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Broken Arrow (A Danny Sanchez Thriller Book 3)

by Matthew Pritchard

The discovery of a disinterred corpse at one of Andalusia’s Spaghetti Western theme parks catapults investigative reporter
Danny Sanchez into a story with potentially earth-shattering consequencesâ?¦

Initially set on the trail of a brutal killer who burns his first victim alive, Danny soon begins to realise that much more lies behind the killer’s actions than the work of a madman.

He soon starts to question whether the man he is chasing is, after all, the true villain.

As Danny pokes and prods in his quest to get the documents and interviews he needs to prove his story, he unsettles a number of powerful people who would much rather see him dead than let the public know the devastating truth of what’s happening in the urbanisation of Bellavista.

This places not only his own life at risk, but that of his photographer friend and colleague, Paco Pino, and even his girlfriend, Marsha.

Yet even this fails to deter him from his quest to reveal the truth about a corporate cover-up that endangers the lives of thousandsâ?¦

Based on a real-life accident in which the American Air Force dropped three H-bombs onto southern Spain in 1966, contaminating substantial swathes of arable land with highly dangerous plutonium dust, Broken Arrowkeeps its readers guessing until the end as Danny races to uncover the story that others are willing to kill to keep hiddenâ?¦

Praise for Broken Arrow

â??Fast paced and compelling. VERDICT: 5/5′ â?? JC, Daily Express

â??A very enjoyable tale of murder and mayhem and piercingly accurate in its portrayal of Brits abroad, in this case, Spain.’ â??Peter Thornton, The Sun

â??Pritchard paces the narrative nicely, and convivial tapas bars, mass unemployment, corrupt bureaucrats, forgotten migrants and petty thugs form an entertaining, vivid backdrop to the lurid crimes and determined clue-gathering.’ â??James Smart, Guardian

â??If you’re looking for a great plot, engaging characters, fast pace and a completely different read to the norm, then make sure you get it on your Christmas list â?? you won’t be disappointed.’ â??Steph Roundsmith, Meanstreets

Matthew Pritchard was born and raised in Hampshire, England. He worked as a journalist in Spain for ten years, writing mainly for the ex-pat press and UK nationals. Together with his father and uncle, he has amassed a sizeable collection of WW2 memoirs and memorabilia contemporary to the period. Writing crime fiction allows him to explore society and human interaction that interest him in a recognisable world.

Touch Me Bad Boy: a Dark Romance (Montorini Crime Family)

by Claire St. Rose

He forced me into this marriage.
My life was turned upside down the day I was told I had to marry Lorenzo Montorini–the heir of the Montorini crime family.
A man with a NEED for control. A NEED for an heir.
And I was going to be the mother of that child.

They say no one’s happier than a bride on her wedding day.
They lied.

Oh, I smiled through it all but inside, I wanted to scream.
I never asked to be married. Especially not to Lorenzo Montorini.

I don’t care that he’s got a smile to die for.
I don’t care that his body is tempting me to touch him.
I don’t care that our marriage is the only thing keeping our families from war.
All I wanted was to scream no. To take my own life back.

But when the priest asked if I will take this man to be my husband.
The only words that came out were “I do.”

And from the moment Lorenzo slipped the ring on my finger, I knew.
There was no way he would ever let me go.

Touch Me Bad Boy is a full-length, standalone romance novel with steamy hot sex, strong language, a happily ever after ending, and NO CLIFFHANGERS.

The Death – Cold Heart

by Paul Q



An epic story that features a character called Marianne Harris who was sent to uncover the murder of a famous Russian actress on the infamous “unsinkable” ship: the RMS Titanic. On a voyage full of suspense, mystery, betrayal, and romance, Marianne will not only learn what it’s like to fall in love, but also that everything comes with a price. Russian actress Elena Novikov was the impeccable celebrity everyone coveted when the clock struck midnight on the first day of 1912. However, when her body is found lifeless in her hotel room right before she’s to leave for America, it’s up to a certain nobody to crack the mysterious life of Elena for good. Marianne Harris is a British investigative journalist who longs for her career to prosper. When she attends Elena’s funeral, she becomes determined to figure out what really happened, and to inform people worldwide who this ghostly Elena Novikov was by digging into her past.

This chapter goes into details on thrilling events that will send cold shivers down your spine, For the longest time the only thing Marianne could hear was her rapid breath and pounding heart in her ears, but then something else came up into her ears; either it was from paranoia or the white corridors echoing it off from someplace else, there was a frightful giggle that sent a frigid shiver down Marianne’s spine. Bouts of a foggy vapour and black soot hid the depth of the grand place, but to Marianne it looked like it extended on forever. Men, coal dust and shining sweat covering their clothes and skin, worked laboriously at every tall, ghastly boiler. Shovelling, wiping brows, and huffing were the only three things the men working at the stations could do. Through the billows of smoke and steam, there was a person draped in black creeping past the hundreds of workers manning the ship’s beating heart.

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