Free fiction Kindle books for 23 May 17

More Boss: A Bad Boy Office Romance

by Juliana Conners

My boss wants to spank my @ss until it’s pink all over. And I want to let him!


Damien Hudson was only supposed to take me on a date.He wasn’t supposed to take my virginity. I wasn’t supposed to let him. And I definitely wasn’t supposed to like it. Now he’s my boss and I know I’m being a bad girl at the office.But I also know that my older, more experienced and filthy rich boss knows just how to punish me for my sins. 
I’ll give him my body for whatever purposes he sees fit… but what will he do to my heart?


I took her virginity and she seems to have taken over my mind.I f*ck a lot of women but I keep it in my pants at work.I didn’t get to be a billionaire CEO by giving into distractions.When I meet Katie Finnegan at my lawyer’s office, things get out of hand:I get into her sexy panties and she gets into my f*cking head. Now she works for me and both things are still all twisted up.I never should have taken her to dinner– I’m determined to leave our scorching hot night in the past. But first I’m going to have to take her over my knee and spank her for letting it happen.What if we both like my punishment a little too much?
** More, Boss is a standalone quick and dirty office romance with no cliffhanger and no cheating. It features a dominant billionaire alpha male and a feisty BWW who find their happily ever after. This limited edition is on sale for a short time only and includes two bonus bad boy books (Jensen: A Military Bad Boy Romance and Larson: An Outlaw MC Bad Boy Romance) for your continued reading pleasure. More, Boss ends at approximately 30% of your Kindle.

Emerald: Devoted to Emerald (Mail Order Bride – Jewels of the West Book 2)

by Grace Fisher

Her whole life crumbling beneath herâ?¦grief, broken promises, unwanted proposalsâ?¦how does she know that leaving all this behind will be any better?

Avery is a man on a mission. He needs a mother for his two daughters and as such applies in the personal section to get the best mail order bride there is. He isn’t looking for love, just someone to call a wife while she makes sure that his two daughters are well taken care of. What he didn’t bargain for was how beautiful she would be and how her emerald eyes could evoke such strong emotions he thought he had given up long agoâ?¦

Emerald is seeking an avenue of escape from a life of hopelessness brought on by unfortunate events. When she answered the ad sent by Avery, it felt like the right thing to do and when she meets him and his two daughters nothing could prepare her for the feelings he evoked in her and as she fights to gain the trust of the oldest daughter she also fights to gain the heart of a man who swore he would never love again. Will he continue to be wholeheartedly devoted to his deceased wife, or will he open his heart to Emeraldâ?¦


Jade: The Strength of Jade (Mail Order Bride – Jewels of the West Book 5)

by Grace Fisher

Whenever there is a war everything changes. It is times like these that separate the strong from the weakâ?¦

After the civil war, Jade is left homeless, penniless and without a husband. As a widow in the state of Virginia there is hardly any prospect for remarrying, especially as most of the men have been casualties of the war. Without any option Jade has chosen to become a mail order bride and ends up miles away from home. She has hope of a new and better life for her and her daughter and she gladly takes it.

When she meets her husband, Garrick, sparks fly and as a new element is added after their union the fate of their happy ever after lies in the balance. It is hard to deny how deeply they have fallen for each other and as time passes the union is strengthened as they realize this and come to understand that love truly conquers all.


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