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A Spell in Mag Mell (Hattie Jenkins & The Infiniti Chronicles Book 5)

by Pearl Goodfellow

Who knew murder could be this magical?
Death by snake-iron is a grisly way to go. The organic, worm-like alloy coils around the heart and squeezes until it stops beating. Aurel Nugget, the Coven Isles head alchemist, has met his end with just such a serpent metal.

Hattie and the Infiniti are called in to assist Chief Para Inspector Trew, but there are so many things wrong with the murder scene that the team finds it challenging to connect the dots.
Moreover, what exactly is going on in Gless Inlet? The residents and even Midnight seem to be affected by some kind of ominous imbalance.
Could these strange events have anything to do with Aurel’s death? With the sinister rumblings coming from Mag Mell and the Fae, the pressure is on for Hattie, CPI Trew and the cats to keep their heads and find Aurel’s killer.
Dive into the mystery and find out what happens in this paranormal cozy romp!

This is book 5 of the series. You can find the rest here!

1) Filthy Witch and Dead Famous
2) The Violet Countercharm
3) The Witch of Bohemia
4) The Black Diamond Curse
5) A Spell in Mag Mell
6) The Chimera Charm

Barton Hollow: volume 3

by Stella Stoker

I thought I knew who I loved. I thought I knew my parents. I thought I knew who I was. But as I go deeper into the Hollow, the more secrets I’ve uncovered. And there’s no going back. Because there’s no getting out.

Drive: Book 1

by Dan Glover

When Lenore Johnson is sent by her student newspaper editor to a non-descript derelict building on the south side of Chicago to interview the owner of an innovative company named NewStarts, she has no idea how much life as she knew it is about to change.
After befriending Tony, a quantum-based artificial life form developed by NewStarts to pilot self-driving automobiles, Lenore becomes ensnared in far-reaching schemes meant to protect humanity from not only the dangers that abound about them but from foibles of their own making.
What she once believes is simply a chance meeting of a nameless murderous boy who will one day be known as The Monk becomes Lenore’s only hope of salvation as she waits out the end of her days living in a wasteland, hiding both from Tony and from what she has become.
As everybody she knows comes under the sway of Tony, Lenore gradually discovers her own involvement in the ominous plot being hatched at NewStarts. Can she save humanity from the spell cast by Tony? Or will she too finally succumb to the lure of forever?

Biting Winds

by Shawna Ireland

Jessie didn’t walk into her marriage believing in fairy-tale endings. She expected the occasional lovers quarrel, compromise, and perhaps a night of sulking while her groom slept on the couch. However, nothing prepared Jessie for the turn of events she experienced just hours into her honeymoon. The biting winds of the Bodega Bay campgrounds added insult to injury as Jessie wondered where the money went that she used to pay for her tropical honeymoon, but it quickly went downhill from there, turning violent. The only solace she could find was in the company of a new friend, Sangio, a century old vampire.

Metal Deep: Infinite: Episode 2 – Something Beautiful

by GX Knight

The first Cyborg will discover what he’s truly made of during a modern sect war that would see him turned into the evil he vows to fight when magic and technology collide and cut away at him in ways that are not just skin deep, it’s Metal Deep.

Scion Thantosa is the heir of ancient protectors called Infinites. He’ll choose his path in a fight that has endangered Human and Amalgams races: Rippers, Iclings, Spiritans, Robomancers, and Technopires to name a few. He is armed with a mean swing from shiny new Cyborg arms, destructive magic granted by ever-glowing Dragonstones, ill-timed smack talk, and an awesome green hairdo given by the two hottest Elves this side of the North Pole. Along the way, familial bonds form with the friends he makes during forays of hijinks, drama, humor, love, and loss. Scion and his seven closest friends become the New Infinites, the last line of defense against groups like Moonguard, Street Vipers, and Firebrand Elves. Success as the first surviving Cyborg is the key his foes need to resurrect an evil Dragon Spirit using his unique biotechnology. As long as Scion lives, the world is in danger. He’ll have to oblige the call to make the ultimate sacrifice. The question is, what will he do to his friends when they try and stop him?

The Metal Deep series explores “heroic shenanigans” of a family of powerful late-teens. It is a New Adult, Contemporary/Science-Fantasy series that is meant to be a fun tongue-in-cheek romp for those who don’t have time to enjoy longer epics.

The Ultimate Family is forming. Are you brave enough to test their METAL?

Pick up right where you left off in Episode 1 of the Metal Deep series. The hunt is on for our fugitives, and to get to safety, there’s going to be a fight. After that, check out further installments. The story is just beginning:

Book 1: Damsels in Distress
Book 3: Infinite and Forever
Book 4: Soul on Fire
Book 5: Metal Wing

Wren in the Mist: An Orphan, A Thief, Magic, and a Search for Home (The Mist Series)

by Beth Hammond

She’s trapped in a body that isn’t hers. He’s lost in a world that doesn’t want him.

When Thomas is orphaned at the tender age of twelve he is forced to fend for himself. Years later, having turned to a life of banditry, he barely scrapes by. A brush with some dangerous men leaves him venerable. When Wren leads him to safety she requests something he is unable and unwilling to give. Together they discover the true meaning of sacrifice.

Stake You

by Claire Farrell

Devlin O’Mara has spent a long time cultivating her reputation as a scary bitch, and nothing’s going to change that. Not cheating boyfriends, annoying ex-crushes, or even a cheesy new kid who looks like he could have walked straight out of a young adult novel.

But life takes odd turns and eerie events coupled with a stalking classmate threaten to send Dev’s walls crumbling down around her, finally forcing her to face the true horror of her past.

Joining forces with an enemy is the only way to get to the heart of an enigmatic boy’s true intentions and protect everyone in her life from a being who couldn’t possibly exist.

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