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Ketogenic Cookbook: Quick And Easy Ketogenic Diet Recipes For Fasting

by Tom Prescott

Be Happier and Healthier Starting Today!

Are You Tired of Feeling Out Of Shape?

Want to Start A Diet That Will Allow You to Change Your Life Forever?

This Ketogenic Cookbook: Quick And Easy Ketogenic Diet Recipes you can easily prepare is an excellent guide to those who want to lose weight and get slim over the small period of time.

In today’s world where one’s figure is the first thing that represents him or her, one should take care extra care of it not only because of the impression that it leaves on others but also because of the sake of having healthy and quality wise excellent life.

We will get into detail in the book but for now take a general look on what this book offers:

  • Ketogenic diet and its unlimited benefits
  • Ketogenic diet recipes: For the breakfast
  • Ketogenic diet recipes: For the lunch time
  • Ketogenic diet recipes: For dinner
  • Ketogenic diet recipes: For dinner

Get the jumpstart to a newer you and a better life by grabbing this book.

Chakra Meditation: The Path to Achieving Stress Relief and Tranquillity (Healing and Awakening Book 2)

by Bryce Bronson

Chakras are metaphysical energy centres that control our physical and mental states. When the chakras are imbalanced, we feel disconnected and unaligned emotionally, physically, with ourselves, and with others around us. In order to increase your energy, abolish bad habits, improve your relationships and live an over all tranquil and stress reduced life, the chakras need to be balanced and unblocked. This is done through chakra meditation.

Chakra Meditation promotes the importance of balancing the chakras through meditation, and how to achieve true peace and freedom. This eBook includes:
– Simple daily mantras to achieve stress relief and balanced chakras
– How to balance each of the seven chakras and why it is important
– The benefits of chakra meditation
– And much more!

Are you tired of feeling out of alignment with yourself and the world around you? Are you searching for true freedom, peace, and a stress reduced life? Download your copy today!

Homemaking Made Easy: Book Bundle 4-6 (Homemaking Made Easy(bundle) 2)

by Penelope Hoyt

Are you ready to get organized?

Save $2.00 off the retail price by purchasing Penelope Hoyt’s Homemaking Made Easy bundle back. This includes books 4-6 in the series:
Prepping Your Home for the Holidays
Teaching Your Kids About Chores
Getting Organized in an Hour a Day


Prepping Your Home for the Holidays

Prepping Your Home for the Holidays is designed to give you the tools you need to survive the holidays with grace. Whether you’re hosting a small gathering with just a few friends or you’re going to be having your entire family over, it’s time to start getting ready, and this book is going to show you how.

Teaching Your Kids About Chores

Parenting isn’t easy.

Neither is learning how to help your kids grow up.

One of the most valuable things a parent can do is to help their child learn about chores. Chores aren’t just about a child having to do something boring. Teaching your child about chores means instilling a sense of responsibility within your child, it means helping your child learn how to become more independent, and it means guiding your child toward an adulthood of self-sufficiency.

If you’ve been wondering how you can help your child learn about chores without being overbearing or mean, this is the book for you.

Getting Organized in an Hour a Day

Maintaining a home isn’t easy.

Decluttering one is even harder.

It’s no secret that today’s moms and dads are busier than ever. After a long day at work, it’s not surprisingly that housework tends to be the last item on the list.

All that is about to change.

Getting Organized in an Hour a Day is your go-to guide for decluttering, organizing, and downsizing your home in just one hour each day. You’ll find tips and tricks for beginners and experienced homemakers alike designed to help you transform your house in just one week.

Friday Night Cooking: Delicious and Fast Meals for Friday Nights

by BookSumo Press

Recipes ONLY for Fridays Night.

Make Fridays Night your favorite night. With these delicious and easy recipes. Friday nights are a time for fun meals to celebrate the coming weekend.

Here is a preview of some fun meals for Friday nights:

  • Chicken, Crab & Veggie Spring Rolls
  • Classical Pad Thai Noodles I
  • Easy Hummus Thai Style
  • Beef and Broccoli I
  • Authentic Fried Rice
  • Spareribs
  • Authentic Fried Rice II
  • Pepper Steak
  • Egg Foo Yung
  • Easy Chinese Ribs
  • Authentic Meatball Sub
  • Authentic Calamari
  • much much more….

Again remember these recipes are unique so be ready to try some new things. Also remember that the style of cooking used in this cookbook is effortless. So even though the recipes will be unique and great tasting, creating them will take minimal effort!

