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Miriam’s Story: Part 2 Romance in Amish Country

by Melanie Schmidt

Part 2 of the Best-Selling Amish Christian Romance Series ‘Romance in Amish Country’ by Christian Author Melanie Schmidt

Miriam Fisher is still grieving for her husband, Jacob, killed just weeks before in an accident. She finds inspiration by caring for her three young children, and she tries to rejoice for her sister, Naomi’s, happiness at her upcoming wedding. Miriam is heartbroken, though, and she fears that she will never feel like herself again. As if her own sorrow weren’t enough, she worries for Ezra, her son, trying bravely to hide his sorrow over the loss of his father.

If only God would send Miriam something to give her hope and joy. If only he would send her someone to help with raising her children and providing for them. If only God had a plan for her family and her heartâ?¦..Will she find love & romance again?

Take a trip to Amish Country in the second part of the ‘Romance in Amish Country’ Series.

Amazon Reviews for ‘Romance in Amish Country’

On this inspirational Amish romance “a sweet story of young Amish love, not so unlike most young Christian relationships.”

About Christian Romance Amish Stories “I love Amish romances…I like the simple lifestyle”

For those who like reading christian romance authors “I would recommend this book to anyone who loves a good Amish read.”

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The Test

by John Reinhard Dizon

In the aftermath of the War on Terror, a succession of nuclear attacks have left the nations of the world in a Great Depression.

Katia Wynter is a teenage girl living in a commune in New Mexico, ruled by motorcycle gangs who exchange protection for tribute. One of many kids who left their poverty-stricken homes in Truth or Consequences, Katia is searching for a better future outside the world their parents destroyed.

Katia’s world is turned upside down after she meets four mysterious men at the outskirts of the town, and she’s forced to rethink her view on the world and her future.

God’s Plan for a Husband

by Elaine Young

Warning!: This book contains FREE BONUS BOOKS as a thank you for ordering. Some of the free books are clean and some are intended for mature readers.

God’s Plan for a Husband

Martha, like many Amish teenagers, spent some time outside of her community during Rumspringa. However, she never expected to meet and fall in love with an English man. She loves Jack, but she misses her Amish community and knows she must return or else she will be shunned, and so she leaves Jack without saying goodbye.

Back at home, things get more complicated for Martha when she realizes she is pregnant. She begins to court a kind Amish man, Isaac, because she wants to do right by Gott and be married when her baby is born. But Martha’s feelings for Isaac don’t compare to her love for Jack, who she still misses even though she chose to come home.
Martha must ultimately make a decision: will she choose her true love, Jack, and risk losing the life she knows, or will she marry Isaac and sacrifice love for the support of the community?

Warning: This book is a clean romance but the other free books attached may contain scenes not suitable for children under 18.

A Taste of Freedom

by Elaine Young

Warning!: This book contains FREE BONUS BOOKS as a thank you for ordering.

A Taste of Freedom

After a very short rumspringa leaves Anna wanting to see more of the English world, she lies to her parents in order to leave her Lancaster community and stay with her friend Mary’s older cousin, Emily.

Although their stay with Emily is short, it opens Anna’s eyes to a world of possibilities: college, careers, travel, and most importantly, Connor, the most handsome boy that Anna has ever seen. Anna and Connor begin a whirlwind romance that comes clattering to a sudden halt when Anna sees a different side of him. Anna returns to her home, vowing to never go back to the English world.

Much to Anna’s surprise, Connor reappears in her life. Will he be able to explain his actions? And even if he can, how can Anna and Connor be together when they come from such different worlds?

Warning: This book is a clean romance but the other free books attached may contain scenes not suitable for children under 18.

An Unexpected Dukeâ??s Invitation (The Matchmakers of the West End Book 1)

by Eleanor Meyers

Short Sampler to: To Love A Lord of London.What happens when the rakish Lord in the whole of London is truly falling in love with a simple, plain, and most ordinary girl, something he has been avoiding- his innermost fear. True love?  
An Unexpected Duke’s Invitation is a short sampler to: To Love A Lord of London. 
However, if you prefer to read the full book, you can download the belowlink which is priced at $0.99(around 330pages) or download for free on KindleUnlimited.
LINK to: To Love A Lord of London:
Miss Amy Ott is London’s newest riddle. . .
She’s the mysterious niece of one of England’s wealthiest dukes, and is about to encounter her first season.
Knowing nothing about the workings of corsets and country dances,she’s looking for any help she can find… even when it comes from the most unlikely source…
London’s infamous rogue–an older Duke.
This catches the attention from the most unlikely,most alluring man in all ofLondon.
Lord Nathaniel Dawnton knows what he wants.
Amy Ott.
And… this is definitely not in a way that he could speak of in public.
The scoundrel, who blackened his own soul, had met all sorts of women throughout his years, but none like Amy.
He’s intrigued and won’t stop until he has her.
When Nathaniel’s pursuits meet the walls of Amy’s strength, the young lord is ready to jump those walls blindly…
But… he doesn’t realize that a jump toward Amy might mean a fall toward love… something he has been avoiding–his innermost fear …true love.
But once Amy’s dark secrets are out,will the fall have been worth it?
An Unexpected Duke’s  Invitation is a short sampler to : To Love A Lord of London. 
However, if you prefer to read the full book, you can download the below link which is priced at $0.99(around 330pages) or download for free on KindleUnlimited.
LINK to: To Love A Lord of London:

