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The Pink Bears Go To The Farm: The Pink Bears Book 5

by Buddy Bookslayr

The Pink Bears (Olivia and Molly) are back with another silly and fun adventure at the farm. The Pink Bears books are colorful picture books for kids- great for bedtime reading, learning to read and learning to count. The Pink Bears Go To The Farm features fun animals to identify (cow, sheep, chickens, monkey)- and of course pink bears!

The Mouse And Her Moodiness ï¼?Picture Books For Kidsï¼?

by Adelina hill

In the bakery on main street lived a mouse .
The little girl her mother and father worked hard baking bread and cakes all day long .
She was too lazy to help them and too selfish to think about other people….
Let’s see what happen …….

The Perfect Birthday

by Celestine Greene

This book is dedicated to all the pet owners whose pets have bought great joy and love to their hearts. A perfect birthday for 10-year-old Annie was inspired by a true story. Annie is a dreamer and a bright student in school. She is very helpful and responsible for many chores at home. Any was day dreaming on one rainy morning before her birthday. Annie’s mother suggested a trip to the mall so that Annie could get some ideas for a birthday present.

The Book of Legend (Prophecies of Fate 1)

by T J Mayhew

What happens when you discover the life you know isn’t the life you are destined to lead?

Life has never been easy for sixteen year old Cai Freeman; being a foster kid of new-age parents has made him an easy target for bullies and he longs to escape.

During a chance trip to Stonehenge, he makes a shocking discoveryâ?¦ one that takes him to a world of legend; a world he never even knew existed. There, his true identity is revealed and it isn’t long before he is forced to make a life-changing decision.

But, as Cai soon finds out, every choice has a price, and this one puts him in grave danger as he comes face-to-face with his destiny and an evil that comes from within his own familyâ?¦

THE BOOK OF LEGEND is the first instalment in the Prophecies of Fate series, perfect for fans of Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, the Falling Kingdoms series and The Inheritance Cycle. If you like your books to be page-turners featuring noble knights, mysterious prophecies, sword and sorcery as well as a healthy dose of humour, friendship and adventure, then this is the book for youâ?¦

Buy THE BOOK OF LEGEND today and join Cai as he grapples with his newfound life!

Greyson Gray: Rubicon (The Greyson Gray Series Book 4)

by B.C. Tweedt

When the world grows more dangerous, so must its heroes.

The epic adventure described as “perfect reading,” a “high-octane thrill fest,” and “just basic fun,” is cranking the action dial up to full-throttle. Rubicon releases Greyson in a tumultuous America rocked by real, relevant issues it faces today. With the daring and endearing energy you’ve come to expect, Greyson dives head-first into a battle to save U.S. Will he do it? Or will secession tear the country apart? Find out now!
The startling events of Deadfall force the government’s heavy hand – prompting it to enact a harsh new law to rid the country of Pluribus. 

Meanwhile, Greyson and his weary friends retreat to Colorado with the paramilitary group, Rubicon. It isn’t long, though, until Sydney and Nick are called on a mission, leaving Greyson with no choice but to patiently recover and train, ready to take on Pluribus whenever he may be called. 

A year passes, and the country is still suffering from the fallout of the new law, with divided neighborhoods, nationwide protests, and renewed threats of secession. Even worse, Pluribus and its new Wolf teams have worked under the radar on a bold, crippling attack that they hope will send the country over the brink, spiraling to unavoidable civil war. 

When Rubicon finally calls Greyson to mission, he must wield new ammunition and work with friends across the country – both old and new – to face the incredible threat. In a frenzy of explosions, deadly drones, and dazzling new technology, Greyson fights the terrorists in urban streets, snow-covered mountains, and towering skyscrapers in pulse pounding action that challenges Greyson to his core. 

Parents continue to herald this series for its unwavering commitment to the theme – fighting for what is good and right – no matter the costs. While the truth is sometimes hidden, Greyson searches for it, fights for it, and holds onto what he has. His faithfulness to Sydney and his friends is unparalleled, even in adversity. Kids of all ages love the ceaseless humor, the gritty action, and the mystery that grows deeper and more sinister with each new book. Who can Greyson trust? Will he prevent a new civil war? Keep reading…

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Wicked Strange

by Steve Burt

2015 New England Book Festival Award for Best Anthology. Here are 13 Twilight-Zone-like weird tales set in New England, from Bram Stoker Award winner Steve Burt. Excerpted from the author’s Stories to Chill the Heart series of 39 stories: Odd Lot (Benjamin Franklin Award winner), Even Odder (Bram Stoker Nominee), Oddest Yet (Bram Stoker winner), Wicked Odd (Ippy Award). Also available in audiobook and ebook.

Where’d That Rabbit Go? A Game of Concentration: Early Childhood Education

by C Ingram ECE

Young children often have problems learning to concentrate. This book will help to develop your child’s ability to focus. The sooner the child learns the art of focusing, the better he/she will do in school. This easy yet effective game of concentration keeps the child’s mind on one thing, that’s finding and counting the rabbits. Mr. Rabbit is hiding in different places and children must pay close attention in order to identify and count each rabbit. Parent participation recommended. approiate for Early Childhood Education and First Grade. Skills: Word recognition, Cognitive skills, Concentration skills, Improves confidence. Scroll up and grab a copy today.

THE SECRETS OF WOMEN: Know everything

by RAJ Kumar

Overall, everyone should know that women deserve respect and should be respected. If women perform their duty honestly, then men should also take care of them. If women are not respected by anyone then they should not be insulted too. There should be a positive thinking of society towards women. God has made the women very lovingly. This beautiful creation made by God needs love. A woman passes all her life in the service of her husband, children and family without any selfishness, hence the duty of one husband, children and family is to make the woman take care of her and give her love.

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