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Tangled Synthesis: Musings of a Geek Feminist

by Sylvia Dylan

Both uproarious and touching, Musings of a Geek Feminist is a blast of refreshing air from a young, quirky, and original voice. Coming from a culture that demands that women are seen but not heard, Dylan decimates everything from pop culture to more serious topics such as what to do when someone you love is raped. Sylvia Dylan explodes onto the scene with her debut novel with a style all her own.

Essay topics include:
Adam Carolla…Feminist?
What to do if Someone you Loved is Raped
Orphan Black
Tina Fey: Bossypants
Hobby Lobby and the Supreme Court Birth Control ruling
Disney’s Maleficent starring Angelina Jolie
It’s Not Acceptable to Find Motherhood Difficult
Robin Thicke and Twitter
Feminist Heroines from History: Josephine Butler

Sylvia Dylan is the recipient of the WTM Readership Award of 2014

Cover by Pixabay stock photos

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Al filo de la tormenta. Un análisis de la relación México-Estados Unidos en vísperas de la elección norteamericana de 2016 (Spanish Edition)

Quien se adentre en los ensayos que aquí se presentan encontrará en ellos los argumentos centrales que se manejaron en México en vísperas de las elecciones estadounidenses de 2016. El Colegio de México y el Grupo Tepoztlán convocaron a un encuentro de estudiosos para explorar las implicaciones que habían tenido, para los intereses mexicanos, las campañas electorales en Estados Unidos a lo largo de 2015 y 2016 y, sobre todo, el impacto que podrían tener en la relación con nuestro país.

Hillary Clinton: The Best Choice

by Tessa Perrick

This is a short book based solely on my opinions of the current situations that our country is facing. There’s no greater time than now to stand up and fight for what you believe in.

Hillary Clinton is a woman that we should all look up to and applaud. Even though she lost the election, I fully believe that she should have won and would have been a great leader. I have touched on why I feel this way and some of the things that she has supported.

There is no greater importance than our children and Hillary has made it her lifelong career to stand up and fight for them.

Our great nation is under attack by so many things, it’s hard to choose which would be considered the worst.

Our environment is an important subject to me. There is nothing more spectacular than watching the sunset on a cool fall evening or the smell of nothing but rain in the air.

Veterans, healthcare, gun control, drugs gone wild, they are all important issues and I hope you enjoy reading my opinion of these issues.

Hacia una teología desde la realidad de las migraciones. Método y desafíos (Cátedra Eusebio Francisco Kino) (Spanish Edition)

by Gioacchino Campese

Esta obra está enfoca en los migrantes más vulnerables a la discriminación, explotación y criminalización en las sociedades de tránsito y destino, en especial los indocumentados, y presenta un método para tratar de responder a los desafíos de este tipo de movilidad humana a partir de la fe cristiana, esto es, para fundamentar una teología desde la realidad de las migraciones en la que se junte la teoría con la práctica, como dos elemento inseparables.

Victims of Communism and Their Persecutors

by Gabriel Gherasim

Part One of this book addresses the question of how can the restorative justice process provide restitution and transform future relations between the victims of Communism and their persecutors.
Part Two of this book includes reviews of several important components of the Negotiation, Conflict Resolution & Peacebuilding literature such as: The Prisoner’s Dilemma; Intragroup, intergroup and extragroup approaches; Research Design and Interpretation; Communication and Conflict; Negotiation Tactics; Mediation; and Intercultural Conflict.
Part Three discusses several aspects of the Literature Review, namely: Restorative justice; Methodology; Introduction; Intrapersonal; Interpersonal; and Societies.
Part Four analyzes a satisfactory solution to the proposed question, by using a two tier process: conflict management and conflict resolution. They involve the focus on: Sources of conflict; Analytical versus synthetic approach; Social contents of constructive competition; From retributive to restorative justice; Mediation as reparation for Communist persecutions; Multi-Track Diplomacy; Pluralism by the rules; Reg-Neg; Justice and conflict resolution; Strengths and weaknesses of conflict resolution techniques; and Conclusion.
Part Five concerns an application for a future program which includes: conferences, exhibits, research, college and university curriculum geared to both educate the public on Communist violence and to help the victims of Communism come to a conflict resolution with their perpetrators and find meaning in their ordeals.

Evil be my Good: An Unauthorized Paradise Lost Study Guide

by Derek Murphy

A history of fallen angels, pirates, revolutionaries and other daring insurgents who liberated humanity and founded the modern world.

I planned to start this project from the beginning of civilization and make it a complete history of the devil. My doctoral advisers looked horrified and recommended I start with Milton. So I got the whole thing to just five chapters. But they’re long chapters. And I’m also afraid,thanks to the rigor of academia, I’ve hidden some of the most astonishing gems of knowledge in stilted, overblown rhetoric. There are hundreds of little details in this book that will never cease to amaze me. 

The main argument of this book, simplified, is that our modern virtues and ideology of heroism are directly based on Satanic principles that have been whitewashed by two centuries of ethical inversion. The fact that most of this history–which includes hundreds of famous writers, artists and philosophers–is relatively unknown, and the fact that many westerners are practicing Satanists without knowing it, fascinates me to no end.

I’m afraid, however, that by dressing the story up in academic language, I haven’t made it accessible enough for the general public. Few but Milton scholars will be very interested in the first two chapters, but they’re important in order to understand how crucial Paradise Lost has been in the history of Western civilization. Unless you’ve studied philosophy, psychology or critical theory, chapter five may put you to sleep–although I think my biggest contributions to Milton criticism (if any) will be found there. 

I’m calling this a Paradise Lost “Study Guide” because most of the recommended texts still used in English departments around the world are one-sided and can be frustrating for students who, like me, resist the orthodox reading.

Der ehrliche Politiker Die aufrichtige Politikerin: ein astrologisches Manifest für die Gesellschaft (German Edition)

by Rainer Bardel

Politiker und Politikerinnen steuern die Gesellschaft. Finanzielle Verstrickungen, Korruption und Prozesse haben das Vertrauen des Volks nachhaltig erschüttert. Der Astrologe Rainer Bardel analysierte die Horoskope von 15 österreichischen und deutschen PolitikerInnen. Die Geburtsbilder von 3 verurteilten Politikern zeigen, dass destruktive Eigenschaften angelegt und früh erkennbar sind. Die deutsche Kanzlerin Angela Merkel agiert wie ein Engel und trägt ihn im Vornamen. Der Abgeordnete von â??Mehr Demokratie” in Baden-Württemberg, Edgar Wunder – nomen est omen – ist ein Visionär. Der Grazer â??Engel der Mieter”, Ernest Kaltenegger führte die Kommunisten mit seiner sozialen und aufrichtigen Politik zum Erfolg. Hans Jörg Schelling ist als Finanzminister der Republik Ã?sterreich die ideale Besetzung. Der Obmann von â??NEOS”, Matthias Strolz, ist als Erneuerer angetreten und erfüllt damit sein Schicksal. Maria Luise Mathiaschitz wurde mit ihrer Ausstrahlung die erste Bürgermeisterin einer österreichischen Landeshauptstadt. Die Astrologie als alte Erfahrungswissenschaft zeigt die Charakter-eigenschaften und das Schicksal des Individuums an. Sie kann eine neue Qualität bei der Auswahl von Entscheidungsträgern für eine nachhaltige und gute Entwicklung der Gesellschaft einleiten.

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