Fallin’ for Josiah: A Clean Christian Romance Novel

by C. Harris

Danica Lewis is no stranger to a broken heart, but having survived heartbreak that would’ve killed most people, at best she’s a survivor. A fighter. A persevering damsel in desperate need of real love. Even though the toxic relationship she’s currently stuck in with her abusive, vindictive and unfaithful boyfriend Stone seems an impossible feat, Danica somehow manages to bear it.

That is until she runs into Josiah Michaels. The sweetest man she’s ever known, and a certified heart fixer. Josiah’s a Jesus-lover, and with his wit, charm, and uncanny ability to love, his world shows Danica that happiness does exist.

But Stone’s not letting go so easily, and when tragedy strikes, Danica finds that love is the only thing that can fix her heart.

Fallin’ for Josiah is an emotional roller-coaster and destined to show the power of God’s transformative love.

Note: This book is a clean read with no profanity or lewd sexual scenes.

The Conclusion (The Greatest Love Series Book 5)

by Genevieve Woods

The fifth installment of The Greatest Love Series will provide the conclusion, in all matters, for each couple in the series. Secrets will be revealed. Life-altering decisions will be made. And every character will face the reality that their duty is to fear God and keep his commandments, or deal with the consequences of their actions. *** Note: Content dealing with same sex relationships and abuse are included in this installment. There are no explicit sexual scenes; however, the subject matter may be better suited for a mature audience.

Westward Bound: Loves Promise (Book 1 of 5)

by Charel Verve

Sarah O’Rourke had always assumed that someday she would meet the man of her dreams, fall in love, get married and raise a family near her parent’s home in eastern Tennessee. A flash flood destroys those plans and turns her world – and her dreams – upside down. With her family gone, her hometown wiped out, and with no one to take her in nor prospects for work, the nineteen-year-old considers the unthinkable.
Replying to an ad for a mail-order bride placed by a Montana trapper named Zackariah Adams, Sarah takes a leap of faith and heads west, believing she has no other options. She can only hope that her future husband is honest, respectable, and kind. Expected to help him at his trading post near the settlement of Bozeman, Sarah prepares herself for a harsh, rugged, and difficult life wed to a stranger, far from her former images of love, marriage, and devotion.
Montana is everything she feared: rugged, wild, and filled with challenges. While not conventional, her marriage to a stranger compels Sarah to find strength in uncertainty, courage when dealing with adversity, and most of all, that love’s promise can be found in the most unexpected places

A Most Inconvenient Death (Lord Danvers Investigates Book 1)

by Donna Fletcher Crow

Lord Charles Danvers, still mourning his lost love Charlotte, hopes to escape from his ghosts at the gala coming-of-age celebrations for the son of his oldest friend. All is jubilation and proper respectability until the evening is shattered by a brutal murder. The police are quick to point to a quarrelsome farmer, but Danvers has his doubts. Is the real culprit much closer to home? And does Danvers owe the greater loyalty to an old friend or to the truth? Then, Danver is even more unsettled by the entrance of the alluring Lady Antonia Hoover.
The first in the Lord Danvers Investigates series, A Most Inconvenient Death is a Victorian true-crime novel The Stanfield Hall Murders were the sensation they are portrayed to be and the elaborate coming of age celebrations and the ensuing dramatic trial are all recorded history.

Ties That Bind (Jo McDaniels Series Book 1)

by Anne Patrick

FBI agent Jo McDaniels has been called to her hometown of Claremont, Oregon, to help on a grisly serial murder case. As with most profilers, she is able to take the evidence, background of the victims, and crime scene photos, and reenact in her mind what took place between the killer and the victim. But what if there are no crime scenes and the victims have been decapitated in order to hide their identity? This is where Jo’s unusual gift comes into play. Unlike other profilers in her field, she is able to sense what the victim felt prior to death. She not only feels their emotions, she feels their pain.

Sheriff Austin Garrett doesn’t quite know what to think of the beautiful and sassy profiler with a unique gift that defies all reason. He’s willing to try anything, though, to stop the monster plaguing his community.

But can Jo and Austin find the killer before he makes it even more personal?

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