Free science fiction Kindle books for 19 May 17

Bad Shadou (The Immortal Elle Trilogy Book 1)

by Capulet Poehner

After five thousand years, alien visitor Shadou fails to do his one job: guarding a dark entity buried deep within Mt. Rainier. When the entity escapes, it’s up to Elle, a teenage girl who has cryptic powers of her own, to help clean up Shadou’s catastrophic mess. Elle and a small band of human and alien survivors must battle overwhelming forces and unravel the mystery of how to destroy the most powerful being in the universe.

Ego (Psycho Book 1)

by Alice Payne

Although Iron-Wave appears to be the world’s most secure prison, the reality is harsher. A cold-war bunker turned into a high security psychiatric hospital, it is cut off from the rest of the world, it’s cruel and outdated practices and common malpractice hidden from the eyes of the public. Nobody but patients, who never leave, and staff, sworn to secrecy, enters its walls. Until now. Aaron Sharpe, an escape artist, is planning an astonishing stunt to revitalize his career. But when it all goes wrong and he is confused for a patient, he is left on his own to break out. After all, can he really count on certifiably insane, dangerous criminals to help him?

But he is soon to discover that the boundaries between sanity and insanity, between what we know and what we do not, and between what is right and what is wrong, are not so clear.

Permanent Ink: Deadwalkers (Zombie Outbreak)

by RWK Clark

Aspen Stationers’ Supply has just developed a new product that is sure to save them from bankruptcy: A beautiful, holographic ink that’s sure to be a hit with the kids, and just in time for the coming school year. There’s only one problem: Aspen is keeping a secret. In the lab, this ink when wet has turned the rats into something indescribable: Cannibalistic monsters that are driven by the need to eat raw flesh. Knowing this, the company rushes the product onto the market, and kids buy them up with a vengeance. Soon, horror breaks out all over, with zombies taking over different areas and different towns. Single mother Kathy Olson and her son, Brian, along with their neighbors didn’t know what hit them when Brian’s best friend Caleb brought him one of Aspen Stationers’ new Lumiosa pens. But unfortunately, it took only a couple of days for the รข??pen fever’ to spread like wildfire. Once Brian was infected with the deadly ink, the rest of Monte Vista didn’t stand a chance. Brian attacked his mother, they both infected their neighbor Paige Daugherty, and the three of them managed to violently pull Max Fisher into their deranged fold. By the time the upcoming school year was set to begin Monday, the only people who could be found in the school were the residents of Monte Vista who had barricaded themselves in to save their own lives, adults and children alike.

The Slip: Season 1: Episode 3

by Herschel K. Stroganoff

When the news of the Yao murders reaches the heart of the Solar System’s political power, Lunar’s leader pushes through new legislation legalising the use of ballistic weapons.
Unaware of his leader’s plans, Lunar Vice Secretary Hayao Kurosawa strikes out and finds himself sentenced to death.
With a young child and wife, Hayao must work out a way to save himself or be released from an airlock onto Lunar’s deadly surface.
This is third episode of Herschel K. Stroganoff’s thrilling space opera series, The Slip.
If you enjoy political intrigue and story spanning the Solar System, buy The Slip today.

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