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Why AutoHotkey?: How Free AutoHotkey Adds Power to Your Windows PC and Provides You Important Brain Food (AutoHotkey Tips and Tricks Book 8)

by Jack Dunning

Why AutoHotkey? is not a “how-to” book. There are plenty of other resources both in books and on the Web for that. Rather, I offer this book as a “why-to” which may stimulate you to discover how much easier AutoHotkey can make your computing life. Many of the examples offered here show and discuss some AutoHotkey code, but they are not intended as tutorialsâ??although people comfortable with scripting will find it easy to pick up the language. (Tip for Beginners: Start with Hotkeys and Hotstrings. They are easy to add to your PC and give you instant results.)

This book only scratches the surface of what AutoHotkey can do. Many of its capabilities, such as Windows file and folder manipulation, don’t appear in this book. The depth of the capabilities of this free Windows utility language makes it impossible to include many useful applications. However, with just a little investigation, you will find much more information on the Web sparking many additional ideas for how you can use AutoHotkey. I suggest my “Free AutoHotkey Scripts and Apps for Learning Script Writing and Generating Ideas” page and the scripts page on the main AutoHotkey site.

I’ve broken up Why AutoHotkey? by occupation. As examples and a way to show various applications for AutoHotkey, each chapter covers one or more field of endeavor where AutoHotkey can offer assistance. By no means a complete list of occupations or possible uses for AutoHotkey, the book offers insight into AutoHotkey techniques and apps which can improve your professional (and personal) Windows computing life. However, AutoHotkey is not limited to the script I highlight here. Far from it, providing the power of most other programming languages, the free Windows scripting language is only limited by your own imagination.

– Why AutoHotkey for Learning to Program? Windows Programming Made Easy
Never programmed before? You’ll find no better language for learning than AutoHotkey! Plus, it may save your intellect from precipitous decline.

– Why AutoHotkey for Writers, Bloggers, and Editors?
If you write or edit for a living (or fun) and use a Windows computer (most people do), then you should use the free AutoHotkey software.

– Why AutoHotkey for Artists and Graphic Designers?
While using AutoHotkey with Windows makes sense for most professions, it’s not so obvious for artists and graphic designers.

– Why AutoHotkey for Poets?
Erstwhile multifarious poets optated for quill and parchment. Forthwith, AutoHotkey propounds the furtherance of lyrical ruminations on Windows computers.

– Why AutoHotkey for Chefs and Dieticians?
While you don’t often see television chefs using computers, AutoHotkey offers guidance when cooking “Jack Stuffed Cheeseburgers” at home.

– Why AutoHotkey for Grandparents?
Remember all your grand kid’s birthdays and their ages! There’s no limit to the number of ways you can amuse your grandchildren with AutoHotkey. Plus, the free software gives your brain a much-needed workout!

– Why AutoHotkey for Students?
Ten reasons why every student should use the free AutoHotkey Windows tools! AutoHotkey helps you so much academically that you’ll think you’re cheating! Plus, it’s delicious brain food and helps get you a job!

– Why AutoHotkey for Teachers and Educators?
If you and your students have access to Windows computers, then you’re set! If not, wellâ?¦

– Why AutoHotkey for Engineers and Scientists?
While Writing AutoHotkey scripts should be no problem for most engineers and scientist, many might be surprised by how much the free language offers in Windows tools.

– Why AutoHotkey for Internet Trolls?
If You plan on being one of the most annoying people on the web, why not make it easy on yourself?

If, after reading this book, you don’t come to the conclusion that you should make AutoHotkey part of your computing life, then you don’t use a Windows computer.

Plan de área educación motriz y lúdica: Programa de 0° a 11° (Planeación Motricidad y Lúdica) (Spanish Edition)

by Brian Gonzalo Suárez Acevedo

El programa de educación motriz y lúdica ofrece una propuesta curricular para transformar el área de Educación Física, Recreación y Deporte, teniendo en cuenta la realidad del contexto Mundial y Nacional. Diseñando y estructurando contenidos variados, dinámicos y motivacionales para estudiantes que cada día son más sedentarios y que dedican más tiempo de pantalla en computadores, celulares, tabletas y videojuegos, además tienen hábitos y estilos de vida no saludables, por lo tanto, son más propensos a enfermedades crónicas no transmisibles como la obesidad y la diabetes.
Se proponen contenidos que tienen en cuenta la maduración y desarrollo de estudiantes desde el preescolar, básica primaria, básica secundaria hasta la media técnica, llevando un proceso de lo fácil a lo difícil.
Esta propuesta es un material guía para la construcción del plan de área de Educación física, Recreación y Deporte desde las dimensiones de la motricidad y la lúdica para cada grado. Para no incurrir en errores de planeación, metodología y aplicación de cargas de trabajo para el desarrollo de habilidades motrices, capacidades coordinativas y físicas; siendo un currículo adecuado y acorde a las necesidades, intereses, biotipo y características morfológicas, psicológicas y sociales de nuestros estudiantes.
Este libro se convierte en una estrategia para mejorar y reconocer la importancia de la educación física, respondiendo a las necesidades e intereses de las instituciones educativas, docentes y estudiantes; lo anterior teniendo en cuenta aspectos relevantes del aprendizaje del área como las competencias específicas en Educación Física propuestas por el Ministerio de Educación Nacional en el documento “Orientaciones pedagógicas para la educación física” (Rodríguez, Pachón, Chinchilla, & Morales, 2010), que implica que nuestros educandos sean competentes en lo motriz, axiológico y expresivo corporal para el cuidado y la preservación de las condiciones vitales del individuo, en concordancia con el entorno social y natural. Desde esta perspectiva, el desarrollo de competencias supone realizar prácticas de actividad física, lúdicas, deportivas, expresivo corporales, como medios para alcanzar la meta educativa de formar en hábitos y estilos saludable para toda la vida. Se ofrece una información flexible, coherente y accesible a los docentes para trabajar una educación con altos estándares de calidad.

