Free reference Kindle books for 23 May 17

Make Bootstrap Themes

by Bo Feng

Bootstrap perhaps is the most popular frontend framework for developing mobile first projects on the web in recent years, its repository on github gets more than 100 thousands stars. Millions of websites are using it not only because it is easy to learn and use but the flexibility of customization.

In this book, we’ll focus on the customization part – build your own Bootstrap theme. At the time of writing this book, Bootstrap 4 is still in its alpha version, by “Bootstrap” here we are referring to Bootstrap 3. We will start with preparing a development workbench, and introducing Less (a CSS pre-processor Bootstrap uses), then walk through Bootstrap’s source code which will help us first get familiar with its code structure and later build themes by reusing it. Moreover, we will learn how to make additional styles and use plugins to polish our themes. Lastly we will touch on Bootstrap 4 a little and see how to use and customize it.

This book is not an introduction to how to use Bootstrap, nor is it for learning the basics of HTML, CSS and Javascript. For example, you should know what “container”, “col-xs-12”, “col-sm-10” classes mean in Bootstrap. If not, I suggest reading through some tutorials about using Bootstrap before coming back to this book. If you are already familiar with the basis of HTML, CSS and Bootstrap usage, and want to go further to customize its theme, or even sell your own theme in the marketplaces, this is the book for you.

Herbal Birth Control: For Women Who Want More Control of their Family Size01

by Vivian Mace

Herbal Birth Control can help women with some family planning. My personal experiences with using herbs when I wanted to have a child and unknowingly prevented pregnancy for 7 years. I was very upset and thought I was barren for years. I already had 3 children and it depressed me that I was unable to have any more. This information can help other women space their children apart if they have access to different herbs.
For thousands of years, ancient cultures have used herbs to bring on a women’s period. It took years to figure out that women who want to get pregnant should avoid these herbs as well. Many people needlessly seek fertility treatments when maybe they are preventing pregnancy with a favorite herbal tea they drink daily. Others want to space their children or prevent pregnancy at times when they are not ready for a child. Both times are important in every life of every woman from the time we become women.
I wrote this book several years ago but I was hesitant to publish it at the time. With the current world conditions of women around the world I hope this book helps many who need this information.
My daughter just told me that they are teaching girls about reproduction in school right now and so this information is important for young girls all over the world who are confused about how to protect their reproductive health and still stay true to themselves and any child they may have in Heaven waiting to be born.
God bless women and their children all over the world. May we see past race, color, national origin, religion, and any other differences that may tend to divide. We are simply women with the same human conditions. We must help each other and hold each other up. We must educate each other on the subjects we know and can testify to and share the knowledge with the world while we have the chance to share it.

First Steps in Spanish: without grammar! #1: A fast and simple approach for starters and re-starters. 100% bilingual, Spanish-English

by Click-books Digital Media

This book is about getting to know Spanish through reading and practicing. It is not a textbook, but it will give you confidence in the language right from the start.

FIRST STEPS IN SPANISH is for people who are new to Spanish, or whose knowledge is limited. It is also for people who have studied some Spanish, but who have forgotten most of what they learned. Most importantly, it is not about grammar!

This book is about feeling comfortable with Spanish through reading and practicing. Exercises are very short, and are all in Spanish and English, allowing you to progress at exactly your own pace, even if it’s just two minutes a day.

FIRST STEPS IN SPANISH is not about grammar. However, there are some notes about grammar and the differences between English and Spanish, especially in the earlier chapters. These are very brief, and if you really hate grammar, just ignore them.
We hope you enjoy the book!

How to be a successful youtuber and earn money from it

by Enterprise Books

This e-book highlights and identifies the main errors done by the startup youtubers and the difference between a succesful and an unsuccesful youtuber. This book will surely help you identify the flaws in your youtube channel and make your channel bigger and better. To the point book of only of only a few pages, so can learn more in less time.

FREE Online Engineering Courses

by Shay Spivey

Did you knowâ?¦
There are FREE Online Engineering Courses! It’s true.

This is your guide to finding free engineering courses. Whether you want to expand your knowledge in engineering, gain important job skills, or just explore classes in your spare time, there are a number of FREE options available to you.

In this book, I provide you with a collection of links to several engineering courses and other resources to find many more. Just click and learn.

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