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The Parasite

by Ramsey Campbell

Rose Tierney and her husband Bill are successful writers, picking apart films and enlightening the masses.

They are invited to New York to talk business and get invited to a party where one of the guests, a quiet Diana, is interested in the occult. Bill has a tarot card reading and dismisses it out of hand, but when it’s Rose’s turn, it sparks something in her.

That night, she has an odd out-of-body experience and is attacked by an unknown force.

Diana, through a premonition, found Rose and helped her back to her apartment to recover. The assault seems to waken her dormant psychic powers, and Diana excitedly encourages Rose to pursue them, to learn how to master them.

Rose quickly begins experiencing premonitions and discovers that her self can leave her body, later discovering all the intricacies of astral projection.

At first frightened by her newfound powers, she soon begins to explore, both her own abilities and the world that they belong to.

She soon discovers that her sinister feeling greenhouse, Hitler and the Nazis, and her quiet hometown all seem to have something in common. As her powers grow, her relationships with those around her grow increasingly turbulent.

Rose Tierney is no longer alone in her own body, and her newfound powers belong not to her, but to that Other.

The evil seed that was planted in Rose twenty years ago is about to flower.

Praise for Ramsey Campbell

“Ramsey Campbell has written a novel using the Lovecraftian themes of survival, the occult, and the things which may live at the rim of the universe (or beyond it) in a way that seems to ring true for our time.” â?? Stephen King

Ramsey Campbell was born in 1946 in Liverpool, Merseyside where his mother supported him in his writing and creative pursuits. Growing up in post-war Liverpool provided the perfect backdrop for his taste for the more macabre literature. He’s lived there his whole life and over the years has built up a truly prolific portfolio of work that has deservedly cemented him as a leading figure within the genre.

The Oulu Assignment

by RVW (‘Doc’) Jackson

Timeline 2085: The world is in chaos. Researcher Rory MacIntyre puts himself on the line to see if virtual reality (VR) simulations of past events will help. He introduces a disturbance: WHAT IF a newspaper report of alien sightings in 2003 were TRUE? His idea is that the world pulling together to avert a possible threat might suggest solutions to these problems. Timeline 2010: He goes back into the past as avatar Keir Wilson to check the results, but his project has been infiltrated by those with other agendas and it seems nobody knows about the ‘2003 event’. Then he encounters the aliens and the VR world appears more real than the one he left, especially when he falls in love.

Dead Escape: A Necrose Series Story (D.C. Apocalypse Book 0)

by Tim Moon

At the dawn of the apocalypse…

For FBI Agents Daryl Jackson and Jessica Stonewall, the zombie apocalypse came without warning, right in the middle of a stakeout.

On a mission to stop sensitive government secrets from falling into the wrong hands, Agent Jackson’s plan is foiled when a mob of infected unleashes chaos and things spiral violently out of control. The agents find themselves in a dangerous high-speed car chase through the streets of Washington, D.C. with disastrous results.

Dead Escape will take you on a thrilling ride through the Nation’s Capital at the dawn of the Necrose-7A viral outbreak.

Dead Escape is a 2,000+ word short story set in the world of the Necrose Series and ends with a cliffhanger. Dead Apocalypse is book one in the main series and features the main characters.

Kairus: A Short Story

by Peter Asper

This short story is the first of Peter Asper’s new story type, the Chimera. Chimeras blend ancient notions with a healthy dose of science fiction to evoke thoughtful considerations about reality.
Kairus, a minor celestial god, encounters man for the first time. In an era of scientific expansion Kairus has to come to grips with the existential place belonging to man in the cosmic order. Where such a meeting leads is the tale that Kairus himself must tell.

The Meek (Unbound Trilogy Book 1)

by J.D. Palmer

The world didn’t end with a religious war, or a race war, or an economic collapse. It didn’t end with everyone blowing each other up with nuclear warheads and it didn’t end with a natural disaster. It didn’t end because someone got offended in one of the million petty squabbles that were real, or fake, or imagined.
It ended quietly.
Harlan is visiting his friend in Los Angeles when people start dying. His friend, the neighbors, the entire city falls victim to an unknown disease. Except for Harlan.
Or so he thinks.
And he learns quickly that just because there are other survivors, not all are to be trusted. Finding himself in a world filled with broken spirits and hidden motives, he must navigate through a darkening landscape fraught with violence and despair as he desperately tries to get home to the love of his life, Jessica, and the child she is carrying. Morality becomes blurred as Harlan is forced to commit questionable acts to protect himself and those around him.


by Peter Helton

In a world wrought with darkness and swarming with the evil forces of the dark lord, Ã?nghôr, the realm of Angâron is the last bastion of free peoples, not yet under Ã?nghôr’s dominion.

A dwarf by the name of Dáblik, escaping a losing battle on the continent of Táres, is sent by the wizard Vîndhar through a World Gate to Angâron in search of Ándra who, unbeknown to himself, holds the key to saving Angâron from destruction.

Dáblik finds Ándra lingering in the debtor’s jail of the local baron. The dwarf enlists the help of Sórin, Ándra’s closest friend, to break him out and their hopeless quest begins.

With the help of the mysterious and enchanting witch, Ã?lhima, and the down-at-heel conjuror, Rôkin, they manage to escape from the baron’s prison and flee into the vast Latwood.

Yet it is not only the baron’s men who hunt them; the real danger stalking them is a nárôgh, a terrifying dark mage, sent by Ã?nghôr to devour Angâron’s last hope. Hard on their heels too are other servants of the enemy, and not all are easily recognised (or as ugly) as woodgoblins and tunnel ogres.

To his dismay Ándra finds that his fate is closely bound up with that of the witch �lhima and the desperate fight to defend Angâron.

Together they must uncover a repository of power called the �rinstar, their only hope to defeat the forces now being mustered against Angâron.

But what is the Ã?rinstar?

And how can they hope to find in time a thing they know so little about?

As the world darkens around them and they are pressed hard by the agents of the enemy, they must learn to rely on each other’s strengths and talents, make strange alliances and learn to tread dangerous paths.

Venture Press is a new science fiction and fantasy imprint of Endeavour Press, launching in September 2015. Endeavour Press is the UK’s leading independent digital publisher. It was originally founded in 2011 by Matthew Lynn and Richard Foreman. They have had a great deal of success in publishing, promoting and selling ebook editions of works by new authors as well as bringing out ebook editions of out of print books.

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