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Develop Your Idea!: Get off to a flying start with your startup. Guided exercises & resources for exploring & validating new business ventures

by K.N. Kukoyi

Have you got a business idea in mind? If so, let’s test it out, step-by-step!

Even if you don’t have an idea, this book will show you how to start a business where you know there are customers who will want what you’re going to offer them!

The major topics covered by this book include:
Starting a new business: Contractual agreements for hiring staff, trademarks, company formation, keeping financial records and tax considerations, non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) and Intellectual Property (IP) and their significance to you. You’ll find lots of signposts to direct you towards startup-friendly law services and legal documents that you can review and consider.

Researching your idea: In this section of the book, there are plenty of interactive exercises which will show you how to assess any business idea, along with tips and techniques you can start using for free, including little-known ways to automate the gathering of your research once you know what sort of information you are looking for. Save time and collect information even as you sleep!
You’ll also find resources to help you prepare a business plan in minutes.

Identifying your target market and target customer(s): This book will explain how to create a customer avatar with lots of suggestions, diagrams and examples to show you how to do this. You’ll also be shown how to hold professional “customer interviews” to gather feedback on your idea and refine it further.
These interviews will help you get to the heart of what customers want and need, and most importantly, what they will pay you for.

Raising funds for your business: We’ll cover a number of ways to raise money to build your product – choose the ones that are right for you.

This book comes with templates, scripts and free resources including an online workbook and spreadsheets to help you stay organised as you start to plan ahead.

Reach for the stars, whilst keeping your feet on the ground. Avoid unnecessary risks, and Develop Your Idea before you invest money in a new venture!

This book is for you if you:
�Are planning to start a new business venture and are at the idea, or early planning stages.
�Would like some techniques and a process that you can follow to research and test out your idea before you take the next step.
�Would like to know how to protect your interests when starting a new business.
�Are short on time and money and want some useful methods, and resources to help you avoid the pitfalls associated with starting a new business.

This is the first book in the Building Your Business series, that leads on to the 26-chapter software survival guide: Don’t hire a software developer until you read this book, for startups and entrepreneurs that want to start, or grow their tech business the smart way. It builds on the concepts seen in Develop Your Idea!
A wide range of topics are covered, including:
The pros and cons of building different types of software app, agile development principles and processes, pricing tactics and generating revenue from your app, basic marketing and SEO, creating prototypes from scratch and product development. The book also explains some of the different programming languages used to build apps, how to find and interview developers, how to project manage the build of a software application, product testing, managing a Beta software launch, customer care and support and more!

The Finance of Happiness

by Renaud Gaucher

With the accumulation of wealth by a small minority, especially financiers, and with the accumulation of financial crises whose consequences affect the least fortunate first, finance as both a practice and a science has become an object of suspicion, resentment, and fear.

At the same time, a science from another universe has experienced considerable growth: the science of happiness.

The goal of this book is therefore to establish the link between finance and the science of happiness in order to show how finance can lastingly improve everyone’s happiness. With a simple goal: a happier world leads to a better world.

– How can we optimize a company’s financial performance through its employees’ happiness at work?
– How can we include happiness at work in a firm’s financial decisions in a systematic way?
– How can we reduce financial risk by producing goods and services that foster the happiness of their users?
– How can we develop investment funds build on the results of the science of happiness?
– How can we share the risk and return to build a happier, and thus more harmonious, society?

These are the main questions that this book will try to answer.

Ignite!: The 4 Essential Rules for Emerging Leaders

by Sal Silvester

While plenty of management wisdom has focused on leadership and teamwork, relatively little attention has been paid specifically to emerging leaders–people who have recently been or are about to be promoted to supervisory or managerial positions.

Emerging leaders are usually bright, talented, and rising stars in their organizations. The challenge is that most new leaders are promoted, because they were good at what they did in their previous role, without any training and development. As a result they are often out of their element, unprepared, and even scared. And with good reason, because like so many people who have greatness thrust upon them, their handling of the often-rocky transition to manage their former team members will affect not only their future, but that of their company’s as well.

Now Sal Silvester’s timely book, Ignite! competently fills this void. In this how-to business book, Sal, a veteran of corporate potential maximization, shows the path to igniting the potential of new leaders. He begins with a learning parable that illustrates the pitfalls and possibilities of leadership at every turn. In clear language that is easy to understand and translate into direct action, Sal provides emerging leaders with the tools they need for successful transition. But Ignite! is more than just a story. It incorporates for the first time Sal’s People-First Leadershipâ?¢ model that gives new leaders all the tools they need to elevate their effectiveness. Sal shows them how to make a perceptible impact on retention, engagement and productivity. By highlighting common errors that new managers make, Sal accelerates the transition to competent leadership and showcases the characteristics successful leaders must bring to the workplace.

Ignite! is Sal’s clever and actionable contribution towards smoothing the path to effective and seasoned leadership that enables leaders to ignite their potential and the potential of the people around them.