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A Guide to the Food Addiction Intensive: Dr. Joan Ifland’s Intensive program

by Julie Bennett

‘A Guide to the Food Addiction Intensive’ orients readers to a remarkable online training program, The Food Addiction Intensive at As the author of the guide, and a member of the Intensive, Julie Bennett gives readers easy instructions on how to start recovery from food addiction. Whether or not you’re joining the Intensive, this book will inspire you to start recovery from food addiction. Instructions are simple, and the recipes are fabulous. Readers will be astonished that they can make easy, inexpensive meals and still recover from food addiction.
Use the Intensive Guide to follow the food addiction recovery food plan set out by Dr. Joan Ifland, PhD.
Join the free Facebook group, Food Addiction Education, to start your journey and get details on the
Food Addiction Intensive. If you are interested in getting more support, join the Intensive. Find the Food Addiction Intensive website at
This program is for you if you have tried diet after diet, lost the weight, only to go off the diet and put it back on? Do you constantly obsess about certain foods, anxiously await meal and snack times, and go out of your way to purchase certain processed foods? It could be that you are a food addict. It’s a term that’s thrown around laughingly to describe someone who is truly in love with food. It’s not a laughing matter though, it’s a very serious addiction. It’s gripping and powerful and obviously one of the most acceptable addictions in our society.
This ‘Guide to the Food Addiction Intensive’, and The Food Addiction Education Facebook Group will help you to understand the forces that are associated with food addiction we face. Scientific studies, back up every food excluded from or included in the food plan. Readers will be glad to know that there is a way to find recovery. Freedom from cravings is a place that some food addicts don’t even know exists.
Peace of mind around food, the ability to make healthy food choices, clarity of thought, reduced obsession with food, improvement of medical conditions, decreased joint and muscle pain, increased energy, and staying on task becomes easier, and focus is sharpened on an unprocessed food plan. All that and more can be found in recovery from food addiction. The information at the Facebook Group, Food Addiction Education is available for free. Dr. Ifland’s ultimate goal is to have every food addict know that there is a way to put this addiction into remission. There is a safe place to go in cyber world, a program which to some, feels like they have finally come home. The Food Addiction Intensive community is centered around healing from this condition with kind words, support and an understanding of what you are going through on a daily basis.
While you conquer food addiction you’ll find recognition, and an affirmation that you are not alone. You will find many kind souls on a journey of recovery similar to yours, you need not walk the path alone anymore. The answers are within the group itself for recovery. Hope to see you there! In the meanwhile, use the ‘Guide to the Food Addiction Intensive’ to see how easy recovery can be.

Mindfulness: The Most Effective Techniques: Connect With Your Inner Self To Reach Your Goals Easily and Peacefully (Positive Psychology Coaching Series Book 0)

by Ian Tuhovsky

Dear friends,

Mindfulness is not about complicated and otherworldly woo-woo spiritual practices. It doesn’t require you to be a part of any religion or a movement.

What mindfulness is about is living a good life (that’s quite practical, right?), and this book is all about deepening your awareness, getting to know yourself, and developing attitudes and mental habits that will make you not only a successful and effective person in life, but a happy and wise one as well.

If you have ever wondered what the mysterious words “mindfulness” means and why would anyone bother, you have just found your (detailed) answer!

This book will provide you with actionable steps and valuable information, all in plain English, so all of your doubts will be soon gone.

In my experience, nothing has proven as simple and yet effective and powerful as the daily practice of mindfulness.

It has helped me become more decisive, disciplined, focused, calm, and just a happier person.

I can come as far as to say that mindfulness has transformed me into a success.

Now, it’s your turn.
There’s nothing to lose, and so much to win!

The payoff is nothing less than transforming your life into its true potential.

What you will learn from this book:

-What exactly does the word “mindfulness” mean, and why should it become an important word in your dictionary?

-How taking as little as five minutes a day to clear your mind might result in steering your life towards great success and becoming a much more fulfilled person? …and how the heck can you “clear your mind” exactly?

-What are the most interesting, effective, and not well-known mindfulness techniques for successthat I personally use to stay on the track and achieve my goals daily while feeling calm and relaxed?

Where to start and how to slowly get into mindfulness to avoid unnecessary confusion?

-What are the scientifically proven profits of a daily mindfulness practice?

How to develop the so-called “Nonjudgmental Awareness” to win with discouragement and negative thoughts, stick to the practice and keep becoming a more focused, calm, disciplined, and peaceful person on a daily basis?

-What are the most common problems experienced by practitioners of mindfulness and meditation, and how to overcome them?

-How to meditate and just how easy can it be?

-What are the most common mistakes people keep doing when trying to get into meditation and mindfulness? How to avoid them?

Real life tested steps to apply mindfulness to everyday life to become happier and much more successful person?

