Free science Kindle books for 23 May 17

Beekeeping: 2 in 1 Beekeeping Business Tips and Tricks

by Alex Warner

A double book bundle with various insights in the beekeeping industry. Don’t miss it!

Book 1: If you are a beginner at keeping bees, or you are thinking about it, then you need the right knowledge. Without it, you’ll get stung, fail to set it all up, or won’t know what to do with all those swarming, chaotic little creatures. That’s why you can check out this manual. It teaches you, among others:

The right equipment to get started.

The treatment for bee stings.

Raising your own bees and dealing with the queen bee.

Where to find colonies and which places are best.

Tips about water, smoke, and escape paths.

And much more!

Book 2: Here you’ll find even more about this important topic! Have you been wondering what the best treatments for Bipolar Disorder are? Have you been left in the dark and are you confused about the options out there? Does your child have Bipolar Disorder, or is he/she just emotional? Find answers to these and other questions. In this comprehensive guide, you’ll learn, among others:

The relationship between Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorder (and the differences).

Ways to test whether or not children have Bipolar Disorder.

Medications you can use.

Some words about Depakote, Trileptal and LAMICTAL to treat Bipolar Disorder.

How to handle someone in your circle of loved ones if he/she has Bipolar Disorder.

Tips on finding and using chatrooms as a psychological support system.

And much more!

Prayer and Parallel universes: Could there also be Parallel Heavens?

by Jason Cole

This book explores an interesting take on the exotic physics of Parallel universes by exploring it’s impact on religion. From a religious perspective if Parallel Universe exist then Parallel Heavens exist as well. There are Billions of People in the world with religion. This book is like a guide for believers on how to reconcile Parallel Universes with their faith based on Parallel Heavens exist. Recent media reports that a galactic void in the universe could hint towards a Parallel universe. For the first time it explores how Parallel universes impact religion and how religious believer can have it compliment there faith rather than go against it.
The possibility of Parallel universes being real are exciting. However, no one have address the spiritual aspect of Parallel universes. Billions of people around the world have religion. If Parallel Earths are real then from a religious perspective there should also exist Parallel Heavens. Meaning their are different versions of same Heaven, same God, same Angels, etc like there are different versions of the same you, same Earth, same universe. This book explores that subject.
Also what if our Dreams are glimpses into Parallel universes we should pray for? Dreams have always been a mystery. They look and feel so real. Scientists have theorized they are glimpses of our lives in parallel universes. Through fantastic new laws of physics, we may be seeing in our dreams, real time life through our parallel universe selves. From a faith perspective If Parallel universes exists then Parallel Heavens and parallel Holy Bibles exist as well. Meaning there are different versions of the Holy Bible like there are different versions of Earths(universes). This book isn’t adding any new religion but suggesting parallel Earths have their own unique Holy Bible and Heaven and God. Just as there are different versions of the same you in parallel universes there are different versions of the same God in Parallel Heavens. This book explores the idea of expanding praying not just for yourself, family and others in this world but praying over your dreams at night to help your parallel universe selves. Based on the laws of Physics if Parallel Earths exist then the different Parallel versions of you affect each other.

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