Free horror Kindle books for 20 May 17

Miss Lucy’s Ghost: Ghost? or Angel?: Volume 1 (Jamey Hart Murder Adventures)

by Jimmy Beard

A wealthy Southern diamond broker discovers an affair involving his wife and best friend. He carefully plots and carries out their murders. Despite the best effort of the local detective, he uses power and intimidation to halt the investigation. He appears to be above the law, until eighteen year old Jamey Hart moves to town, and begins to cause trouble. He is visited by a ghost, or maybe an angel. He’s not sure which Miss Lucy is, but he knows she is real. He follows her lead on adventures and must rely on her supernatural powers for protection from the killer, who discovers his identity and would prefer him dead. Add a romance or two and t’s the early sixties again in a small SC. Low-country town. This is the first of the Jamey Hart Series.

The Case of the Nixen

by Indy McDaniel

Private investigator Nicholas Rampart travels to Fell Island to help track down a serial murderer who leaves their victims drowned. The first strange thing about the crimes is that the victims’ bodies are found nowhere near the water. And that’s only the start…

Mr. Montgomery (Love Has A Taste Stories by John Stephen Walsh)

by John Stephen Walsh

5000 word short story.

A troubled boy becomes a troubled man as he recalls the strange old guy down the street who seems to move through time and space at will. He confronts the reality of his odd neighbor, and a surreal nightmare begins.


6000 WORDS

99 Writing Exercises for Horror Writers (99 Writing Prompts Book 1)

by Beth Jones

Horror writers have a difficult task.

We have to scare our readers without alienating them. We have to make our readers feel, even through the pages, gripping fear. We have to make them care about our characters. We have to make them afraid. We have to terrify them. We have to scare them but we have to make it believable, even when it isn’t.

Sometimes, this is one of the most difficult parts about being a writer.
If you’re a horror writer, or you want to become a horror writer, this book is for you.

Filled with writing prompts, ideas, story settings, and even sample sentences, this book will get you started on the road to scary writing.

Whether you want to write about monsters, ghosts, vampires, zombies, or something completely different, writing prompts will help get you started on your journey.

Complete one a day or even one a week. You may find that you burn through a couple in one afternoon if the mood really strikes you. A writing prompt isn’t designed to stifle your creativity or to take the thinking out of writing – it’s designed to help you feel even more creative than you already do.

Whether you have writer’s block or you just aren’t sure how to get your story started, this book is for you.

Best of luck.

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