-What is the relation between mindfulness and life success? How to use mindfulness to become much more effective in your life and achieve your goals much easier?

What to do in life when just about everything seems to go wrong?

-How to become a more patient and disciplined person?

Stop existing and start living.
Start changing your life for the better today.

You do not need a Kindle to read this e-book, it’s available for immediate reading with your Amazon virtual cloud reader.
Scroll to the top of the page and click the orange buy button to instantly download this book to your PC, Kindle, Mac, or smartphone!

The Grand Embrace: Why Grandmothers Have the Magical Power to Heal the World

by Mary-Lou Rosengren

If you are already a Grandmother or looking forward to becoming one, do you realize how incredibly important your impact will be on the lives of your grandchildren? You are so much more than a convenient babysitter or the one who gets to spoil them and give them back to their parents.

Today’s grandmothers are healthier, more youthful, more engaged, and living longer than ever before. As women, they also naturally possess the feminine traits of nurturing, kindness, compassion, and acceptance â?? qualities that seem to be diminishing quickly in today’s society.

This generation of Baby Boomer grandmothers is the last to bridge the worlds before and after technology-saturation. As such, they could also be the last to remember when a human connection was more valuable than connections made randomly through social media and online relationships.

Parents are experiencing more stress and pressure to succeed and the negative effects on their children, our grandchildren, is becoming evident. Now is the time for grandmothers to recognize and unlock the great (and magical) power they have as women and as wise and gentle mentors.

In “The Grand Embrace”, Mary-Lou has written a 21st-century guide for grandmothers so that they can be the catalyst for positive change in the lives of their grandchildren through the unique and heart-centred relationship they have with them. This incredible bond of mutual love, acceptance, respect, and gratitude also gives grandmothers the opportunity to live their own lives more authentically, with curiosity, joy, and enthusiasm. To show children that life is meant to be embraced at every age is, possibly, the greatest gift we can leave them.

ã?? As a grandmother becomes more childlike, a child becomes more wise ã??

A Heart Full of Joy: Accessing Your Health & Preventing Heart Disease

by Joia Spinelli

Although it is often said that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, few people live by that principle. The author of A Heart Full of Joy believes that you should take your health into your own hands rather than relying on the American health care system. This new book is divided into five parts aimed at achieving and maintaining general wellnessâ??including, above all, a healthy heart, which is the engine that keeps your body going.

Americans have become too accustomed to relying upon high-tech medical devices and a medicine cabinet full of prescription drugs. You will learn that although your physical health is determined by a combination of genetics and lifestyle, positive choices regarding nutrition and exercise can help you overcome genetic predispositions toward such common ailments as diabetes and heart disease.

Western medicine, you’ll learn, has evolved to a point at which it is geared toward making sick people live longer, and yet the United States doesn’t even rank in the top ten countries with the longest life expectancy. Here, Joia Grace Spinelli demonstrates that the best way to live well is to not get sick in the first place.

A Knucklehead in 1920s Alaska

by Norma Huss

Nineteen-year-old Bill Collins travels to Alaska in the 1920s to work and save for college. He finds adventure, misadventure, and not much money. He faces hardships, finds friends, and has experiences that change a boy into a man.

During three summers and one winter, Bill survives hunger, earthquake, stomping caribou, and icicle frost. He learns about stopes, sluice boxes, and powder smoke. He finds friends, one who will face a bear for him and enemies eager to knife him or smash him with a twenty-pound sledge. He has one lucky day and more than a few really bad days.

This is the story of one hot-headed young man determined to earn his own way, but in his own words, a true knucklehead.
A bonus short mystery is included—Yesterday’s News.

A Mind Of Habit: Conquering The Habit Of Anxiety

by Dan Roberto

The minute Dan got so tired of dealing with his anxiety and stopped caring, is the minute he got rid of his anxiety. This book details exactly why that means EVERYTHING to you.
Jumping right to the heart of the issue, Dan tackles the ‘what’ and ‘how’ of overcoming any anxiety condition. A Mind Of Habit is based off of years of being trapped in the cycle of anxiety, and how to end that cycle for good.

You will learn:
– Why you have anxiety in the first place
– How to stop running and fighting your anxiety, and why that is making it worse
– The exact 3 steps to completely get rid of your anxiety
– How to overcome anxious thinking and intrusive thoughts
– How the steps apply to OCD, Panic Attacks, Agoraphobia, General Anxiety, and any anxiety condition

Easy Lemony Chicken and Rice Soup Avgolemono || Recipe Book

by Marissa Venna

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Easy Sumac Fried Eggs with Red Chile and Garlic || Recipe Book

by Michael Ozie

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