… and Aein is the only one awake.

Book One in the Twilight Shifters series.

Cruise Into Eden (The Eden Series Book 1)

by Lexi Post

After eleven years of forced abstinence, Sci-fi television employee and IT geek Erin Danielson, boards a nude cruise in the hopes of finally getting lucky. It seems her luck has changed when two handsome men with ripped bodies, enticing accents, and hearts of gold invite her into their stateroom. But if this erotic ménage seems too good to be true, then�

Nassic Wild and Wareson Night hail from the planet Eden, where women are scarce, and their mission is simpleâ??meet the woman they’ve been waiting for the last eleven years, bond with her and take her home. At first all goes according to plan as they pleasure her with their bodies and their special abilities. But when their best intentions lead to the worst results they lose her, along with their hearts.

Now they must find a way to woo her back or return to Eden with no hope for the future.

Pulse of Love (Snow-Kissed Love Book 6)

by Violet Vaughn

Megan Donovan’s days of freedom as a ski bum are numbered. Spending time on the slopes in Colorado was her last ditch effort to sow her wild oats before becoming the next CEO of her family’s lucrative and high-profile business in New York. But Megan never planned on falling in love, and she knows the adventurous and sexy Nick Merrill was cut out for the fun and carefree ways of Colorado–not the suffocating life of boardrooms and business meetings. 

Nick Merill has the woman he wants, forever. The trouble is every time he suggests they take their relationship a step further Megan balks at the idea of commitment. But after three years, Nick isn’t willing to wait any longer. When he discovers the real reason she won’t say yes, Nick must convince her they’re worth the ride…

Three Wishes (a romantic comedy)

by Stephanie Bond

THREE WISHES is a laugh-out-loud romantic comedy!
Be careful what you wish for…

A lowly antiques dealer who’s in love with the governor’s girlfriend unleashes a genie from a lamp and unwittingly wishes himself into a hole the size of the Grand Canyon!  A riotous contemporary twist on a classic tale. 
Praise for THREE WISHES:

“Wondrous…Love mixes with laughter to create joyous reading for romance connoisseurs.” –Romantic Times Book Reviews

“A wonderful rendition of the old magic lamp story.” –Affaire de Coeur

“A delicious fairy tale filled with warm, sweet, and desirable characters.” –Rendezvous

Feeling down? A little blue? 
THREE WISHES is a guaranteed pick-me-up!

Other romances for you by bestselling author Stephanie Bond:

LICENSE TO THRILL–She trusts him with her life, but can she trust him with her body?
–A man and a woman conspire to stop their parents from getting married, and wind up falling in love with each other!
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Bestie: Joker’s Wrath MC

by Bella Jewel

**This book can be read as a standalone**

The universe works in mysterious ways.

Well, it did for me, anyway.

It was like it knew that I needed him.

It put him in my life during a time I honestly thought I couldn’t go on.

He was broken. I was broken.

We only had one thing to offer each other – friendship.

A true, deep, incredible friendship.

Laughter fixed us.

Talking bonded us.

He quickly became my everything.

This is our story.

I can’t promise it’s always perfect.

It might make you laugh. It might make you cry. It might even make you love.

It’s real.

It’s us. Besties.

**Contains Adult Themes – This book can be read as a standalone**

Over the Bed – 30 Stories of Explicit Encounters

by Jeze Jamstaff

Yes… right there!

30 story collection for your pleasure…

Igniting Andrew (Tarnished Saints Series Book 11)

by Elizabeth Rose

Book 11

(Each book in the series can be read alone.) The Taylor Twelve: Sons of a preacher but far from saints. These men are nothing but trouble!

Andrew Taylor is used to putting out fires, but is not used to the sparks igniting between him and Christina Goldstone. He’s delivered the girl’s baby just weeks ago in an emergency situation, and has grown very fond of the child she’s named after him. But Andrew isn’t ready to settle down, even if it means giving up his inheritance. Plus, he would never even consider marrying Christina since his younger brother, Nate, has just married Christina’s mother.

Christina is a twenty-year-old widow with a three week old baby and a new business. She’s moved to the little town of Sweet Water to start her life over, but no one told her it was going to be so hard. As she tries to juggle the responsibilities of being a single mother and owning a flower shop, she’s constantly watching the sexy firefighter, Andrew Taylor, across the town square as he trains his brothers to be volunteer firefighters for the small town. He’s great with her baby, but when it comes to her, it’s a different story. He’s sworn to be an eternal bachelor, but has no qualms in telling her how to live her life or raise her baby.

Can a woman who is trying to plan her future, ignite the flames of passion in a man who only wants to live day to day and concentrate on nothing but his job? Or will a burning desire for each other start a fire between them so hot that not even the most skilled of firefighters would dare try to put out the flame?

Warden (Book 1: Wendigo Fever)

by Kevin Hardman

Part lawman, part tracker and part magician, the Wardens are monster-hunters – tasked with protecting the people from the various, nightmarish creatures that have invaded the world of men. However, despite being descended from a long line of Wardens, 16-year-old Errol Magnus believes it to be the absolute worst job on the planet: How could a single occupation simultaneously be the most boring, abominably stupid and extraordinarily dangerous profession imaginable?

But when his older brother Tom – the current Warden for their region – goes missing, Errol has no choice but to enter the Badlands, where monsters abide in mind-boggling numbers, to find him. During his search, Errol crosses paths with – and finds himself stalked by – the legendary Wendigo, a monster with preternatural strength and speed, as well as enhanced senses of sight, smell and hearingâ?¦and an insatiable hunger for human flesh.

Now Errol must do the impossible and not only escape from the monster (something no one has ever done before), but also avoid the unearthly legacy it leaves on all its victims – a terrifying curse known as Wendigo Fever.

Possessed by You (Torn Book 1)

by J.M. Walker

***Contains mature content. Not for a younger reader audience***

Releasing control is reliefâ?¦

I was warned about men like Brett Maclean.

He was dark and thrilling, intense and controlling. And he captivated me from the very start. He unleashed something inside of me like no other. His bad rep and troubled past drew me to him like gasoline feeding a flame.

With just one taste, I felt the danger in him, the uncontrollable power that left me breathless. The passion consumed me. Fast and hard.

Temptation couldn’t guard my heart. I should have known a man of such raw and wild desires came with competition.

Island Promise: Prologue: The Beginning (Catica Island Inspired Romance Book 0)

by Sandra E. Sinclair

Island Promise – Prologue book: The Beginning

Island Promise is a 13K novella and the prologue book that will tie together this pioneering beach romance series. Where 6 awesome authors skillfully weave across genres to bring the reader’s 11 fantastic island stories. Each book entwined with Catica Island, for the romance collection of the millennium.

These books will be released one book a week throughout the summer. From 16 June 2016 until 25 August 2016.

Ethan Shamsi, an autistic savant with the Midas touch, and Hasana Bennett, a sharp witted, cutthroat business woman, are the most unlikely pair you will ever meet. Thrown together through circumstances, they are forced to make the best of a bad situation, each finding the other somewhat infuriating. Yet they must find a way to work together to continue the smooth running of Catica Island, a place full of romance, new beginnings, and second chances.

However, both Ethan and Hasana have been burnt by love, which has affected their views on finding true love. Ethan still believes true love exists, he just hasn’t found it yet whereas Hasana is cynical and has sworn off love. Nevertheless, they must sell the fantasy to the tourists that come to the island.

Is it possible these two poorly matched characters can pull it off, when they do nothing but fight?

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