The Little Book of Money: Book excerpts from Jack Bogle, Ben Stein, Joel Greenblatt, Louis Navellier, Hilary Kramer, Kathy Lien, David Darst, Michael Covel, and John Stephenson

Investment ideas from the biggest names in finance . . . in one Little Book

The Little Books series presents the most important topics in finance in bite-sized chunks, and now, for the first time, The Little Book of Money brings together the very best insights from some of the hottest names in the industry in one essential guide to the ins and outs of the investment world.

Featuring contributions gathered from other bestselling Little Books, The Little Book of Money presents Joel Greenblatt’s two-step formula for investing in any market; Louis Navellier’s thoughts on growth investing; Jack Bogle’s insights into index investing; Kathy Lien’s introduction to Forex markets; David Darst’s asset allocation strategies; Ben Stein and Phil DeMuth’s alternative investment ideas; a trading strategy from Michael Covel; “breakout” stock information from Hilary Kramer; and commodity investment tips from John Stephenson.

  • Features the most important investment ideas gathered from across the Little Books series
  • Includes chapters by world-renowned experts included Jack Bogle, Ben Stein, Joel Greenblatt, and many more
  • Brings together some of the best ideas about money management in one comprehensive e-book

From tomorrow’s hottest trends to tried-and-true investment strategies, The Little Book of Money compiles the very best in financial advice from across the Little Books series.

Cómo Ganar Mucho Dinero Rápido Con Twitter: Ideas Para Hacer Tus Negocios Rentables o Impulsar Tu Trabajo Desde Casa Por Internet (Spanish Edition)

by Gustavo Adolfo Avila

BestSeller No 1 En Amazon Categoria Informática, Internet y Medios Digitales

Al cierre de 2016, Twitter indicó tener unos 319 millones de usuarios.
La pregunta esâ?¦

¿Cuántos de esos usuarios has podido captar para producir dinero?

Cualquiera que sea el número, te puedo asegurar que tienes oportunidades de crecimiento, porque el potencial es enorme.

Hoy en día, las redes sociales tienen un impacto nunca antes visto en los negocios, y no maximizar los resultados significa dejar ir grandes oportunidades de hacer dinero.

Bien sea que tengas tu negocio, estés empezando o tal vez aún no tienes un negocio, pero estás buscando generar ingresos a través de Internet o trabajando desde casa, esta herramienta te será de gran utilidad para lograr esos objetivos.

Hay una realidad muy importante y es queâ?¦

Ser un e-emprendedor es algo arduo y difícil.

Sobre todo al principio, porque la verdad es que la mayoría de los comienzos son duros.

A menudo escucho a los empresarios que están comenzando y a muchos que ya están establecidos decir cosas como:
-No paro de hacer cosas, estoy intentando abarcar demasiadas cosas
-El crecimiento de mi negocio es muy lento
-No tengo ni una visita en mi pagina web
-Me cuesta mucho tener seguidores, no le agarro el hilo a esto
-Nadie me conoce ni conoce mi marca

Y para algunos es peor, porque no saben si tendrán que cerrar su negocio antes de que les empiece a producir dinero.

Las redes sociales pueden ser la respuesta, pero el problema es que ha habido muchos engaños en línea y muchas veces la gente no se atreve a intentar algo nuevo por miedo a ser estafados.

Muchos han perdido su tiempo y se han quedado sin nada con que invertir.
Otros han probado muchos métodos, pero no logran ganar dinero. No encuentran una forma efectiva para ganar dinero en internet.

Lamentablemente, hay mucho de esto, pero también hay una contraparte

Y es queâ?¦

De verdad se puede hacer mucho dinero en internet, especialmente cuando se tiene una audiencia y las redes sociales se convierten en un eje principal en tu estrategia de márketing.

Es por ello que he creado este material, para darte estrategias que SÍ funcionan para hacer dinero utilizando Twitter como herramienta.

Sin embargo, debo alertarte que

Esto NO es para ti si:

-Estás buscando una forma de hacerte millonario de la noche a la mañana
-Quieres hacer dinero sin poner de tu esfuerzo
-No estás dispuesto a aplicar las estrategias contenidas aquí
-Te rindes de una vez y no tienes constancia

Qué vas a encontrar en este libro:

-Estrategias para que los medios de comunicación masivos promocionen tu negocio masivamente sin invertir ni un dólar
-Diferentes tipos de estrategias que te van a ayudar a obtener nuevos clientes
-Cómo utilizar y descubrir nuevas tendencias y usarlas a tu favor
-Cómo conseguir nuevos clientes y hacer crecer tus suscriptores sin invertir dinero
-Cómo usar publicidades en Twitter para impulsar el crecimiento de tu marca
-Cómo estudiar a tu competencia y aprovechar este conocimiento para impulsar tu negocio
-Tácticas para posicionarte en tu nicho
-Cómo usar Twitter para crear poderosas alianzas.

¡Y mucho más!
Es hora de tomar acción y de empezar a aprovechar las oportunidades que Twitter te ofrece para hacer dinero.

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