The Guessing Game: Book 1

by Ea Eon

The Guessing Game Book 1 encourages the child to be a detective! With the clues they will deduct what is happening in the book. In Book 1, it is something that we are building. After they find out what we are building, they are taken through all the steps of the actual construction. Here there is a lot of room for discussion as they are learning the structure of actually making something or doing something.

This is the first book of many in the series so please follow me on Amazon or on twitter for updates on my new books!â??

Urdu Beginners Guide: Start Speaking Urdu Phrases With English Pronunciations Learn Urdu Quickly (Teach Yourself Learn Urdu Book 1)

by Syed Rizvi

Urdu is a Turkish word, it mean battalion. Urdu language driven from different languages including, Arabic, Persian, Sanskrit and Turkish. Primarily Urdu is influenced from Arabic and Persian. Urdu written scripture almost same as Arabic and Persian scripture. Urdu written scripture start from right to left opposite of English. Urdu scripture so similar to Arabic and Farsi, that if one can read and write Urdu he also can read and write Arabic and Farsi. Beside from reading and writing Urdu spoken language is very different from Arabic and Persian.
You can learn frequently used Urdu phrases with pronunciation from this book. This Book contains four chapters including, greetings and common conversation, bazar conversation, direction conversation, and food conversation. Each translation contain an indication about different types of phrase like: formal, information and genders.
Chapter number 1 is about greeting and common conversation, where one can learn greetings with elders, informal greeting, formal conversation and general conversation.
Chapter number 2 is all about bazar conversation. You can learn how to ask price, count numbers and bargaining sentences. Bargaining is part of India and Pakistan shopping experience. Never agree on first price try as much possible to lower the price.
In chapter number 3 you can learn about travel chat. You can learn directions questions and answers. You can learn traveling with gender specific questions and answers.
In chapter number 4 You can learn about food conversation with gender pacific questions. Learn to ask about vegetarian food. Answers can be used from combination from first chapter where answers are defined how to answer with simple “yes” and “no”.

Understanding Mental Health Disorders: Symptoms, Causes & Treatment: A Quick Guide to Mental Health Disorders

by National CPR Foundation


Volume 1

This book is your common-sense guide for understanding Mental Health Disorders.
This book is useful for therapists, counselors, psychologists, educators, the community and young adults.

Understanding Mental Health Disorders will better equip you in your everyday life as much as better help those in need. From Symptoms to Causes and Treatmentâ??Mental Health Disorders are a part of our everyday life.

Purchase your book today and receive a savings inside!

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FRENCH – GENERAL KNOWLEDGE WORKOUT #1: A new way to learn French

by Clic-books Digital Media


What? This ebook is a 100% bilingual. It is in the form of a series of general knowledge quizzes, with each question in French then in English (plus the answers!). If you are learning French, it’s an entertaining way to practice your language skills.
Simply â??click’ through each question at your own pace, trying to understand as much as you can. Because the text is fully bilingual (French-English), you will always have the help you need to improve and consolidate your knowledge of French grammar and vocabulary. It’s like having a personal French tutor at your side as you read!

Why? Because people have busy lives, and developing your reading skills in a second language is difficult and time-consuming. Clic-books are about little and often. Whenever you have a few minutes free, practice your French in a relaxed and convenient way, building your knowledge of grammar and vocabulary quickly and effectively using fully bilingual texts.

How? Clic-books present you with very short examples of French language, normally one or two sentences at a time. By clicking to the next page you see the same text, in English. As you work through the questions watch how quickly your French reading skills improve!

Read more about Clicbooks at: or join our mailing list.

FAQs about Clic-books

Are clic-books a language-learning methodology? No. Clic-books are not a â??miracle method’ or even a â??method’. They’re a just an entertaining way to spend a little spare time reinforcing and adding to your understanding of the language.

At what speed should I work through the texts? At whatever speed suits you. Reading slowly and carefully will allow you to try and understand every word and construction; moving faster will help you to read fluently for meaning, even when certain words or constructions are not understood entirely.

But I don’t understand all the language in the examples. When you read a newspaper or magazine in English you probably don’t understand everything either. Part of the skill of understanding a foreign language is the ability to extract meaning even when your comprehension is not 100%.

Are the translations here completely literal? They are as close as we could get while keeping to normal, standard language. So use the translations into Spanish as a guide for comprehension, not as an explanation of grammatical structures.

I sometimes find myself focussing on the general knowledge questions, and not paying attention to the language used. Good! A language is a means to communication, so if you can work through these examples of English and forget that they are a way of practicing your English, that’s great.

Does this series use the same questions as the other language-learning series by Clic-books? Yes, SABER Y APRENDER (the series for Spanish speakers learning English) and GENERAL KNOWLEDGE WORKOUT (the series for English speakers learning Spanish) contain the same questions. Hence, don’t buy books from more than one series.

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