Free fantasy Kindle books for 20 May 17

Stolen Chaos: An Urban Fantasy Novel (The Cardkeeper Chronicles Book 1)

by A. C. Nicholls

For twenty-eight years, Keira Poe has defended Chicago against creatures of the night. Armed with an array of magic weapons known as ‘magicards’, she is always eager to show trouble to the door. But when one of those cards is stolen by a ruthless mage, there’s nothing she won’t do to get it back.

In order to succeed, Keira – along with her cowardly, middle-aged faery – must follow the trail of carnage. Stopping for a battle at every turn, any hope of locating the thief only gets slimmer… until she meets Jason; the handsome shifter with a chip on his shoulder, and the only help she will get.

The war between the monsters grows greater than ever. Caught in the middle of it all, Keira must pick a side and stick with it, or risk losing her magic forever, along with anything the mage chooses to destroy.

“The first novel in The Cardkeeper Chronicles, STOLEN CHAOS shows off brutal magic, milk-obsessed vampires, and a refreshingly conscious kick-ass heroine.”

Twilight’s End

by Alec Hutson

From the author of The Crimson Queen comes a new tale of sorcery and adventure . . .

After a few years spent exploring the shadowy underworld of the Silken Cities, Vessa and Del Amoth have returned to the rich and exotic port of Malakesh. But all is not as it seems in the City of Broken Spires, and soon the two rogues become unwitting pieces in a game they cannot comprehend . . .

A novelette-length story (15,000 words)

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