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300 Best Jokes: Clean One-Liners and Funny Short Stories Collection (Donald’s Humor Factory Book 1)

by Donald Shaw

Looking for Something New and Really Funny?
Imagine you can get it with JUST ONE CLICK!
Yes, this is a JOKE BOOK of your dreams. Vol.1 of the Donald’s Humor Factory series.
This super funny adult joke book is free of swear words.

Donald Shaw is a popular comic and an award-winning humor books author (his wife gave him a French kiss award)! His jokes are loved by thousands of people from Alaska to Zimbabwe, and possibly outside of Earth.

Joking is always fun! Jokes bring smiles to people’s faces. Jokes make us laugh. People fall in love when they smile at each other. We love joking in the company of our best friends and families. Jokes help us to relax and overcome any difficulties. Joking is an awesome social skill and a great way to make new friends and to communicate nearly in any surrounding. Many people also love just to read some good jokes for amusement.

However, it is not that easy to find real good jokes today. Some of them are simply out-of-date. Some of them are not clean enough. You may also find many joke books that are not really funny and contain too much fluff and advertising.

This jokes book is different!

Buying this humor book you will get:

  • A great collection of 300 FUNNY JOKES
  • One-liners, real-life awkward situations, and hilarious short stories
  • Great book to read on a long trip
  • Clean jokes WITHOUT nasty words
  • Jokes for adults and teenagers
  • Jokes about relationship, marriage, bar, professions, hobbies, etc.
  • LIMITED TIME BONUS: the link to download my FREE HUMOR LIBRARY that includes hundreds of great jokes for kids, adults, and teenagers. So the whole family may have fun! This is no-brainer, really!

This book is free of racism. I support LGBT community, because love is love.
I love all people in the world and I want to make you laugh and smile! This is my ultimate goal and I did not mean to insult anyone.
So relax, take it easy and enjoy this humor book!

Buy this funny book NOW and roll on the floor laughing!

Pick up your copy today by clicking the BUY NOW button at the top of this page!

The Book of Irv: A Memoir

by Larry Goldfarb

What do these people have in common? Teamsters Boss Jimmy Hoffa, Fidel Castro’s rebels in
Havana, Max Baer of The Beverly Hillbillies, Chicago mobsters, Palestinian terrorists, Nigerian
tribal chiefs, the Chicago Cubs and St. Louis Cardinals, Lebanese gangsters, the founder of
Denny’s restaurants, NFL great Walter Payton, baseball broadcaster Joe Garagiola, the Alton
Giant, Israeli soldiers, a regular on the classic TV Western Gunsmoke, a gold record singer from the 50s, and Lars
Frederiksen of the punk band “Rancid.”

They all rubbed shoulders with my father, Irv Goldfarb. Born in the small refinery town of Wood
River, Illinois, and with his own real estate business ensconced in St. Louis, Missouri, Irv’s risktaking
personality blew past the boundaries of his provincial upbringing and took us, his family,
on some kind of wild ride through the 88 years of his life.

Hawke’s Doom (The Dreadful Monology Book 1)

by Mark Vincze

About the book:
The idea seemed simple enough; tear a hole through space and time, travel back to the 1800â?²s and impregnate Hitler’s mother before she has a chance to conceive the Nazi tyrant. Somehow things didn’t go so smoothly for super-scientist Dick “Sharkbiter” Hawke.

Now trapped in a world beyond his understanding and at war with a global empire, he must fight monsters, madness, and killer clowns to set things right, save the girl, and bring evil to its knees.

About the blue whale:
The blue whale is the largest creature ever to inhabit the earth. It has blood vessels so large that a full grown adult human who makes really poor decisions could swim through them. They are blue, or so their name implies, and also mammals. For more information on blue whales, look them up on the Internet.

Come Home, We Love You Still

by Justin Grimbol

Justin Grimbol returns with a book of dialogues as hilarious as they are heartfelt.

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