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Excel: The Complete Beginners Guide to Learning the Fundamentals of Excel Today!

by Jonathan Wallace


The Complete Beginners Guide to Learning the Fundamentals of Excel Today!

This book Excel: The Complete Beginners Guide to Learning the Fundamentals of Excel Today is an excellent guide to those who really want to learn to operate excel.

Excel in today’s world is the god of most of the operations related to professional business. Whether you want to keep your records in it or you want to use it to manage your own finances, learning to operate excel is the essential and the foremost step.

This book will guide people, who have an interest in using the excel spreadsheet, to learn the basic and some complex operations of the excel software. Mostly people believe that excel sheet is only about doing calculations and such tasks but in this book you will also be oriented with some other important functions of the excel program that you will definitely enjoy availing. If you are studying IT then this book will help you develop some basic understanding and skills for excel.

Whether you are a student who want to learn to operate excel for some project of yours or you are someone who needs to learn excel because your job requires it, this book is definitely your finest guide as it is written in user friendly language.

Just open your excel sheet and read this book side by side. You will learn to operate excel as soon as you finish reading this book. So, what are you waiting for? Grab this book now and open yourself up to the new learning experience.

Here is a preview of what you’ll learn:

  • A beginner’s guide to excel worksheet
  • Understandings the expressions in the excel program
  • Learn about the excel tools
  • Shortcuts to Excel operations
  • Building the excel chart

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A Pesar del Miedo: Porque el Amor es mas Grande que el Miedo (Spanish Edition)

by Lucy Whitaker

Ser Huerfana no es facil, se crece con muchos miedos. Esta historia habla de creencias y miedos. de amor y desamor, de promesas y rencor. Tal vez te identifiques con alguno de los miedos de Luisa. Ella queria ser un buen ejemplo a seguir, pero para ello tenia que enfrentar sus mas oscuras creencias y aprender a amar.

Crockpot – 66 Best Crockpot Recipes For Healthy Living & Rapid Weight Loss: High protein recipes that are delicious and succulent and will leave you asking for more.

by Mahek Mahe

Time is not a great friend to most people. You may wake up one morning and decide to cook a healthy meal for yourself and will go about getting the ingredients ready and will just begin to cook and realize that you have no time left. You need to rush to get ready for work or get your kids ready for school. What do you do in times like these? You need to provide your family and yourself a meal that is healthy and balanced. This is where a Crockpot becomes your best friend. You can provide your family with delicious meals at all times of the day using a Crockpot.
This book provides information on how a Crockpot is helpful and also a few tips that will help you on your way. There are 50 high protein recipes that are delicious and succulent and will leave you asking for more.

Easy Black and White Halvah || Recipe Book

by Jillian Skylar

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Meal Prep Recipe Book: 50 Simple Recipes For Health & Fitness Nuts (Strength Training 101)

by Marc McLean

“A Meal Prep Recipe Book That Makes Clean Eating Easy!”

Many experts tell us that fitness is 30% exercise and 70% diet.

This means that our exercise efforts could often be wasted if we don’t back them up with the right nutrients from good food sources.

But what if you don’t know much about good nutrition? What if you can barely cook? What if you don’t have a clue about calories or the protein, carbs and fat in your meals?

No need to worryâ?¦because this meal prep recipe book serves up 50 awesome fitness recipes that are simple to make – and ridiculously tasty. These nutrient-packed recipes make clean eating easy and prove that you don’t have to eat boring, bland food to get in great shape.

This is not just a standard health and fitness cookbook. Each recipe also includes a calorie and macronutrients breakdown. Figuring out calories, carbs or grams of protein couldn’t be easier.

Meal Prep: 50 Simple Recipes For Health & Fitness Nuts is all about preparing easy meals using fresh, whole foods. This meal prep recipe book empowers you to take full charge of your daily nutrition.

Marc McLean, author and online personal training and nutrition coach, pulls together the favourite recipes he uses every week.

Some recipes are very basic. Some are a little fancier…but you still won’t find it difficult to cook them. The majority of recipes take less than 30 mins to prepare and you’ll love devouring them.

After years of experimenting with foods from around the world, author Marc McLean has pulled together his best of the bunch for clean eating. These include:

â? 10 main meals (all ridiculously tasty)
â? 10 breakfasts (with plenty of variety)
â? 10 soup recipes (simple and delicious)
â? 10 â??power shake’ recipes (jam-packed with vitamins and minerals)
â? 10 healthy snacks (sooo good you wouldn’t believe they’re healthy)

These recipes are ideal for people who exercise regularly and are looking for nutritious food to not only fuel their workouts, but help their body repair and recover afterwards.

Let’s get cooking!

Essential Knots: Top 25 Sailbot Knots, Outdoor Knots And Indoor Knots

by Nathan Hamilton

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Essential Knots: (FREE Bonus Included)

Top 25 Sailbot Knots, Outdoor Knots And Indoor Knots

Knots are literally everywhere round you. From your own shoelace, to the swing put up in your back garden. There are an essential part of life and yet one that many people do not fully understand.

Gaining a good understanding of knots is particularly important when you are dealing with the boating environment. The range of sailboat knots is huge. You may need a slip knot, a bowline or even a reef knot. Some knots are simply known as hitches and can come apart easily when not under load. Others are extremely difficult to undo.

This book looks at some of the most important knots you need to know if you are heading onto the water. It will teach you how to create these knots and when a knot should be chosen.

This book covers the following:

  • An introduction to the knot and why you need to choose the right one. You will see why it is so important to know the right knot for any occasion.
  • 10 Basic but important sailboat knots; why they are good, what they are commonly used for and, most importantly, how to make the knot.
  • Another 10 knots which can be essential in a lifesaving situation. These knots can be created easily by following the instructions listed within the guide.
  • An additional five sailboat knots which are useful to know as this will help to ensure you have the right knot for every occasion.

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