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Ma for Norway: Dear Mother…. RIP…. [ Illustrated ]

by Taurius Shytius


Greetings Earthlings For Your Sweetheart Vol. 1: 99 Rhymes for Greeting cards eCards, Notes sent with Flowers, Flirtatious Texts or Toasts

by Mark Dexter Lewis

Lost in thought, at a loss for words?
You are right where you need to be, you must have heard.
Here you will find, words that will say
What you’d been trying to say all day.
â??She’s so lithe and so lovely’, â??He’s so brave and true’
â??The one I can trust for the right thing to do.’
â??Nice to have met’, â??Can we do it again?’
â??I’m so looking forward to remembering when.’
Rhymes that will stir the heart and more
Possibly shake you, to your very core
Though not likely, I think, but you may be bemused
What are they like? Well, I’ve given you clues.
Rhyming is cool, as everyone knows
Poetry says it much better than prose
Would I use them myself? Yes, they’ve all got my vote.
It’s so handy a reference for passing sweet notes
I believe you will find this a worthy collection
Of rhyming lines meant to convey some affection.
99 greeting card style rhymes. The answer to the question, â??What would you like on the card?’ Two, four, six and eight line rhymes written to say something nice to someone. Sometimes three words are enough. Yet you might want to say something more. Something with rhythm that flows when its read, that touches the heart before it goes to the head. Something that raises the spirit. Something nice, something sweet, somethings silly, some amusing. From a collection of 99, I believe you will find something to suit the occasion, be it a card given with a gift, just a note for no reason, you might even raise you’re your glass and recite something from here for the right person. The rhymes are arranged alphabetically, each rhyme’s first line is a chapter title in the table of contents. Each rhyme is a single page chapter. With 99, this will help you find that one you read two minutes ago. Thank You! For reading this far! Please look at the other books in this series, also available here. Thank you!

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